Monday, March 13, 2006

Technology sucks donkey balls

Ok, so I have been thinking about stuff. I really don't think all the advances in technology are all that. And let me tell you why...Let me enlighten you ,if you will.

Now I have a pretty good collection of CD's. Ten years ago I swore I would never buy a CD. I would keep faithful to my trusty casstette tapes. I would never buy a CD player..No how, now way.

Well it was starting to get harder and harder to find cassettes and such so I had to break down and buy CD's. Now mind you in the last 10 plus years I have went thru a number of CD players. No matter how much I spend on one, it always seems to break down in one form or another. And I still have 2 cassette players from my youth, one from when I was 10 freaking years old and it still works..Along with my record player.

I have also found that my CD's and DVD's get scratched way too easy. I have many I cant even play anymore because of little tiny scratches. Now with my cassette tapes, I could always wind those suckers back up if the tape got caught. It was a very simple fix people..You take your finger tip or a pencil even, and you wind...Keep winding till she nice and tight. Even if it got to the point where it was a little crumpled it would still play, it would just be distorted over that spot, then play like normal after that part passed..

Same with vcr tapes. Those were easy fixes too. You just use the same technique...Wind er up and she is good to go..

But now I find myself getting not much use out of CD's or DVD's..They scratch way too easy..And I think this is what the makers want, they want us to wreck them, so we keep buying. Well sorry suckas..I am on to you..I just download everything to my trusty IPOD now, suck it people..Not gonna get me anymore..

and I will just start buying bootlegged movies, I mean I can afford to spend 2 fifty on movie for it to work only once or twice.

I am telling you, it is a huge conspiracy. There was nothing wrong with vcr tapes or cassettes...They just want us to think they are bad, when really, that was the only way to go. The tricked me, but I tell you what, they wont be tricking ole Bossy ever again..

On to family matter. Mr. Shaky pants has a birthday on Tuesday, Butch Bee has one Friday and Mr Shaky pants has his other appointment Wed...His symptoms are getting worse, now all his muscle groups are affected..He is going to hell in a hand basket...

Butch Bee was wanting to play with one of his friends Sunday. This friend could not play as he had company over. So Butch Bee wanted to play with this kid I can not stand...I will call him Ugly Kid..

Butch Bee goes on and on about how Ugly Kid makes him mad all the time..SO one day I told him to stop playing with Ugly Kid.

Sunday Butch Bee says " well I cant go play with Ugly Kid, Because you made me break up with him"

I only hope its that easy when he bring home Ugly Girl..

Bee Real


Jamie Dawn said...

Ugly Kid.... That's funny! You forced a break up!

I'm so sorry that your hubby's shaking problem is getting worse. That is so scary. There are a number of disorders/diseases that come to mind. I'm hoping so much that his problem is not a serious one. I know you joke about it some, but I'm sure you are worried.
I hope you all spoil him a LOT on his b-day. Overwhelm him with love and attention. The poor guy needs encouragement. He must be filled with anxiety, even if he doesn't show it.

angel, jr. said...

Leave it to mommy to force a break up.
I do the same thing, I download my CDs immediately into my iPod. And the music is saved in my iPod library should anything happen to my iPod. This is also backed up by saving my iPod library onto an external drive. So yeah, I'm pretty much safe.

Fantastagirl said...

You mean mommy - forcing him to break up with the ugly

Hope everyone has a great b-day this week! And I hope they find something to help your Hubby...sending lots of good thoughts your way...

Kendra Lynn said...

Your husband will be in my prayers...would he mind if my church prayed for him?
Hope everyone has happy birthdays.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I can findall sorts of weird dieases..but holy cow I would have him deadand buried if I lsitened to half of them..and yes, I am sure there will be lots of spoiling this week;)

thank God for the IPOD huh?..

I know..I am a meany heehee..
thanks, I am hoping the birthday week goes smoothly and doent cost me too much money:-)

thank you, that would be wonderful..thank you..its a busy birthday week here;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

I hear ya on the scratched CD's and DVD's. But I still like em better than cassettes, for the reason that it's easier to get to the song you want.

Anyways, I'm not sure what is wrong with your hubby... think i missed that part... but I will keep him in my prayers.

Working Mom said...

Is "ugly" politically correct? Maybe you should say "beauty challenged kid" I have so much to look forward to as Bug gets

I hope everyone has a happy bday and hubby's appt goes well. My BIL had a problem a little similar to your hubby's and they found out he has this disease that was brought on by lack of sleep from back when he was in college, he's 40 now. Weird, huh? Hopefully it's nothing serious. As always, I'll say a little prayer and keep good thoughts.

Mike said...

I'm all for bringing back 8-track

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mrs D,
yes very true on the song skipping...that is a good point on cd's..but to heck with the rest..

oh my bad...oh heck I like ugly kid better;)

you just wait...Bug will have a friend you dont like..and you will call her stinky or something like that;)

8 trakcs..yes forgot about those...those were a little before my time..I am young still;)

Karin said...

you do have a point about the indestructibility of tapes but I still prefer the sound quality and co0nvience of cds. Since the invention of the ipod I have all my music in my computer so the cds don't get tossed around and therefore won't get scratched. So if I lose my hard drive all my cd's have only been used once.

I hope everything goes ok with Mr. shaky pants and that he has a great birthday. Let us know what the doctor says cause we are all waiting.

Karin said...

you do have a point about the indestructibility of tapes but I still prefer the sound quality and co0nvience of cds. Since the invention of the ipod I have all my music in my computer so the cds don't get tossed around and therefore won't get scratched. So if I lose my hard drive all my cd's have only been used once.

I hope everything goes ok with Mr. shaky pants and that he has a great birthday. Let us know what the doctor says cause we are all waiting.

Badoozie said...

Ipod, ipod ipod. is this all you ever talk about? is there nothing in this world but this ipod we must hear about? what about the 8 track tapes. what about those, huh?

by the way, i got myself an ipod couple weeks back. heehee

Meow said...

Aaaww, everyone but me has an iPod ... no fair.
Hope hubby's shaking problem will be sorted out soon. Must be very frustrating for him. My thoughts are with you, in hope that it is something easily treatable. Hope his birthday goes wonderfully ... shower him with lots of love and kisses.
Take care, meow

pack of 2 said...

I know what you mean about cd/dvd players...ours always break. We bought TWO $400 ones & they both broke within a yr or so.

Sigh...we got another one though...I guess we aren't as loyal to the old cassette tape...:)


Debra said...

what a crack up! I was just complaining about that the other day to my husband. What the hell? I just bought a cd and I took it from my car to the stereo in my house and yes... a scratch. Dvd's that I rent ALWAYS skip at the climax of the movie. and then I look for my cleaner and try to fix it. Need I say the moment is passed, just not the same. How many time I have rewound a tape with a pen or pencil. I totally cracked up when you said that. (shows our age, my 13 year old can't even relate to a tape????)

Nerdine said...

I know! I have a cassette player/ radio I got when I was 7 or so - it even lived through me opening it to see how it worked. I put it together again and it still worked. Miracle!
Now I have an extra harddrive where I keep all my music - about 60 GB now. Although I've only ever destroyed (scratched) one cd ever - I'm scared it's going to happen with a more valued CD (I got a big scratch on my ally McBeal cd - not a great loss...)

I really hope mr ShakyPants gets better soon! And I really, really, really hope it's not something serious...
Take care!

keesh said...

Forgive me if you have already said, but do they know what is wrong with your hubby yet?

Also, I agree with you on the cassettes and VHS, why ruin a good thing? I don't see how making things more expensive and useless makes them better :(.

lawbrat said...

First, i'm totally cracking up with the CD,DVD part. I agree. SO MUCH AGREE. If we buy a cd, we d/l it to my computer, and burn a CD, so the original stays good. Its horrid!! I can't burn DVD's with my computer and that just bites.

Ugly kid! You made him break up with him! You are just too funny.

I hope things will get figured out with hubby. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Many hugs to you.

lawbrat said...

Oh, i've been meaning to ask. Is it ok to link to you on my site? I wasent sure. But, then again it is password protected...but wanted to ask.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the musci does sound better, but holy crap they scartch way too easy..and if something happens to this computer, I am screwed..all my music is on this one;)

oh I see how it goes..I cant talk about sheila ( IPOD) but you can rub it in my face that YOU have one..hmm, something doesnt add up here;)

maybe you havent been a good girl..santa brought me mine..heehee..we bloggers will take up a collection and get you one ASAP:)

the last one we bought was about 300 and that was about 4 years the cd doors wont even open...but the tqpe player on top does..WTF

oh your right, it does show our age doenst it?..I didnt think about that..thank you for stopping by too;)

no its not a miracle, its just they made stuff better back they make it as cheaply as they can..but they arent fooling me anymore..too bad they dont really make tapes anymore, I would so switch back to the good thing..

nope we dont know yet whats wrong..he goes back wednsday..I will update you all after that..and amen bout making them more expensive..ugg!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps we musta been posting at the same time..haha

I know downloading things is just a pain in the rear end..I hate shouldnt be that dang hard..

yes you can link it, you can use the direct address too..I am gonna get rid of that password thing, I didnt think anyone used it, I thought I gave out the direct link to you..its wherethebeesare..that will bring you right more password;)

the people I was trying to get out either already found the direct page, or they havent found me yet and this menas they wont;)

just_tammy said...

Party at Bossy's!!! Really hope you are able to have lots of fun on little money. We'll see...

Too funny about ugly kid. If only it was that easy when the girls start calling and asking him out. My son has never asked a girl out due to the fact they ask before he gets around to asking. Guess that makes them pushy girls or son too slow.

Good thoughts for Mr. SP's appointment. Hopefully it will be some minor thing we haven't diagnosed him with yet. Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so you gonna come to one of the birthday parites this week? or are you holding out for mine?

If a girl ever calls here wanting to talk with my butch bee, there will be trouble..and if a boy calls wanting to talk to blondie or boo...they will die..

no school today, we got a big ole snow storm last night..blondie is all up in arms cause she is star of the week this week and her daddy was gonna go have lunch with her she dont have school till wednsaday and he cant have lunch with her then, cuz he goes back to the doc and work in the city that he is working from here..

ok this was too long, i shoulda just emailed you..gotta get in the shower;)

just_tammy said...

Bummer for poor Meg. Will Mr. SP be able to have lunch with her on Friday? Nothing like going to school every other day. Through in weather and holidays and it's all over.

If I can't grace you with my presence on your birthday, I'll at least send a present!

I think the state of Kansas would have rather had snow yesterday. I know I would have!

just_tammy said...

Shoot! Noticed a booboo as I hit the button. Make that 'throw' instead of 'through'! Forgive me. It's Monday morning.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope he cant on friday cause he will be back at work in the city then...the last week he has been working here in this crappy wed i am gonna go have lunch with her..

ok, so you have less than 2 months to get here for my birthday..I will send you directions on how to get here:-)

Anne said...

Well dear, hug that man tight and I'll be prayibg for all of you!

Michele_3 said...

Wow! Lots of birthdays coming up!
My hubby has one coming up in a few weeks too!
I hope everything goes well for your husband & you guys find out soon what the deal is, I think the waiting is the worst! I'm keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!

Loved your post about "Ugly kid", you had me cracking up!
Take care :)

CoolChic said...

Too funny about the break up with Ugly Kid!!!

So sorry hubby is feeling so bad.

I still have my old double deck geto blaster (do they still call them that? lol). Mine works perfectly fine, it sits out in K's shop all year long.

I've never bought a cd player, our stereo, is actually my brothers. When he thought he was moving down here (a break up with his girlfriend, his wife now) he brought all his stuff down here, and when he decided he wasn't going to live here, we mailed back most of his stuff except the stereo. That sucker would cost us a second mortgage to mail to him.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am hoping it aint contagoius..I dont get too close;)

yes lots of my anniversary is in 3 weeks, then my birthday after that..I am only hoping for a good haul on my birthday;)

i cant belive you have gotten away with not having to buy lucky girl;)

Michele_3 said...

Are you an Aries baby too?
My birthday is April & so is Monkey D's! I actually had him the day before mine..

LocuTus of Borg said...

I was going to say ... rip CD to the computer and file the CD away. I have a 300 disc carousel DVD player, so insert in slot and never move again. :) Hope your hubby feels better.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope I am a tuarus..I am a may baby..but my wedding annv. is april 1st..on april fool day..can u top that one..hahah

I try and get all my cd's on the computer, but then if that dies, I am SOL..haha

Princess said...

I'm so sorry that your hubby's shaking problem is getting worse. That is so awful! :(

LOL at your conspiracy about DVDs and Cassettes.

man you crack me up!!
*Ugly kid! *rofl*

(sorry this comment is a few days late. im catching up)