Tuesday, March 28, 2006


In a few short hours I will be free. I must say I was able to get thru it with no injuries or fatalities.

These are some things I had to hear

these are things the MIL said to me
"when are you going to realize he is perfect?"..referring to Mr shaky pants

to which I replied " when are you going to realize he isn't?"

then yesterday when I was attempting to read and comment on some blogs, the step FIL says
" oh, you must have a pen pal huh?"

me a pen pal? You are not serious are you?
" I know a guy at work who met this person on the internet and they turned out to be a criminal"

" oh really, you ask for that when you decide to meet people you don't know.."

" you can be anyone you want to be on the internet"

to which I said "sounds like you have some experince being someone your not on the internet.'

Over the last few days I have been asked at least 300 times if the door was locked. I was asked so this is clean huh?

I will be glad when I see their car descend down the path back to where they came from..I could go on and on about the crap Bossy dealt with, but I will spare you, cause I am cool like that..

I will be back to my normal scheduled blogging soon...Thank you for bearing with me thru this rough patch...This has been a very bleak few days..Bleak indeed..

Bee Real


Choppzs said...

Breathe......it's almost over and you will be free!! lol I feel your pain and look forward to getting much needed sympathy come 2 weeks!! lol

Choppzs said...

Oh and feel free to send some chocolate!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh no...you poor dear..do u want dark, milk, or white choclate?..teehee:)

just_tammy said...

Very quick and impressive come backs I must say. I always think of a really good one way later. I think you said the in laws were churchy so they should know that Christ was perfect and we are mere mortals - your hubby included. The fact that we aren't perfect is what gives us all these funny tales!

Thank your lucky stars they aren't staying until tomorrow after all! Sad to say but what you know about me is all true - frightening!

Working Mom said...

You're almost there! Just think of how happy you'll be when they're gone :)

Also, you'll be able to watch Idol without them...now that's something to smile about!! lol

The Blog Whore said...



That sounds horrible. I would have flipped out!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope they arent churchy..in fact MIL and mr shaky pants dont agree on most things about relgion..so that was more things I had to hear..i could go on for days..

you can always see the sliver lining cant you?....I so forgot it was idol night...now i do feel better;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore.
opps didnt see you..

I am glad it is almost over..i need to come over for a swim after this;)

Wethyb said...

Phew! Glad it's almost over!!! Be sure to wave buh-bye as they drive away, then go throw a party!!!!! Trash the house, go meet some internet people, and do some blogging :)

Michele_3 said...

Bossy, Are the doors locked?
Just messing w/ you! LOL!!
I feel your pain girl but pretty soon it will all be crumbs!
keep blogging, we like to be your pen pals! LOL! :)

pack of 2 said...

They'll be gone soon...just hang on.;)


novaks8 said...


WHy do people think they can say things like that to "family" but wouldnt DARE say it to someone from church or work?

Pisses me off I tell you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh Lord I dont dare mess the house..I have spent the last 4 days making sure its spotless..haha

just beofre she left she asked me if she should lock the doors on the way out..I am thinking..yes so you cant get back in..haha


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps..i hit publish before iw as done..

I know what you mean..this whole sitaution has just pissed me off;)

keesh said...

I am sorry, my sympathy for you is ZERO. My mother lives 2 miles from me and my Mother in Law lived 20 minutes from me. you are lucky. deal with it :). Peace and Love to ya. ha!

Fantastagirl said...


All mommy's think their son's are perfect....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

poo on you..heehee

I know..am I the only one who knows my son isnt perfect?...gosh if I get senile with old age I hope someone kills me;)

AL said...

Yuck - in-laws can be such a pain in the rear! I hope that jump in their car soon :)

Karin said...

Nice to hear that they have gone and the torture is over. That is the good thing about the wedding is that everyone is way to preoccupied to come around here, for awhile. I think I might kill and inlaw if they were staying here right now.

Charmed1 said...

Imagine having both sets living less than a mile away from you...OyVey!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there gone now..woo-hoo!!

shortly after your nuptuials,it will all start..i feel for you:)

well thats how it has been up until year and half ago..and i like it this way ebtter, but only trouble is, they stay for days when they come now..yuckers;)

Meow said...

Yay, they've gone !! You are a free woman again ... yaaaaayyy !!
Have a great day, Meow

Peggy said...

okay already! I know they're gone but could you PLEASSSSSE stop doing the happy dance and jumping up and down! My whole house is shaking and I swear I hear your evil laugh all the way down here! *grin* Glad you survived the visit and can get back to your un-normal self.

vani said...

lol- i love the comments back you made to them. my little smart ass! :)

pack of 2 said...

hang in there...you are soooo close:)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup I am a free girl..now what do I do?..haha

gosh now your giving me a complex..are you saying I am fat??..teehee

oh and there were so many more...you woulda been proud;)

I am free..free of the old folks..free to have my house back..to its messy self;)

lawbrat said...

The joy of freedom to be you!

So happy for you, i'm doin' a dance!

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm glad you are makin' it. :)
I, for one, am happy to be home, away from my inlaws, and cleaning like mad for Merry's birthday party on Saturday.
Oh for a much needed rest...sigh...not happenin' soon.

Princess said...

Its Wed here in Aus, and all i can think about is your FREEDOM baby!!
maybe you should celebrate?! Have yourself a glass of wine. Woohoo for you!

Are you proud of yourself for making it? :) lol

(ps. i love your paper plates idea!) GOLD

Cliff Morrow said...

Step to the mic, and in your best Martin Luther King voice yell,"Free at last, Free at last....