Monday, March 20, 2006

You have lost your youthfulness

As a youngster I sometimes felt jilted, or left out if you will. It seemed all the toys I wanted, my friends had..But not lil ole me.

Let me give you some examples. I always wanted the tree house that the wood little people went in. It was a big tree with green leaves and you opened it and inside was there house..What kid wouldn't want the splendor that was the tree house?..Well my best friend Brenda who lived 3 doors down had one. Not me.

I also wanted a light brite. Again, my parental figures failed to get me one. My friend Hollie had one. The bi*ch never let me play with it.

Then there was the game Operation...Oh I woulda killed for one of them..I knew a girl who had one, I only befriended her because I knew she had one. She was kinda scuzzy, but she lived right around the corner. Her house always smelled like onions and pee..Not a good combination, well not good separately either..anyhoo, I used her to play operation. But soon the smell and the scuzziness became too much for lil ole Bossy britches. And Operation became no more.

Now these are the toys I had, but were just not all that.
1. Twister.need I say more, after 5 minutes I had wanted to smash it

3.Baby Alive....Who thought it was a good idea to invent a doll that craps out her rear end?

4. Easy bake oven....Now this is a toy that Blondie Bee finds very amusing. I can remember as a tot thinking..this cake is too damn small....No way I am sharing this with my sister..

I now find myself buying my kids toys I had wanted. I bought them a lite brite a few years ago, they were not impressed..For the first few weeks I sat alone in a dark room.

Then I tried buying them the Little People...They are plastic now...And there is no stinking treehouse..I hate it when the wreck a good thing...

So Butch Bee got a gift card to Toys R US for his birthday. We went Sunday, and Mr. Shaky Pants told him he can not buy me anything...I tried hard to talk him into wanting operation....

mom that game looks stupid....If you want it, you buy it yourself...

We walked in the doors of toys r us and its like the angles are singing to me...Calling my name...I wandered down the Cabbage Patch asle...I whispered,I love you cabbage patch baby...I will be back for one of you....

I then saw some hulla hoops and those skip it things....I told them..When I bring Blondie Bee here, we will clean you guys out...she loves hulla hooping..

For some reason my dear son wandered down the Star Wars aisle and would not budge...Its like he was in some kind of magnetic force field of sorts...He could not be pulled, coaxed or talked down...

Now when I took Blondie Bee for her spending spree at her birthday, she looked up and down every aisle. Poor kid was so over whelmed. She told us she needed to go home and watch some commercials to figure out what she wanted..she was going to do some research , if you will..

Oh to be a kid again....If I could only go thru life only wondering if I should get the pink Big Wheel or the Sit and Spin..Life would be so much easier..

what toy did you want but never got?

Bee Real


vani said...

the year the cabbage patch kids came out, was the same year i found out santa wasn't real. my parents couldn't get one cuz either they were sold out or we couldn't afford it, i forget now...but anyhoo, it was the worst x-mas ever!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I did not mean to stir up a bad memory;)..santa sucks;)

Cliff Morrow said...

I have a different opionion of twister now that I've grown up, it's turned into a really good spectator sport. (I hope my "dirty old man isn't showing")
I got a 'jack hammer' that made a pretty realistic sound. The adults in my life hated to see me coming. We had cards and some pick up sticks. Not much happening out here on the farm. It's probably why I turned out so wierd.

Kendra Lynn said...

My mom went to Toys R Us the year Cabbage Patch dolls were such a big thing...she stood in line for two hours, and then snatched two dolls from another lady (practically snatched them anyway) and bought them, even though we didn't have the money. I LOVED my cabbage patch.
I always wanted one of those beautiful porcelain dolls that cost $400 or so...they were so gorgeous, and I loved looking at the pictures of them.
The one I wanted was a beautiful red-headed doll named Willow. Oh she was so my mom felt so badly...we were so poor that year. She went and bought a 3 ring binder and cut out pictures of all the dolls in the magazines, and put them together for me. That's what I got for Christmas that year. And guess what?
It was my absolute favorite present. I still have that book. :)
My mom said she cried for days over that book. I told her that it was better than the real was great.
I try to give my kids what I can...but they already get more than I ever got. LOL
I now have to try to avoid spoiling them rotten.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I forgot..i had pick up sticks too..I loved them..till my mom accutally made me pick them up..

what about kick the can?...that was before your time though right;)

oh, you jsut brought a tear to my eye..I love your mom..

I loved cabbage patch kids too..I had fav ones were the premies..teehee..not sure why

SoccerMomma said...

LOL! Nostalgia! :) They messed up the Littlep People and what in the world have they done to the Weebles???? My kids have operation, only the Shrek version and we had the Easy Bake oven as well as Fashion Plates, do you remember those! They were so cool, I KNEW I was good enough to be a designer when I grew up! LOL
We had tons of toys but the one thing that I desired growing up was a darn canopy bed...I never got one!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hate to tell you this (not really) but I had Lite Brite AND Operation. Don't hate me too much!

I loved jacks and jump rope. As long as I had those, I was a happy camper.

***Double_Oh_No*** said...

Aughhh!! Finally! I've tried to access your blog a few times lately and it always denies me access. It questions me for a password for some reason, so I decided to click on one of your comments on someone else's blog and sent me here.

Anywho...I always wanted an EZ Bake Oven. I collected Cabbage Patch Dolls, but would you believe I never had a Barbie until I was 18--because my boyfriend got one for me for Valentine's Day??? He said, "All girls should have a Barbie." Sweet sentiments, but just a few years too late!

I loved my Lite Brite.

pack of 2 said...

I also wanted lite bright....didn't get it though.

I wanted an elephant too & nope..didn't get that either.


Nerdine said...

never heard of Lite Brite, and Operations was nowhere to be seen here. We did have cabbage patch dolls, but I was never interested in dolls.
I loved Lego - and always wanted more of those. We had just enough to build a tiny house, and that wasn't enough - I wanted to build a whole life - cars and neighbor-houses etc. Sometimes I built just the front of the house and decorated the house indoors with the leftover lego's.
And I wanted Technic lego - Oh how I wanted that. Just the thought of a Lego helicopter that actually worked - OK so it didn't fly, but it was damn close!
But I was a girl, and noone took me seriously when I said I wanted it. Also my mom couldn't really afford it.

The Blog Whore said...

I had all those darn toys, but what I really wanted was ballet/tap/jazz lessons.

What I got was a flute and chorus.

Yes, I am still very bitter.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh yes..I had fashion plates..LOVED them..I would get my colored pencils all sharpend, then color in my suit i just desgned..everything had big shoulder pads..haha

ok I am not talking to you anymore..ok I am lying;)..I loved jump rope too..still do;)

double oh no..I thought I emailed my address..I am sorry chicky..I had crap loads of barbies, but they would only hold my intrests for a short amount of time..I had no imagination;)

elephanthuh?..gosh that woulda been a lot of poop to clean up sweety:-)

NO LITE BRITE...there is some law against that I am sure of it..

I loved Legos kids love them too...But now I hate them..I hate picking them up..

Blog whore..
so are you rubbing it in? probaly had the playdough barber shop set I always wanted too..

I took ballet, piano lessons,gymnstics..yadda ydda yadda;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

lite brite...i never had lite brite. my kids have it. they played with it twice. once when they first got it and once when a visiting child begged to play it. sigh.

I always wanted this doll that crawled. My cousin had one. I have always been a doll girl. Played with them til I was about 12

last year i bought my girls a cabbage patch doll each, knowing it was simply my nostalgia that made me spend $80 on those two dolls, and knowing they would never play with them....but i still have my original cabbage patch kid and Annie Antoinette needed friends. LOL... My girls surprised me. They LOVED those dolls so much. It filled my heart. In fact they played with them so much my son wanted one for his birthday. And yes I bought him one. They have 'birthday' parties and everything for their CPK.... now all their little friends got them for christmas and have more parties. It does my lil girl heart good.

Angel Girl said...

I always wanted a Ken doll, and any barbie accessory that was more than clothes. So instead I had many barbies and no Ken, they had to make out with someone so they made out with each other. Needless to say after they realized how great other girls were they didn't want Ken, but then again Ken could only be the gay best friend because we all know how big of a queer he is!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
I loved my cabbage patch dolls too...I had 3..I had a little boy prime, I think his name was joeshph Fredrick..I had blackj one..( yes I wanted a black cabbage patch doll) her name was Faith Diane..and then I had one with blonde hair and a pacfier..I dont remeber what her name was becuase I changed it..;)my gilrs have one too..Boo Bee loves hers;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angel girl,
I use to make my ken dolls make out..and then make the babribe "walk in" on the messed up is that?..hahaha

Working Mom said...

Oh, I always wanted that treehouse! I'm glad I wasn't the only deprived child in the I also wanted the Barbie house w/ the elevator & her corvette. CPKs scared me when I was little. I had one but I thought it would come to life and get me in the middle of the night. I know, I'm a

Did you watch the VH1 special "I love Toys"? It was great but I haven't seen the top 20 yet. I'm hoping they'll rerun it soon so I can catch it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I did watch it...want me to tell you what the top 3 toys were?? ya do ya do ya????

Working Mom said...


Fantastagirl said...

I wanted a cabbage patch kid... but hey my parents were pooor... Christmas sucked when we were kids...

Fantastagirl said...

I wanted a cabbage patch kid... but hey my parents were pooor... Christmas sucked when we were kids...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

denise, ya go..

2. Barbie
1...are you ready...

hulla kidding..for was number one..

fansta girl,
well then you need to get Tink one..and you two can play togheter:-)

Michele_3 said...

OMG! Thanks for such a great post, you took me back to memory lane there with all those toys!
I had the People-Treehouse & it was my favorite toy for so long,I never got tired of it til Barbies came along! I had a Cabbage Patch doll too, Her name was Ronnie & she was the best doll ever, she was so cute & had long brown hair. I actually gave her to my niece when she was born(She's 12 & still has it!)
Okay, I wanted the Barbie house too like Denise & the Corvette to go with it- I loved Barbies & always wanted that dang house & never got it-I had to pretend to make my own house for them..
The post about your son in the Star Wars isle was hilarious, My sons do that all the time, they just stare at every little detail before they say one word of what they want there, it's so funny to have read that your son did that too! (BOYS & their Star wars, we'll never know huh?)!!
Take care, Sorry-I know this comment is super long! LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so you had MY treehouse huh?..I am not sure if we can be friends anymore now:-)

I was not that into barbies, I had lots of them, lots of clothes..but I never wanted the house or the car..I was a doll lover..I had all kind of dolls and strollers..

I wish I had my Cabbage Patch kids still, but they got runied in storage..dang it all..

Working Mom said...

Hula hoop? Slinky? WTF?! C'mon, there were alot cooler toys than that!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my thoughts eaxactly:-)

novaks8 said...

I always wanted one of those Barbie Dream Houses. The three story ones.

I never got one. :(

I loved playing Barbies and would set up elaborate houses under my bed and such.

I gave away ALL my Barbies to a neighbor girl when I was 14 or so.

Man i could kick myself! I guess at 14 you don't think of having a little girl to pass them on to.
(I had one within 6 years!)

Debra said...

Wow, I am so impresed with your blog. I am a bit of a techno idiot and am just learning how. I really like yours alot.
I can totally relate to the toys r us story. My dad sends the kids cards every year and I find myself trying to convince my kids what to get. I also have a jedi master in my home( now how can I play with that?) I had two older brothers and was blessed with two boys. I always grew up playing, "you sank my battleship", hangman, stratego, marbles. I had a few barbies. Never got the dream house but I did have the airplane that opened up like a suitcase. My most prize possesion was my purple bike with the fringe tassles on the handle bars and the beautiful sparkling purple banana seat. I enjoyed that bike only for a short while. My brother want to take it a part to see how it worked and never put it back together:( That was probably 30 years ago and my husband last year bought me my first grown up bike. I guess it has come full circle.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man, I am finding a lot of Barbie girls out there..haha

giving them away was a could sell them on ebay nd makes loads of money;)

thank you my dear...but trust me, I did not do this template..I am so not that smart;)

speaking of prized posseion in that area was my pink and gray ten speed..remeber those?..oh those were big in my day;)

Marel Lecone said...

This is was such a great post. I had a few of the toys but I was mainly on borrowed time with some of them when I was at a spoiled friend's house. :) Yeah, I am so buying a light brite someday whether these kids like it or not. I think I had one of those. And, I love anything Little People. My kids already like that stuff too. But, unfortunately, at this age, they like losing all the pieces as soon as possible. So not fun for me. :) Then, of course, Faith is into Barbie which I was way into too. I played with Barbie's into my teens . . . so scary!! But, I was just nuts over it all. I even built my own Barbie wooden house because I was never getting anything of the Barbie plastic houses in my lifetime. Well, I will talk to you later. I think I have gone on long enough about my toys and such. Thanks alot! haha :)

Peggy said...

man am I old! all the toys you guys are talking about having or wanting I bought for my 3 girls! I wanted a barbie townhouse but never got it. Wanted a ken but never got one. I had lots of barbies and a barbie canopy bed that my sister broke the first day! I tried to give the girls all the toys I didn't get when I was young. They had the wee wobble treehouse and the fisher price house, barn, airplane etc. And of course they had twister and operation so I could play!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have 2 lite brites I dont think has been of the kids got it for chirstmas, but we had one already..want me to send it to ya?...I loved barbies, but I was not that in to them..they killed some time when i was little..haha

your not as old as you think you are sweety;)
I never wanted the barbie dreamhouse but I did want solid gold barbie..never got it..

AL said...

This post is so true about DH and I! We didn't have much as kids, so we get ours a lot now (too much). I can't remember a specific thing that I was really upset about today, so it must not have been that bad!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you jsut wait..tonight it will hit will think of something me..haha

I had lots as a kid..but it just seemed I didnt have everything I had mom even admits to buying us things she wanted as a kid and didnt I had no intrest in..its a viscoius circle;)

Litlsassy20 said...

geez, I am sure there was tons I WANTED but the one I can REALLY remember standing out was Barbie's big house/mansion......and Santa screwed me EVERYTIME!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that seems to be a constiant theme here..everyone was cheated out of a barbie mansion or car..

santa must have issues with Barbie..I am thinking there might be an affair there just sayin..

Meow said...

I never had a Cabbage Patch kid, and was never into Barbie, although I had a Dynamo Doll (a barbie type doll with bendable limbs !!). I didn't have Operation or Mouse Trap, but always wanted them. Pick Up Sticks were cool, YoYos and Rubiks Cube were my thing. Elastics and Skipping Ropes were also my favorites. Toys are too cool, and it is so much fun getting stuff you always wanted, for your own kids. Only, they don't always get it, do they !!!
Take care, meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I loved rubix cube..i forgot about that one..haha..

The Blog Whore said...

OMG! I DID totally have it! It was called the Mop Top Barber Shop. You squeezed the play doh into their butts and it sprouted out of their heads, then you either cut it or used molds to make it a style, LOL!!!

Tom said...

The best toy I ever had, hands down, was my View Master (I'm 46). Nothing brought the wonders of the earth in 3D like the View Master!

Tom said...

The best toy I ever had, hands down, was my View Master (I'm 46). Nothing brought the wonders of the earth in 3D like the View Master!