Thursday, March 30, 2006

For lack of anything better......

I know its not till Saturday..( April Fools Day) but I am gonna smother you with a few wedding pics...mmkay?..Shut your mouths and just enjoy it..okie dokie..

here is one of me and my maid of honor..She is my lesbian friend..She's been my very bestes friend since 1988...And never tried to kiss me once..Does that mean she don't like me?

Here is me and Mr shaky pants himself..He looks like a baby...We both have that youthful young glow...aww..Too be young again..

look at my pretty dress. You know who designed that?..That's right I did...I drew it up,sketched it, picked out the fabric..Then paid a lady a crap load of money to make it cause Bossy cant sew buttons on her britches..

April 1 , 1995 I signed away my rights..My rights to:

* playing the field

*being the town whore

*having babies with multiple boys

*getting herpes

*wearing a thong and fishnet stockings together out in public..

instead I have this

*the joy of knowing I don't have to put out to get a second date and a free dinner

*knowing that I will not have to have my hair done to go to the store

*not having to shower for days if I so choose

*having 3 cute kids..Who look like the milk man..Um I mean Mr shaky pants..

There ya have it...That's all I have for today....Red Lobster here I come....

Bee Real


Bumbling Bav said...

"thong and fishnet stockings"... whatever I so saw you wearing that last week. You think your little coat hides it.... ya NO! But I did feel the fuzzy bunny slippers were a nice addition!

Jamie Dawn said...

You looked so pretty on your wedding day. I'm impressed with the dress. Great job designing it!!
Your hair looked very cute. Are you really THAT blonde naturally? That is BLONDE!
Hubby looks happy and handsome.
Red Lobster has some alcoholic tea that my parents rave about. It is served in a glass that looks like a lighthouse, I think. I've never tried it, but you may want to get snockered.

Meow said...

Gorgeous photos ... what a handsome couple !! You look so happy in those photos. Now, about the thong and fishnet stockings ... you mean to tell me that's not standard uniform in married life !! I wear them all the time (just kidding, really !!! ... I am kidding, do ya believe me !?!?!)
Take care, Meow

Nerdine said...

qute pictures, bossy! The dress is gorgeous! To be married on April fools day.. *lol* Now THAT's a joke!!
Happy aniversary on Saturday!

Working Mom said...

Aw, you both look so happy! Your dress is so pretty. My hubby looked like he wanted to barf in all our

So does that mean I shouldn't be wearing my fishnets and thong anymore?

Babble said...

You looked great!!

So cool to that you designed your dress yourself.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

now keep quiet there girl..those were mr shaky pants bunny slippers..haha

thanks..and yes..I am really that blonde. that is why i try to darken it a bit..hmm..alcoholic tea you say..i am all over that one;)

well you can wear them if you so chose..just shouldnt wear them on a night out on the town..might make you look "cheap"..hahahaha

nerdine, is a joke..hahaha..but thanks, i worked hard desiging that dress;)

barfing is never a good look in a wedding photo..haha

thanks...and i only desgoined for lack of finding anything i I didnt want anyone else to ever have the same dress i wore...teehee

just_tammy said...

Bee-utiful pics of a bee-utiful couple! Congratulations on 11 years.

I about fell over when I realized I've been married twice as long. I'm sooo stinkin old!!! My hubby is sporting braces in our pics since his parents were too cheap to get them when he was a teen. He got them himself right before we met. He just shines in those pics!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

braces in a wedding photo is never a good thing..hehe..

so does that mean your twice as old as me too..i think not..haha

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there. Nice photos. :) That's cool you designed your own dress. I wanted a blue and white striped wedding dress. I saw one once in a magazine and LOVED it. It was tea length. Scott told me, absolutely NOT. He wanted to make sure everyone knew he was marrying a virgin. Sigh. Guys.

Marel Lecone said...

Nice pictures. That dress is great--you're so talented! :) Happy Anniversary! Eleven years . . . I can't even imagine . . . so, I will have to get back with you in seven. haha :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blue and white..sounds like it woulda been pretty..and everyone knew mr shaky panst wasnt marrying a virgin..haha

well I wouldnt call it talent, now maybe if i sewed it..which i didint..haha..but thank you..see you in 7 years:)

Michele_3 said...

What pretty pictures!
I loved the idea that you designed your dress, that is awesome!
I want you to know you have had me craving Red Lobster lately!
take care

Mike said...

You put out on the 2nd date?

Damn...does a happy meal constitute a good 2nd date meal?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i did that for lack of finding anything i liked..i was not much work really..just drew it up and gave it to the lady.haha

hmm..happy meal...depends on if its a hamburger or chicken nuggets,and if there is a cool toy or not..

or so i have heard..

i am married..which means i dont put out anymore anyway..;)

Anne said...

Awwwww you both looked great-love the dress and no, your best friend just respects you, that's all-she may think you're hot as hell but if she's decent won't do/say anything to jeopardize your friendship-right?

Missed ya-I've been sick and tired and busy and blah blah-all I can do to type out my own posts lately *yawn*-it'll go away lol

Tee said...

LOL! Those are great :)

Cori said...

You are so damn funny. You made my day.

AL said...

You look so happy! Eleven years is quite an accomplishment in today's society - congrats :)

Enjoy your day on Sunday - wink!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know..I would never want her to try either..haha..that girl knows more of my deep dark secrets than anyone..haha..hope you get feelin better..I better go check on you;)

why tank u;)

oh no..what was so dress..or the groom..haha..thank you..glad i made your day..teehee;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well thank you my dear..haha..and its saturday..LMAO..and trust me..there will be NO fishnets stockings either:-)

Karin said...

ok nobody told me I was going to have to give up my fishnets when I getting married, maybe I should rethink this. My mom wanted me to design my own dress, she did hers. I think though it was because she was convinced that we wouldn't be able to find anything I liked. Great job though on yours, yep no one else will have wore the same one.

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Glad to see that you guys are happily married. Doesn't sound like you had to give up anything you'd regret losing either.

The Lumpy

Peggy said...

Lovely couple! King Bee got you though ... you just thought that was a legal marriage.... April Fool he said under his breath! LOL Guess you had better go have a real wedding now ..*grin* hey you got the dress for it! just kidding ... you both look so sweet and happy in the photos.

Granny said...

Hi and thanks for the comment on granny today.

How the heck did you survive the last week? I've been catching up on your posts and it sounds like a nightmare.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well only trampy wives where fishnets..haha..i am not saying you cant, by all means go for it..I just mean I wont be wearing them to catch me a bad boy at the local pub..hehe

thank you..and very true..

i tease him sometimes and tell him it was all a joke..and the jokes on him..haha..

thank you..and it was hell i tell you what..pure living hell:)

~Deb said...

No no no no…. Now as a lesbian myself, I can tell you that I have friends that are absolutely *STUNNINGLY* beautiful (like yourself there…) but they are like sisters to me. It would be like incest almost---know what I mean? And---if I do have a straight friend who I think is HOT-------I respect the fact that they are heterosexual……and wait till they’re drunker than a skunk to make them experience their ‘first gal’. Ha! Just kidding!

Love these pictures! Happy anniversary sweetie! *muah* And that my friend, is a lesbian kiss fer ya!

P.S. I love the way this blog works----everything fizzles out into the next page---howda'hell you do that????

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I know what you mean..its all in good fun ya know?..I dont think I would be her type even if I was a lesbain..I am way too high maintence for her..haha

I dont know how it does that..the girl who did my template did it for me...its groovy aint it?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i have a lesbian gf too, actually two of them, but they aren't a couple, just two separate ones and neither of them has ever hit on me. now you've got me thinking!

LZ Blogger said...

Funny stuff! Pretty dress too. The ton of money, looks like it was worth it! NICE JOB! ~ jb///

Jamie Dawn said...

Blondes have more fun! Even those like me whose blonde has turned more brown over the years, so we get foil highlights to lighten things up. We're still blonde at heart.

Choppzs said...

Well Happy Anniversary!!

Isn't it weird when you look at those photos and you look so young?? I do that too when I look at our wedding photos.

And thank God we don't have any obligations to put out anymore, what a relief!! lol

Doug Bagley said...

Nice wedding pic. Beautiful pic.
Looks like hubby is happy too. That's great.

Jerry said...

Bossy Britches,
I linked over here from Jamie Dawn's site. I'll have to play catch-up.

Great wedding pics. You look a lot like Jessica Lange. Happy Anniversary!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..and it makes ya wonder if the lesbians think we are woofers huh..haha

lz bloger,
thank you..well it wasnt that much money..haha..but i figure inflation over the last 11 would cost me about 3000 to have it made now..haha

so you think blondes have more fun?..i dont know, i have had my hair just about every color you can think of,and they all kinda sucked..but i must say, I am owrking now to get my hair blonde again, so maybe your right:)

doenst it make ya ill to look at pics that make you look young?..why do we bother digging the crap out anyway?..

well thank you..and thank you for stopping by;)please come again..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hello there...jessica lange huh?..I have not heard that before..but thank daughter looks like meg ryan..haha..thanks for stopping by;)

Wethyb said...

Doesn't 1995 seem like yesterday? But when you say 11 yrs it seems like forever ago? Happy early anniversary!!!!

Why didn't you take up fashion design?

Fantastagirl said...

You were just a babe when you got married - so

You looked great! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great in those photos. No wonder you have beautiful children.

angel, jr. said...

oh that last comment was me, Angel Jr. I have no idea why it came up annonymous.

Cliff Morrow said...

ah, thongs and fishnets stockings. Let me think on that.................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Okay. Actually they do look good together. But I don't like the way you have to keep pulling the thong down and the fishnets up.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it does seem like yesterday, your right..but when i see how old i look seems like 20 years ago..

well, i dont know why i didnt do design...i still sometimes sketch up wedding dresses..only wedding dresses and brides maid gowns..not sure why..those are the only things that strike my fancy i guess;)

boy your not kiding, I was young..I was only 20 when I got married...barely outta diapers:)

well thank you..that was nice of you to say...wish i still looked that young though..oh well..if you find the fountain of youth in your medical studies, lemme know;)

thats why we where the garter belts..haha...

vani said...

awwww- soooo cute!! you and mr. shaky pants are a cute couple. happy anniversary :)

Badoozie said...

what rock have i been hiding under! gone one day and all hecks breaking loose. durn heathens.

okay, if you did design that dress we are going to need a better pic, a full length pick and one that shows the back please!!!!
so start yer diggin. or i'll come a diggin. a 6 feet hole!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you dear;)

man you drive a hard bargin..i will see what I can find..I can tell you in the back my train was the ends of a bow..(yes, bows were hot back then..haha)..and it was not full length, i was afraid of tripping on the dress so its a little shorter in the front then in the back..but its doesnt go to my ankles..its that short..if I remeber correctly there is a whole in the back..but i cant remeber for sure..but i swear on all that is holy..i desgened it:)

Angie said...

wow, you honestly don't look any different since HS, still a beauty ;)
hope you had a great night together

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i have to laugh...i dont look anything like that..that was 11 years ago..add about 20 pounds and dark hair..long hair..and there ya go..haha

d said...

OMG! I love it! Just look at you blondie!

So is it your anniversary?

d said...

Me thinks blogger just ate my comment!

Now what the hell did I say?

Cute pics, is it your anniversary? If so, have a good one.

And look at you Blondie! I didn't know you were that blonde.

d said...

Oh shoot, there it is, now I have two comments, well technically 3 now...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes..sat is my annivesary..11 years..

yes i am really that blonde, but as of now i keep it much darker..

see, i told you i am blonde and i dont make sence sometimes..there is your proof;)