Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are you there God? Its me Bossy

ok this is what has went on so far today..And its only noon

1. Blondie Bee has a fever of 103.3
2. She cries cuz she cant go to school...And she is star of the week

3. She has a virus...
4. She saw a monster on the door in the doc's office..I need whatever she is on

5. Mr. Shaky Pants tests came back normal, now they are doing an MRI of the spine , cause there might be something back there compressing on things....So again, we know nothing...

6. We are under a winter storm warning......damnitalltoheck
7.I had to bribe Boo bee home with offering chicken nuggets from the crappy place with the ugly clown and big shoes.

There that about sums it up..Blondie Bee is sleeping here on the couch and Boo Bee is watching Days of Our lives with me and munching on her chicken..Only good thing in the future is her nap.

Bee Real


Karin said...

I don't know if I am sorry they didn't find anything or gald they didn't find anything. It would be nice to know what is going on but better that it isn't a serious disease. I feel bad that Meg is sick. Maybe we can all band together and make her a special sicky of the week. At least Boo is in her happy place.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i was thinking they wouldnt find anything today...I kinda was thinking ..(with all my medical knowlege and whatnot) that it would be more in the spine..not sure why they didnt scan that when they did his head...but there could be a tumor there or even a slipped disk that is causing this..

boo bee is really in her happy place now..well my happy place..BED:)

Peggy said...

if it it king shakey bees spine then thats an easy fix. Sorry star of the week is sick, maybe you could make her a paper star and hang it on her bedroom door and give her extra treats and movies to make up for missing school. You might as well buy stock in the clown place cause he's going to be boo bees best friend for a loooooong time! LOL

Badoozie said...

just think. you can have all of boo bee's birthday parties at clownville.

actually the fact the tests came back normal sort of irritates me. that always happens to me, i'll have a condition, which is quite obvious to me, and nothing shows up. and in his case where he is shaking so bad, the fact nothing turned up really makes me annoyed. find the problem dammit NOW (thats what i would say to the doctor) ( i would also hit him with his little knee knocker tool)

lawbrat said...

Awww man, that just bites. Sorry for such a crappy day. Hopefully it will get better, and the virus will go away quickly.

just_tammy said...

So the mystery of the shaky hubby continues. At least many of the truly scary things have been ruled out.

Poor Meg! Tell her she is a star every day in my book. Maybe her teacher will give her a do over.

Hope you don't ended up with too much more snow. Know how much you love snow days.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well hopefully if it is the spine it is maybe a pinched nerve of maybe a slipped disk..and not a tumor or something...cuz dang I would have to get a real job if that happne..taking stock would be a bad idea now would it..I dont know how people can eat there..but boo loves her some apples and chickne nuggets..(fires arent allowed in my house..teehee)

no kidding..but i wasnt shocked when the blood work came back normal, the crap they were testing for was silly...hopfully its just a slipped disk and not something else ..i dont want to have to get a job any sooner than I need to..hehe..

thanks it does bite bites the big one as my butch bee would say;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps missed you..

well i talked to blondies teacher today and she said the week after they come back from spring break she can be star again..she has a nice teacher..and her teachers really likes her..

well now they have to rule out all the bad stuff with the spine..I think she might be thinking its a tumor or something..they should of done that when they did the head..stupid damn docs anyway...

Michele_3 said...

awh! I hope she starts feeling better, I woke up sick myself- I hate viruses they just keeping going around and never stop.. LOL!
Glad his tests were normal but sorry you still have to wait for an answer,I think sometimes it's the waiting that is the worst!
Take care~
Were in allergy season over here, I think I would rather take your winter storm today!

Cliff Morrow said...

Well poop. I haven't learned much here about your hubby. I'll stay tuned.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

trust me, you dont want snow...snow kills..heehee

i second that it will be anohter mr shaky pants mught have something on his spine..i swear, he is going in a home..

Cori said...

It can only get better! At least you have a good excuse for sitting on the couch watching "Days". I get to go and help out in the classroom where I swear every kid has snot coming out of their noses.

Cori said...

Does it sound like I have issues?

Working Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Blondie...poor kid, that just sucks.

I wish there was some way they could just do all testing at once and then diagnose. Making people wait so long is a pain in the booty.

Bug won't eat at the golden arches. Thank God ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, I hope they are able to find the cause of your hubby's shaking episodes soon. I'm glad the tests were normal. Now, find out what's wrong!!

Your hubby's mother should know how old he is. I guess she could have said, "I know you are in your mid-thirties."

Poor Blondie is sick. It's a bummer to miss out being at school when she's the star of the week.
I hope her fever breaks soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i see you coming down with something now..stay away from small kids..they will infect you...they are cursed;)

I know...too bad they cant just tell ya in one day what the heck your malfunction is..the thing is, if it were the docotor or even a member of the docs family, they would have the cause in a days time..

Boo bee loves her chicken nuggts..blondie likes hamburgers from there with no mustard..they both get apples..fries are never allowed;)

poor blonide is still sproting a 103 fever...ugg..

but she does get to be star of the week after spring she is happy..

and i wish they would hurry up and figure out what his malfunction has been too long..

Tee said...

Awh! That's heart breaking to miss her star of the week!!! I would cry my little eyes out, too. :*(

Wethyb said...

Hope the rest of your day's going better! And you got to watch "Days" in peace.

Felecia said...

I love the idea of making Blondie the star of the week at home (technically it's hubby's turn being as it's his birthday "week" and all but I think he would be willing to let go of the title for Blondie!) Maybe you could put a candle in her dry toast or chicken noodle soup and get the whole family to sing to her. Let her pick a movie out (that she'll no doubt sleep through) and move a small tv into her room for a special after-bedtime treat.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes..that wuld be my luck too..i would get sick durring star of the week..luckly they are letting her repaet her week after spring break..

days is getting so on my nerves latly..ugg..

yes it is a good idea...but ya see butch bee has a birthday its his week too..but she does get to reclaim her star of the week in 2 weeks after spring break...she has a nice teacher..

oh and stay indoors...theres a storm a brewing girl;)

Fantastagirl said...

I was hoping they find something- fixable - I hate it when they don't know anything (as I am sure you also do...

Give Meg a little exra hug, and I hope she is feeling better soon, but at least she can be star of the week after spring break...

oh and we are supposed to get dumped on tonight and tomorrow...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup I think you and I are sharing the same storm..but you can have it..I like sharing;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

well normal tests are good news, right! though you still don't know WHAT it is.

i went through months of tests (thought I had ms) and it all turned out to be anxiety/depression...not saying that's his case at all... I don't even know his symptoms... but I'm praying it's something easy to fix

Meow said...

At least the tests came back with nothing sinister. Hopefully the MRI will too .... but what is causing the shakes !?!?!?!
Hope the little one starts feeling better soon.
Tomorrow should be better !!
Take care, Meow