Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday is all right for fighting

lets see, its Sunday so that means 3 more days till they leave.....But who is counting..?

I don't like people touching my things...Or dirtying my dishes,,,this is why I buy paper plates...Because I want to deplete the earth's natural resources and I am saving myself having to perform dish duty..

we went roller skating Saturday...Um, I saw a robin in my yard...Butch bee has an ear infection....Now Mr shaky pants has the bird flu....

when bossy had it, not only did I have to still take care of him...But everyone else too....But now MIL is telling him he needs to rest...oh hell no..

he will function as I had to..I don't care if your lyme diease is flaring will change a diaper, fix a plate or whatever else I say...mmmkay..

oh, and I don't need to be asked 100 times if the doors are locked......

bee real


novaks8 said...

what are you trying to say?


Badoozie said...

holy crap i feel sorry for you. i don't like people in my space, or touching my stuff, so i can relate. and mil, babies her baby......hmmmmmm. 8th wonder of the world there.

Karin said...

I am sorry, Bossy I know how you feel. I hate having people stay with us and invading my space. MIL are the worst, they have a way of making you feel like crap for not treating their little angel like the spoiled little brat that you have spent years undoing the damage from. Ok yeah I have been there and I haven't even married Mommies little angel yet.

Marel Lecone said...

Being a good hostess is something I strive for but the reality is . . . I suck at it. It's a hard job. Do your best. :) Take care.

Cliff Morrow said...

Aw c'mon, BB, look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your MIL will be thrilled with how much nicer you are now compared to when you first got married.
Wash the dishes, cook dinner, smile, change the diaper. Life is so wonderful. Eh?

Choppzs said...

Don't you hate that when the in-laws come and treat the hubbies like they are poor, little babies that just do so much and they deserve to just sit on their asses while the moms do everything for them? I hate that with a passion. When my MIL comes, it doesn't matter if the kids are screaming their brains out, he will sit on his ass and say "mom said to just relax" or "mom'll do it, she loves that kind of stuff". And then when I tell her to let him do it, she is like "oh he does so much as it is, it's ok, I like doing it" OH it drives me insane. I also hate the fact that we don't get squat done for us when we are sick, but as soon as they are sick, we have to pamper them and let them have "time off". What a crock, men are pigs!! lol Good luck with your in-laws, my FIL will be here in about 2 wks, I can't vent about it on the blog though, he reads it!! lol Damn!

Krystal said...

Please, tell us how you REALLY feel.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mary, nothing..teehee

yup, touching of the things is annoying..and babying a 35 year old is worse..

wait till you are married..all the annyonces you have now will double;)

i know i am not a good hostess..i am not much for oragized gatherings that last longer than 3 hours;)

she may think i was nicer when we were first married..maybe not, I have alwyas been a tad "mean"..haha

I hear ya...toobad ya cant vent though...that sucks..

I dont think you really care..hahah

just_tammy said...

Sooo are the doors locked?! Couldn't help myself. Plus I needed a laugh. Sorry it's at your expense again. Some day I'll make it up to you.

Nothing spells baby faster than a grown man with bird flu and shaky pants. Oh, it happens even faster when his mommy is visiting and his lazy wife won't iron his shaky pants!

Paper plates are for every day around here. At least you have a dish washer if you wanted to be classy! Love ya, Bossy!

Cliff Morrow said...

Choppzs, Watch it! Don't be blowing our cover. We like it this way.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am leaving them unlocked on purpose..ya no..for a possiable kidnapping..teehee

it really isnt a cover..we know all about it;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh my...i guess in one way i am LUCKY that my inlaws live in the same city as we do. they never have to stay here more than a couple hours. i'd die!

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh my...i guess in one way i am LUCKY that my inlaws live in the same city as we do. they never have to stay here more than a couple hours. i'd die!

JD's Rose said...

Ok, breathe in...

Now, breathe out...

Three days and you can scream. I'll give you my number.


Angel Girl said...

I love how when men are sick it's the end of the damn world, but when we get sick it's like suck it up! Girl work that boy to death hahah

Meow said...

Only 3 days to go ... hope you make it, Bossy !! MIL's are evil people ... they were invented to torment daughter-in-laws, and they do it so well. Count down the hours, it will make them go quicker !!
Take care, Meow

Working Mom said...

Only 3 more can do it! Just think, you can do the same thing to your son when he gets

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs diamond,
having them live in anohter state is good..but its the once a year visitation that kills ya..;)

hmm..yes get me your number stat..haha

angel girl,
i know...thats why God made it so we have the baboes..we can handle a lil discomfort..hehe

hours..I am counting down the minutes..heehee

i have a fear of being a mean mother in law...i mean he is 9 and i am already worried..teehee

d said...

Paper plates rock! Environment schmironment!

3 days?...not too bad. Hang in there.

lawbrat said...

OH GOD! 3 days probably seems like an eternity!!

Hang in there, you can do it. Not long now. Keep breathing. Slow, deep breaths.

You really dont want any jail time. It may seem worth it at this point, but i'm sure its not.
Its almost over.

Michele_3 said...

you crack me up! "Is the door locked"

I know what you mean though~
I bought a bunch of paper plates & cups for my MIL when she watched the kids just because I knew I would come home to a sink full of dishes!(she has a hard time cleaning up after them @ my house but not hers)
anyway, 3 days you can do it! I know you can! Hang in there..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

these have been the longest days of my life thus far..not looking good for me.;)

well jail aint so get 3 meals a day and can nap all day..your not making a good case..heehee

well, when they cook they dirty every pot and pan...i can make a 3 course meal dirtying only 2 pans..they need to take lessons from me;)

Nerdine said...

Right now I'm SOOOOO happy I don't have anyone I have to take care of other than myself. Catched that bird-flu too. So I am going to make myself a cup of tea, take my book and crawl under the covers. And stay home from work tomorrow...

Kendra Lynn said...

Whew...I know how you feel.
Its REALLY bad when you have to stay at THEIR HOUSE. I did it for two weeks..just got home last night, and am so so thankful to be home.
Hope you can make it.


vani said...

you tell her! YOU are the queen bee of that hive, not her! lol

poor bossy. :(

Cliff Morrow said...

You NEED this. How else would you know how enjoyable 'normal' is.

LZ Blogger said...

Fish and house guests! (both start to really smell after 3 days) ~ jb///