Wednesday, March 15, 2006


well Mr. Shaky pants had a successful birthday. I mean if your alive to celebrate it, I call that a success.

His mother called to wish him a happy whatever and I could hear her talking as I was sitting here eavesdropping. She says, " so how many birthday's does this make now?"

Mr shaky pants replies with " 37"

which a total lie , he is 35

she then says, "wow, 37"

Mr shaky pants " mom, I am really 35."

" oh I knew that....I just wasn't paying attention "

if I ever get so old and senile I don't remember how old the bees are...Just unplug my machine ok?

I will update on the bottom of this after Mr Shaky appointment.....check back around noon or so if you want to know what he found out..

I call Boo Bee I say " Boo, come here"

to which she says "what's up mom"

My gosh.....I give up..

Blondie Bee is star of the week at school this week. She is in kindergarten, and this town/state sucks so bad because she only goes every other day...anyhoo she was suppose to go Monday but there was a snow day.

She cried and cried because they cancelled school Monday. This girl knows she is getting short changed on being star of the week. Well now the girl has a fever and tummy ache....Not sure if she is going to school Wed. Or not..Poor kid...She just cant catch a break.

Ok this is all I have, be sure to check back later for an update on the appointment..He may be off to a home sooner than expected, cause this girl will not change adult diapers or wipe drool from anyone over the age of 6 months..mmkay...

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

So what's up? Did you ever tell the sweet little thing what you wanted? You so have to love that kid.

Glad the birthday was a success. Gotta love your MIL. I know I sooo love mine. Still need to tell you all the news there.

Hope Meg is feeling much better by the morning and can be the star we all know she is.

We will all be checking back for the update. I sure your hubby is tired of being all shook up!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just tammy,
well i was calling her in the room becasue I could hear her trying to get to the brownies on the counter..sneaky lil girl..

I love how you are making it a regualr thing to comment..I heart my tammy from kansas:)

Fantastagirl said...

Glad the birthday went well - will be checking in later as well...

Your kids are so sneaky...


Karin said...

glad the birthday was a success. Hey even if she didn't remember how old he was at least she remembered he had a birthday which is more than I could say my grandma ever did for my Dad. I will check in tomorrow when I get up and down to the computer. Got to love the mom ears on you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

indeed they are sneaky...they could be secret agents;)

so far I have not had a blood realtive forget how old i am or my birthday..well my dad might not know how old i am, only cuase that means he is old..

d said...

Any news yet?

Happy Birthday to Shaky pants!

Mrs. Diamond said...

checkin in for news. you're in my prayers.

Meow said...

Glad the birthday went well. Will check in later to see how things went with Hubby. Hope all is OK. Take care, Meow xx

Nerdine said...

wonder who she learned that from? the sneakyness I mean..
Could it be? yep- I'll bet she resembles her mommy..

just a wild guess..

I'd be all over that cookie jar too if I had one. It's not fair to keep a cookiejar just out of reach. It's not fair I tell you!

mom of 3 girls said...

I hope they find something out about hubby!!! I will check back later to see!! Hope he had a good birthday.

LOL at boo bee. she is such a cutie, wait till she is 7 and then her mouth wont be as funny. Trust me I know!!!!!

Poor blonde bee! That sucks!! I hope she is feeling better! My middle k is not feeling well today. Might have to take her to see the doc. Says her ears hurt!!1

I posted too!!! I would of done it sooner but I have been crying cause you yelled at me!!! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no news yet.....his appt isnt for anoher hour..then i wont know till he gets back to work and emaisl me..

oh and zaa zaa zaa means..yo bitch lets watch The Wiggles..

Mrs D,
no news yet...check back around noon or so..thanks:)

yup birthday went far as birthday's go I guess:)..I would tell you what time to check back, but I dont know what day it is there down under..might be saturday for all I know..teehee

are you calling me sneaky? know me pretty well;)

you needed a good scolding ya no..hope middle K gets feelin better..

Felecia said...

Boo's behavior sounds pretty familiar to this momma; pretty familiar indeed!

Poor Blondie! Would you assure her that MN does not typically engage in the practice of every other day kindergarten? Nope; it's just your crappy farm town. Now take my advice and move closer to the Twin Cities, okay? The closer, the better.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

felcia, a year from now we will be in the deep I think she can stick it out for a nother year..teehee..

and who the hell ever heard of every other day KINDG? MI my son went all day every day..he could read second grade levle books by years end..This one..goes all day every other day and hasnt even leanred to read yet..I need to revamp the education dept before I leave this state;-)

Felecia said...

Repeat after me: "Minnesota GOOD; Your Town BAD!"

I can't think of one metro area school that has an every other day system; sounds like a design for over bearing mothers who can't see fit to let the little ones grow up.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I agree with your last statment..but as far as MN being good, well the jury is still out on that one;)

angel, jr. said...

Happy Birthday to him!!

Karin said...

Is it after noon yet? I need to know details, I am going crazy! Ok yeah I was already crazy before I started what's your point.

Working Mom said...

I'm slow today with my reading....did you make the chicken marsala? I gotta catch up with your other post....