Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shalom in the home

now that ole Bossy has her hive back, things are getting back to normal.

I could not get on my treadmill while they were here...It felt weird having the step FIL looking at my legs as I was running on it..

There was a paper in our door...I guess our good friends at Watchtower stopped by, and alas, Bossy missed the knock on the door. But they left their jargon in the door for me to trash. Mr.Shaky Pants decided to read it, out of boredom I guess.

In this it says that Jesus is here on Earth right at this very moment living in an invisible kingdom..He must be living in Delaware...You don't ever hear about anyone living there...Think about it..Do you know anyone in Delaware?..See..Told ya!!

also says there is paradise here on Earth...And to that I say you bethca, its called Hawaii..

I get to travel back to the homeland next week. Going wedding dress shopping with my soon to be mom...I am looking forward to it...

My wedding anniversary is Saturday...11 years on April fools Day....Mr Shaky Pants wants to go to Red Lobster..To this I say..

huh? You don't like shrimp and or lobster..In fact you don't eat shellfish or seafood of any kind...Very puzzling to me...Very puzzling indeed..

Lets I have anything else...Nope..Just a bunch of blabber nonsense that no one wants to hear anyway...

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

Are you still doing cartwheels?! There is nothing like being able to be yourself in your home. You could run on your treadmill starkers if you really wanted to. Of course the twins would knock you out!

Don't know anyone in Delaware come to think of it. Hmmm...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how twins would knock me out indeed..

see, no one lives in delware..i am on to something there I think..

Mrs. Diamond said...

i know someone who went to bible college in delaware... but i forget what his name is.

i'm happy you got your house back. inlaws sleeping over would send me over the edge.

Working Mom said...

I've never even heard of anyone visiting Delaware...very strange

Happy Anniversary! Though I have to agree with hubby, I like Red Lobster & I don't eat seafood either (occasionally lobster or crab legs). I order I think it's the cheese

Choppzs said...

YAAAHHHH you're free!!! lol

Oh and I know someone from Delaware.....

Just kidding, no I don't, but I so wanted to be able to say I did just to prove you wrong!! lol ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Sorry about your bleak past few days.
Glad it's over!
Hawaii sounds goooood to me!
When do we leave? Do we have to be a Jehovah's Witness to go there? I'm willing to convert if it means a Hawaiian vacation!!

personal update:
Our weekend was a whirlwind. The 50th anniversary dinner party was wonderful, and Courtney's media presentation made everyone cry. It was a lot of work for all of us, but it was worth it.
Courtney had her sinus surgery on Monday morning, and she is doing well. She's got a drippy, bloody nose, but her pain is not bad. She will be fully recovered in about a week.

Bumbling Bav said...

Um, where is Delaware??? too lazy to look it up myself.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Badoozie said...

well silly, mr shakey pants wants to go to red lobster for the BISCUITS. DUH

and they do have other stuff thats good ya know.

good point about delaware. so, there is heaven on earth? starbucks maybe?

Marel Lecone said...

Hey, congratulations on eleven years. Wow. I've been craving Red Lobster myself. So, see you there! :)

Fantastagirl said...

Congrats on 11 years!! and a huge WOOO HOOOO!!! to you on getting your house back!

mom of 3 girls said...

Ok Missy, I have been taking a break from the blogging world and today I am taking a few to caught up. Figured you was on vacation lmao I would go to. Did you find anything out on hubby?

I am glad you survived and so did everyone else. Isnt it nice to see them leave? My in-laws called the other night at 9pm.....Now mind you that isnt real late, but when u get up at 4am!!! It is getting a bit late. They use to call every Sunday morning at 8am!!!! WE was never up that early!!!! IN_LAWS!!!!!

Meow said...

Happy Anniversary for Saturday. 11 years, huh !!! That's pretty cool. We have hi 17 years ... gosh that makes me feel old.
Enjoy your dinner at Red Lobster ... don't know what that is, my guess is it a seafood restaurant !?!?!
Have a great day, enjoy your empty (no in-laws) home. Take care, Meow

JD's Rose said...

Hmmm, do you like seafood? Maybe he was just trying to be lovely...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
Bible colleg huh?..ok, that makes a little sence..haha...

me dont ever hear about ANYTHING going on in Delware..hmm..something for us to ponder wouldnt ya say?...I do like red lobster, i dont think him and I have ever went there toghter..I have always went with my mom..teehee

oh your trying to pull on over on me?..I would ask for there phone number so i could call them..haha..maybe we all need to plan a blogging party in delware...who is game??

we leave ASAP...

I hope courtney starts feeling better soon...poor thing..glad the rest of the weekend went good for you guys;)

delware is a tiny lil state in the upper northeast..its by rhode isnad and maine..i think..haha..

do u know anyone from there you canadian you?..haha

well of course, the biscuits..thats a big duh on my part;)

we will be sitting in the back..we will NOT be the ones making out..see you there;0

it feels good to have the hive back..and thanks..11 years seems like forever..haha

man you are always on a break from the blogging world..haha

he goes to the doc this morning, but right now he is on treatment for lyme diease..long story there..

thank you...and red lobster is indeed a seafood is suppose to kinda upscale, but really its just a high priced place to buy some fish..not really fancy or anything, not sure what your paying for..haha

well I do like seafoood..well shripm anyway..and they have to be completely gutted left over black crap in the back of um..oh gross..

lawbrat said...

Back to normal is good!

Happy almost Anniversary! Congrats on 11 years. YEA!!!

I thought only corporations lived in Delaware. ;-)

When are we going to Hawaii? We can do couples thing, just NO KIDS. They can go there when they grow up and wanna get away from their kids, and us grandparents will be babysitting, so it OUR TURN DAMN IT!!

~Deb said...

As far as those Watchtower folks, my girlfriend and I had this apartment right in the middle of everything and anything. We’d get knocks on the door from people giving out ‘club pamphlets’ to giving us books about Jesus. Okay—fine, I like clubs and I love Jesus. Whatever, right?

Well two ladies from the “Watchtower’ come visit us along with this cute little girl (maybe around 5 yrs old)… It was below zero out and the girl had NO jacket on…which says to me, “LET ME INSIDE NOW!” It was a ploy to have me invite them in. Well, of course I did because the little girl was shivering. Christian-like? I think not.

Congrats on the 11 yrs! April fool’s day though??? (hehe) I’m not a fan of Red Lobster, only because I’ll blow up like a tick---much like what I do with a bee sting…but I hope you do enjoy yourself!

Jill Monroe said...

I have a soft spot for Red Lobster - the dh proposed to me there while I was still in college. Okay, that's it - I'm going there tomorrow!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I would like to go to hawaii right about now..get your bags packed honey;)

wow, i have never had them come to the house with a hubby did tell them once to leasve the property or he was calling the police..I am all for Jesus and whatnot..but I dont need thier cult knocking on my thanks;)..geesh..

aww, thats and the hubby have never been there toghter..haha..he dont like seafood, so we will see if we go anyway..hehee

Peggy said...

No I don't know anyone from Deleware. Glad you are back to posting and enjoying life. Happy Anniversary! You need my MIL. She met me on the side of the road Sunday when I was coming home from my daughters to give me homemade whiskey for my cold. (she didn't want my germs in her house LOL) Really I didn't feel like stopping at her house so she met me so I could come on home. Want pictures of you and King Bee dressed up for the big date.

The Blog Whore said...

Happy anniversary! Woot!

It's all about those biscuits.

Ya know, they have a mix by Bisquick and they come out pretty close to Red Lobsters....

Now I'm hungry.

novaks8 said...

I have never read a blogger from Delaware!

I visited there when I was like 13 or something. We went to a wedding of a distant cousin.

I remember they had a basement and I thought that was the coolest thing EVER!
We don't have many basements here.

Wow Bossy, you always make me think!

pack of 2 said...

happy anniversary!

Ang doesn't eat seafood either...I do not understand that.

I love it!

And you are right...I do not know one person that lives in Delaware...very interesting observation chica!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well if my MIL brought me booze, I may be able to handle her for more than 2 hours;)

picutres..I dont think so..haha

Blog whore,
hmm, ok I am going to have to try the busicuts..I never had buscuits at red lobster, nor did i know they sold them..

so you have been to the invisable kingdom huh?..whats it like mary?..tell us..

no basments?..r u seroius?..I have a basmet with one bedroom a bathroom, living room and play would think in the south they would have basemts due to tornados and stuff..weird..i may have to build my own house when i move there;)

seafood is so good..they dont know what they are missing..

isnt it funny though? news ever comes from delware..maybe it has already fallen into the ocean and we dont know it..

Nerdine said...

where's Delaware?? See - must be true... Watchtower can be fun - as long as the friends stay out of your family... I speak from experience.

YAYYY!! FREE AT LAST!! Are you going to do a little dance on the table for us now??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well its north of new york state..its in what they call here"new england"..but being your from norway..its probably all greek to you..haha

yes I am still doing my happy dance;)

Michele_3 said...

Nope, put me down for not knowing anyone in Delaware either- That's really something!
My hubby hates Red Lobster & I love it- I love their New Orleans Salmon, it's soo good! I have to drag him there when I really want to go, I always go with my mom too!
Happy early Anniversary to you!

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy you will be comin' back here for a few days?
Cool. :)
Talk to you soon.

Babble said...

We call it that That state over there.. its the state they send all the crazy people.. and then never talk about. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...

yes isnt that something, none of us know anyone from dleware..kinda spooky..

thanks..yup..i am flying to michigan next week..hope the weather is nice..last april when we went there, a big old snow storm decided to drop..

the state over there..that about sums it up huh?..very weird indeed;)

Wethyb said...

Our anniversary is in April too :) And we almost ate at Red Lobster last weekend, but opted for Carabbas instead. But how strange that he wants to eat there but doesn't like much in the way of seafood. Hmmmm....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes seems weird..he says cuz i like it there..but really i have only ate there twice..with my mom..but hell..i dont mind..i am game..

now do you know anyone from delawre?..come on do ya?