Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lost in translation

It has come to my attention that I am the only mortal being that can decipher what my Baby Boo Bee says when she speaks. Some may say she speaks in tongues or in some kind of mid evil code. Truth is , only the brightest minds and most gifted persons can understand her..Which is why I am the only one who can carry on a conversation with her..

Boo Speak : " I want sex momma, sex momma"
Translation: " I want some socks mom"

Boo Speak: " no shit momma, I no shit"
Translation: " I don't have a shirt momma"

Boo Speak: " I want red Jews, Jews peeees"
Translation: " could I bother you for a bit of red juice my lady"

Boo Speak:" Ieetzs peeees"
Translation: " yo, mom could I have some cheeze its please"

Boo Speak: " damn it"
Translation: " ok, that one is pretty self explanatory"

Today is Mr. Shaky Pants 35th birthday. I better go make some kind of baked goods. I think that is what is expected outta me. People expect too much from me. I am fat, lazy and try to do as little as possible daily...

And I like it that way....

Bee Real


Working Mom said...

I'm the same way with Bug. Only a mother knows what their kid is saying...lol

Happy Birthday Mr. Shaky Pants! Go bake a cake and invite me over to eat it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

come on over...bring the sun...and a shovel;)

Badoozie said...

yur a turd. you underestimate me my dear. i am surprised at nothing, and would indeed believe it if you told me the weird things you've seen. come on, lay it on me!!

go buy a little microwave cake thingy, and put a candle in it. like a house candle, that smells? haha

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope your hubby had a good birthday, and he is still in my prayers.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I will get back with you tommorw on that..I got some doozies..and i like your thinking..

thank you;)

Peggy said...

Be nice to Mr Shaky Bee... bake a cake and pop out of it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont think I an bake a cake that big:-)

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shaky Pants! Have fun baking - we know you are a little susie homemaker/betty crocker, or martha Stewart....

have a good day - and we have NO SNOW...ha ha ha ha ha...

Cliff Morrow said...

Happy b day to the king. Hope he had a good one.

novaks8 said...

we should get our two kiddos together so we can laugh our butts off!

Happy birthday to your man and I hope he gets rid of the jitters!

Meow said...

Happy, happy birthday to hubby. Hope you made lots of baked goods ... show us some photos, that way we can share !!! Take care, Meow

pack of 2 said...

I hear you sister...I don't want to do anything that means my butt has to get off the couch:)


Princess said...

I hope your have a nice day celebrating and eating baked goods for Mr Shakeys bday! :D
(NO pun intended;)

LMAO @ Boo! you should totally get some recording of her, and post it!
that would be soo funny!


just_tammy said...

Love that baby and all she says! At least you understand her. You may not always get her jews but you know she wants it.

Hope Mr. Shaky Pants has a great birthday. The best gift of all will be good news at the appointment.

I'm so not ticking you off in anyway now that those guns of yours are loaded! Definitely dangerous weapons! Now if you came at me with just your abs, I might stand a chance - kidding!

Nerdine said...

happy bday ShakyPants!

I still love snow - even though we have had more than enough this winter - now it's more like five-six inches of ice and 30 inches snow... I'll come by with a shovel - I actually like to shovel snow!
(yeah - I know - I'm crazy as hell...)

AND I love baking... I make a mean chocolate cake...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I might be getting off easy..he only wants brownies..no cake.

no snow?..ok..how the bloody heck does that work?

I will tell him you wish him a good birthday, your welocme to stop by for some birthday brownies if ya want;)

yes...2 two year olds would probably make us wet ourselves..

ok i will show pics of my brownies tommorw..but I can gaurnetee they wont be that specail looking;)

I second that:-)

I have tried..but she just doesnt seem to want me to be happy..she takes the phone and hangs it up..but i willkeep trying..just for you:)

Just Tammy,
ok..remeber I have big guns, so the abds dont have to do any work..you just remeber that..

and one of my guns is begger than the other one..not sure why..

30 inches of snow??...holy crap..you better get outta norway and get to MN stat;)

Badoozie said...

have i missed something? wasnt there a recent test that mr shakey pants did. what were the results, or do you have them yet? i have been checking back for an update on his diagnosis, and perhaps i missed it

Badoozie said...

ps why did you start calling him mr shakey pants instead of mr billaboggins

Felecia said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I was out enjoying the warm MN air when a big @ss pile of SNOW fell on me! I was stuck under it for DAYS until somebody finally heard my muffled cries for help.

Happy birthday to Mr. Wonderful; he sounds like a smart guy wanting brownies over cake - go ahead and UPS one my way if you think of it.

I love the toddler talk stage; it's kind of fun being the only one able to decode it (though I didn't need to the other day when my 2 yr old called me a "SHIT HEAD"...) I couldn't decide if I should scold him or laugh and shake his hand!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i call him mr shaky pnats right now cause of his shakyness...after he is done shaking he will be bilbobaggins again..he goes back to the doctor tommorw morning....hopfully they will know something then..if not...there is gonna be hell;)

yes we had a gloroius few days then all hell broke loose..I was smart enough to stay inside, so I did not get pummled by the snow..teehee..

oh I lvoe your little toddler..i swear if our 2 got toghter there would be troublke and non stop laughter;)

Michele_3 said...

Jeez, I thought I was the only mother translating my toddler's comments! I swear sometimes our little Monkey D sounds like a monkey w/ all his chattering he does! LOL!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Shakey Pants!
Are you making him a cake today?
what kind? Don't forget to send some my way! J/k...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am amking brownies..thats what he wants..i personally would rather have a cake..but whatever..

toddler talk is so funny, only time kids can get away with saying words that sound naughty;)

angel, jr. said...

Baby talk. We all need a dictionary.

Karin said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shaky Pants. You seem to be a very smart man to prefer brownies over cake. Bossy you can not post pictures of your tiny tummy and then later in the same day try to convince us you are fat. If what you got is fattness may I please be infected with it. Boo is too cute, be careful in public though as some people might not understand.

Jamie Dawn said...

Make some yummy goodies.
I'm sure the kids will enjoy them too!
I like Baby Boo's language. It's Boo-talk.
You're bilingual!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes..I need to comprise my own dictioanry for other mother;)

so your a brwonie girl huh?...I am a ckae girl..but only choclate cake..

and you need glasses..the tum is all floppy and saggy...i wouildnt wish that on anyone;)

yes, indeed i am biligaul and didnt know it...I will make sure your word hitonius gets regnition in this lagnuge;)

Choppzs said...

I remember translating for my daughter at that age too! It's great when people look at you like "how the hell do you know that?" It's easy once you pick up on what they want!!

Sorry been away, went home for gpa's funeral and had a great time spending some time with my family. Will be commenting once again!! :)

Felecia said...

I just felt the need to jump in here and tell you I took your quiz from Friday; I got 80%!

Sniff sniff... I guess we know who is the listener in this relationship, huh?!

ha ha ha...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I kind of figured you went home to your grandpas funral..but you did get to see my fav Beth didnt you?..heeehee

We moms need to write a book on baby speak...we could make a mint;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well your questions were hard..I want a do-over;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

happy birthday mr. shaky pants! there are bakeries you know if you don't wanna bake

lawbrat said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shakey Pants!! And wishing you many, many more with your HOT wife!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d
well trhat would require me having to leave the confines of the house;)

oh please....but your cracking me up though;)

Jill Monroe said...

Happy birthday to you hubby. My birthday is this month, too. Although I don't ANYONE to acknowledge it.

BTW, I knew I was in the right place when I saw the George Michael Faith pic. I have the faith, too!!!

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh baked goods.... I am drooling! Happy birthday to your hubby!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

jill ,
well, now are we gonna have to fight over george?..gosh I hope not;) thanks for the visit..

dont drool..you will get a rash;)

JD's Rose said...

I love that Boo's only correct sentence was "Damn it". What are you teaching these kids?!

Happy Birthday Mr Shaky Pants!

d said...

Too cute! Hey, you're pretty good at translating, perhaps you could help me with Babyzila - what does "Zaa zaa zaa, za, za, zaa zaa" mean?