Friday, March 03, 2006

Look what I got suckas..

I went to check my mail today, not unlike any other day, and I find a lil something for me in there. And it was not a bill, or a credit card come on..

Look what my blogger friend Meow sent me.....

Go pay her a visit, she lives down under ya know...

Thank you Meow........It really brightened my blah kinda day...


Here is another photo for your viewing pleasure..Guess what this is. The winner will receive a big fat red lolly...

Now if your a diabetic your prize will be a glass of water...

Bee Real


vani said...

i know, i know! *raising hand...its PEE..LOL

Working Mom said...

Aw, that's so nice! Nobody in blogland loves me like

I have no guesses on that contraption. It does look alot like something from a hospital...hmmmmmm....

angel, jr. said...

It's a kit for checking 24 urine.

Kendra Lynn said...

That's nice that you got a goody bag in the mail. Its always great to get some cheer.
How are you?


p.s. I have NO idea what those bottles of stuff are.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u gotta pee..haha

well maybe i will send you a lil something;)

u dont count..haha..i know u know..

yes its nice when little surpries happen..

i am good, thanks for asking..

Meow said...

Hey Bossy Britches, glad you like your little package - glad it arrived in one piece.
Don't have any idea what that second photo is ... something to do with tomato sauce (if it is to do with urine, I'd be worried about the colour!!!)
Have a great day, take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i really loved it and thanks you agian..

and btw, the bottles are empty, but there is a touch of acid in the bottom..the jug is just red..but they are empty, for now;)

Babble said...

Seem them used by men.. they send them home with them to collect urine..LOL Thats all I have seen those used for.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u may be on to somehting;)

AL said...

I love goodies, especially ones when I really need them. What was the other picture? I have no idea or guess. Thanks for visiting today - I needed some love!

Peggy said...

okay who has to collect the pee? you or hubby? and little bee should be getting her mittens tomorrow or monday... yeah I forgot to put them in the mail till this week.. I am old and forgetful what can i say LOL

***Double_Oh_No*** said... I the only one with Freudian thoughts when I see that pic? I thought for sure it was some type of practical joke contraption having to do with "big jugs" and um...something else...?

Way cool new look. I'm lovin' the theme, though Buffet Land was swell, too. I canNOT wait until summer when at least the sun is out and life seems a little beachier.

lawbrat said...

I just caught up on some posts. First, your little bee is TOO CUTE! Even with jelly on her top.

If you were not a good Queen bee and mommy bee, you wouldnt even wonder if you were or not. You simply wouldnt care. You do care. As parents, there is so much to worry about, sometimes it just gets too much. I think all moms deal with this- thinking we should be better, do this different, oh no I did this, ect. Right now, you have so much on your plate. Be kind to yourself. Your hubby and little bees love you, and wouldnt want you feeling bad.

Big Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

angel jr, is in med school what a cheater!!!!!!!!!!!

Nerdine said...

what a treat! It's always fun to get something that's not bills in the mail. And when it's something fum like this!! the day becomes a circus day!

you bribed her into sending it to you, didn't you?? *lol*

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes goodies are good..heehee

well it isnt me thats for pee goes right in the potty;)

double oh know,
haha, big jugs..good one..

i will bring my ocean back for summer isnt gone for good;)

she is a lil bugger though I tell you what..

and thanks;)

I know...I told him that wasnt fair...heehee

yes its nice to get a treat in the mail..but bribbing, i will never tell..:-)

Mike said...

Hey....don't get all watery eyed about the mail...if ya like I can send you a couple of my

Fantastagirl said...

Ahhh you got a goodie bag - how sweet is that?

The second photo???? hmmmm I'm guessing it has to do with finding out what's wrong with the hubby...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I would prefer if you sent me your refund check form the govement..

your on to something...i sure am not going to use that contraption..haha

It is a 24 hour urnie collection has acid on the bottom...dont worry, he has not used it yet..not till sunday..then every time he has to take a whiz he has to pee in that thing, and take it up to the hospital on Monday...lucky him huh?..gross me out.

Anonymous said...

like i said on my blog, that picture of you with a facial mask on is NOT attractive. you need to go back to the bee avatar before we all get scared off. K?????

d said...

Aww, that's sweet of Meow - and it came t just the right time too :)

Did you just post a pic of pee jugs???

Cliff Morrow said...

Man, I'm embarrassed. I didn't get you anything. If you'll send me your address, I can send you a bushel of corn. That and 75 cents will get you a cup of coffee.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so your saying im ugly with my mask then?

i know..its funny, i was having a crappy day..then BAM..wasnt so crappy anymore..

and its not my pee jug..haha

well i would love some fresh nebrska corn there pal...get on it will ya?

Melis said...

Now see, I woulda sent ya something too.. but I'm not prevvie to that info! Hmph! And all this time you've been tellin me I'm your one and only... guess that "One and only that you use and abuse", huh?! *tears* LOL

Glad your day was brightened! And even though it doesn't count now cuz you've already said, I figured it was for hubby's pee as well! ACK! Didn't need to know that! LOL

JD's Rose said...

Tomato sauce and a funnel so that you don't get it every where? Maybe?

I love the prezzie. I need to get myself some new blogger friends... I've never got a present! You all suck!

(I am joking. I heart you all to bits)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

privi to what info?...i will tell u whatever you want to know;)

and yes, he has to start peeing in ti today..poor sucka..haha

ok, give me your address and I will send my 2 girls from down under a lil something..mmmkya?>...wipe your tears..maybe I will get ya a lil something for that baby too;)

CoolChic said...

Hmmm I was going to say it was ketchup (you did say you use lots of it lol) but then I started reading the comments and clicked on the picture and it said about collecting urine. hehehe

Email me your address and I will send ya something...that would be too damn fun!!

Melis said...

You addy info ya freak! LMAO Little early for ya??? LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

true i like ketchup..haha..

this is a device the hubby has to pee into all day today, then drive to the hospital in the morning..kinda gross..

i will send you my address, but i have a feeling you and melis are gonna start fowrading your bills here or something;)

haha, i knew what you dont be sending me your bills..just loose change or any spare greenbacks ya find;)