Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Such a rush, but no hurry

Have you ever noticed during the beginning of the Holiday Season folks are in such a rush to get their Christmas Decorations up, but yet they are in no hurry to get them down? I have a few morans on my street who are still sporting their holiday decor, and trust me, it has been up since before Thanksgiving...And there has been plenty of nice days to get the crap down. Pretty soon I am going to start my own "neighborhood watch" program and help these nice folks take their crap down...

Sorry for them, but where its going , they wont be using it next year..

during dinner last night Boo Bee looked at her plate and started eating her potatoes. I told her to eat her meat. She looks at it, picks and pokes at it, then says " gross"

Then half hour later she takes the laundry basket, uses it for a ladder and dips her hand in my " I cant believe its not butter fat free spread" and says " momma this good"

I see I need to take some culinary courses if my baby would rather eat butter than my cooking.

Here is something I stole from Angel Jr.....

You take your favorite singer/band and answer the questions using their songs..Get it?..Here is mine..

1. Name of band/artist: Elton John

2. Are you male or female?: All the girls love Alice

3. Describe yourself: Madman across the water

4. How do you feel about yourself?: I think Im gonna kill myself

5. Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Honky Cat

6. Describe current girlfriend/boyfriend: The one

7. Describe where you want to be: Take me to the pilot

8. Describe how you live: Saturday's all right for fighting

9. Describe how you love: original Sin

10. What would you ask for if you had just one wish?: 60 years on

11. Share a few words of Wisdom: The bitch is back

wasn't that fun?

Bee Real


pack of 2 said...

See this is why we DON'T put up decorations...then we don't have to feel rushed to take them down:)


Fantastagirl said...

Our decorations go up on Veterans day (November 11th - but we don't turn the lights on until the day after Thanksgiving) and come down after New years eve.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

reason I dont put em up too..that and I am way too lazy..

well my tree goes up the sat after thanksgiving, and i dont do outside lights..too much work;)

but at least yo do take them down at a resecpctable time..heehee

Melis said...

Don't take 'em down.. but do they still have them lit at nite???? Ummm yeah! Some of the real winners here do! LOL Go get 'em girly!

Anonymous said...

I don't wanna play. i can't think fast enough. or remember well enough.

okay, boo bee is a girl after my own heart. meat. gross. haha and i liked butter too as a kid. i remember sticking my fingers in that. maybe she's just a natural born vegetarian, and you will have to deal with it?

Kendra Lynn said...

I remember trying to get both my girls to eat meat..they went thru this phase where the HATED IT. lol
Now they love it.
Go figure.

d said...

The song thingy is cool!

I just (this morning) took down a Christmas decoration that was hanging in my front window. I suck.

Nerdine said...

we're not big on outdoors Christmas decorations here, and we rarely decorate our tree until Dec 23rd. And all Christmas stuff is gone by Jan 10th. Mostly. At least in our family. But there's actually a general rule like it...

keesh said...

If you don't put any up outside then you don't have to take them down, that is what i say :).
Is it sad that I barely know any of those songs...sad. And i like elton john too, so what the heck.

just_tammy said...

No Christmas decorations lurking around this house. Christmas presents - yes! Hey, on our budget we have to plan way ahead.

Mmmm, butter!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes they are lit...I am gonna go cut the damn cords i tell ya..

well she likes amybe she is just aginst the slaughter of pigs, cows, and fish..

i am hoping she will come to her senses somtime;)

OMG say it aint arent one of "those" people are you???...I still luv ya anyway..

as long as they all come down in a timly fashion..thats the way it should be;)..I dont put ones outside either...too mush work.

my thoughts exactly..if u dont put yourslef in the situation of putting them up, you have no worries bout taking them down..haha

I wouldnt mind some presents...i am not a planner that way..I wont buy one present till at least Novemeber..

lawbrat said...

That bothers me so much; the decorations up when its almost SPRING!
Geesh. I'll come help you put them where they NEED to go, maybe up their tushy.

That looks like a fun meme to do, I just may try it out!

Karin said...

Ok I still have the lights hung on my fence but they are not lit. I haven't taken them down yet because we were cleaning out the closet where things are stored and I didn't want to have to deal with the lights until that was done, so I guess I am guilty. They are coming down this week though cause the closet is done and the fence is about to be torn out and replaced.

I am not sure I am up to the musical challenge I will have to get it a lot of thought.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

come on over and we will De-Chritmastize the block..come on girl;)

GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE...hahah..want me to come help ya sweety?..I will..

the music thing is fun...its hard to think of a song though..but look I did it:)

Babble said...

LOL I have a neighbor who has a Halloween Ghost lighting up their drive way still from Oct.. Why? Because the light bulb blew out.

LOL Amazes me. They don't even need a latter to change it.

Anne said...

Hey now, I already know you know how to cook! And you already know kids eat what they like no matter what we do.

My decorations are gone a week after New Year's. I can't hack the "clutter" longer than that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well that is even worse..halloween?..OMG that measn that were sprtin halloween at x-mas time..thats sad, really sad..they need an intervention;)

frankly my cokking could use a touch of Anne...I can cook like 3 things really good, the rest sucks..could u come give me a lesson;)

Michele_3 said...

our decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving & come down on Jan 1rst- I don't waste any time LOL!!
We still have some people on our block w/ the lights still hanging drives me crazy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it sounds like you decorate on my time scale ;)...but i dont put them outside..this year I had my decorations down the day after chirstmas..maybe my neighbors didnt get the memo bout chirstmas being over;)

Working Mom said...

I make hubby put lights up the day after Thanksgiving and take them down anytime during the week between Christmas and New Year's. If it was left up to me to actually do it, they would be up year round too! Thank goodness for hubby!

The Blog Whore said...

Ohhh, I have such a thing about that. Take that da*n sh*t DOWN! I stuff my tree back into it's box on New Years Day.

AL said...

I love and hate decoratons at the same time! They are such a pain in the butt and things like this happen :)

Your culinary comment was too funny! It can't be that bad, can it?!?!

Leesa said...

I love the cooking comments. Too funny.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well hubbys come in handy sometimes;)

blog whore,
amen sista...taker er down folks. put up the easter duds now people;)

yes, I hate taking them down, but dont mind puttig them up..if i were any lazy I would have a permant tree and decorations up...thank God I am not..

thank you...nice to see you, please come by again..

Krystal said...

I had to laugh! My neighbors at the other house and I use to make bets as to when my husband would finally take the lights down. I use to turn them he could find his way home.

mom of 3 girls said...

there is someplace on the way up north that has their stuff still up and they turn it on at night yet??? WTF???

Well at least you got boo to eat some potatoes!!! and not snacks or chicken nuggets!! you should be happy.

Peggy said...

I put up christmas decorations thanksgiving day and take down the inside decorations christmas day night and the outside ones new years day. I am also one of those that decorate for every holiday. Right now I have my St Patty wreaths on the doors and my flag hanging and my outdoor goose thingy has his St Patty outfit on. but I promise to take them down and put up easter stuff on the 18th.

Jamie Dawn said...

Christmas decorations up until spring is just SOoooo wrong! It bugs me too.

Butter tastes good, so don't take it personally. Maybe you should just slather everything in butter & she'll eat it. Nah, you know she wouldn't.

Wethyb said...

I did that once too. So fun! I can't stand people who leave the decorations up year round. No offense to anyone who may do that :)

angel, jr. said...

Nice answers
My nephew never liked eating any meat. Even as a child, he would pick through his plate, pushing all the meat aside.
He's 14 now and still puts the meat aside.

Mrs. Diamond said...

well i must be weird cuz i can hardly wait to get my christmas stuff down. maybe it's that we have a tiny house and it's just more junk in the way

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

krystal, that is sad girl..haha

well she didnt really eat them, she kinda poked at them, but its better than nothing;)

now thats a girl...I only decorate for halloween and christmas..I am too sons birthday is st pattys day, so I do love that day;)

yes it is sooo wrong..

well thats what the hubby says too, butter is good..:)

yes, it gets on my nerves too..and no one has taken offense to it..haha

angel, son is almost 9 and has never ate a drop of meat...he dont eat much anyway...not sure how is still lives to be honest;)

mrs d,
I am itching to take mine down even beofre thats bad;)