Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ole Bossy is succumbing....

Well my female Bees seem to be on the mend, but now Butch Bee has a high fever and having a crappy spring break. He is resting on the "davenport" as my grandma would call it, and watching TV and sipping on juice and consuming popsicles in mass quantities..

Poor Bee was suppose to spend the night with Becky Bee last night, but now he has to stay to the confines of the hive here. He told me yesterday that she is my mom and that she knows how to take care of a sick kid, and that she probably has more skills than I do since she is older..

I get back talk..I am wiping your nose, getting you beverages and snacks, taking your temparature upon your request..Which is every 15 minutes or so...

After I took his temp and it read 101.5 he was sure the end was near...He puts his hand atop his forehead and proclaims

" boy, my forehead is steaming hot"

so I say " come here and let me kiss it."

" no mom, your lips might burn"

aww, you DO love me...When you care enough to worry bout lips burning, that is true love alright..

I must say with a heavy heart , that I Bossy, have succumbed to the rapid Bird Flu epidemic in my hive. My temp is already almost 99..Yes folks...You read that right...99..

My throat is scratchy, I feel a bit chilly, head is a tad achey, chest is a tad congested..


I was watching Dr Phil Monday and there was a woman on there who says she can not do housework because who boobs are too big..

Ok, works for me..

My MIL will be here Friday. She is staying for a few days..So with my Bird Flu, my sick Butch Bee, and the preparations for the coming of the MIL...

getting her cage warmed up....

I may be out of commission for a few days..Don't panic...I will try and check in on everyone before bed, Lord willing..

I have the bird flu, MR shaky Pants has either lyme diease or a bad dental infection...Life is good...Yup..Life is good

Bee Real


Working Mom said...

Poor Butch bee & Bossy!! I hope everyone starts feeling better:-) Hopefully he'll start feeling better before the end of the week so he can enjoy spring break.

So the MIL's visiting? Maybe she'll be able to tend to the Bees if you get too sick ;-)

Princess said...

Aww... hang in there BB. I hope you all are feeling better soon.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think I would rather be ailing than have the MIL for too long..heehee..

thanks, it aont lookin good, I am getting worse by the hour..teehee;-)

Karin said...

That sucks that you have the bird flu. For once I am glad you are really far away from me. Well it seems that the bees may love you enough to not burn your lips but not enough for them to keep their stinking germs to themselves. Feel better soon. Tell Mr. Shaky I have some old rusty pliers if it ends up it is the dental infection. It should fix that tooth right up.

Wethyb said...

Man, everyone's sick there huh? We are too. Don't feel bad. Hope we all get better soon!

vani said...

i might need to stay away from my blogger friends for a while, seems like everyone is sick! get away!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I tell him bout the pliers..;)

you dont wanna come share a spot of tea with me huh?

yup...sicky's here all round..lovely;)..hope you guys get better soon too.

dont breathe while your here..hold your breathe sweety;)

just_tammy said...

Nooo, you can't be getting sick - not when you must still be the nurse! For some reason no one waits on mothers hand and foot. One time when I was really sick and hubby was off playing GI Joe, I over heard my dear son telling his baby sister he thought I was going to be okay since I was still breathing! Guess he would have gone for help if I wasn't.

I'll have to send an e-mail with what the poor kid is now suffering thanks to his time in the jungle. You will either toss your cookies or pee your pants laughing. It's that good.

Feel better soon. I need to go wash my hands now so I don't get bird flu too.

a very tired mommy said...

feel better... :) followed you over from another blogger buddy...

hang in there, and hope that the sickies don't hang out too long.

Fantastagirl said...

LOL at Just Tammy....

Hope you guys start feeling better soon!

Peggy said...

kids sick, hubby got the shakes, MIL on her way, you have bird flu... do you EVER have any good luck???? Please don't breathe on Norm when he gets there! LOL

Badoozie said...

dang, i need to catch up here. okay, shakey pants has lyme? so did he get it from some weird thing in the forest? how do you get that. if he even has it. there is something in my head about a false positive. let me stew on it, and i'll be back

Meow said...

You can't get sick, mum's aren't allowed to get sick, not part of the equation !!!
Take care, don't overdo it, try to have some fun. Meow xx

Marel Lecone said...

You poor folks. I hope that everything clears up soon. Spring is almost here. So, things are looking up . . . maybe when the MIL is hanging around, you and your husband can sneak out for some fun, even if he does shake a bit. Take care. And, feel better.

jd's rose said...

Does it ever end?! Hang in there. Winter is nearly over, right?

I have my MIL tonight. I feel your pain!

Stay sane,

Nerdine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nerdine said...

I think the frase "I'm boiling" is funny... especially when combined with a fever of 101 - *cause where I live with a temperature you WOULD be boiling... Water boils at 100C (in case you didn't know). So having a temperature of 101 (OR 99) is pretty high...

I hope you get better soon! And I really hope you'll never experience 100C...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

make sure you wash your hands a full 2 minutes, you dont want any residule virus left on..;)

vert tired mommy,
thank you, hopfully we are on the road to deth or recovery;)..thanks for popping over..

she thinks she is sooo dang funny...haha...thanks though;)

gosh, I hope i have this kicked before Norm gets here..I never thought of that;)

so did you stew on it yet?..have you come up with a million quiestions for me??..come on now..I am waiting;)

amen sista,I love it when you down under girls say MUM instead of mom, it so cute;)

I wish spring was here..its still so dang chilly here...
well my MIL will be here for 4 days..I might need to leave for alone time..heehee

Jd rose,
well my MIL will be here for 4 days..ouch!!..and no it never does end, you jsut wait till your little joey pops out;)

haha..well 100 isnt that high here...we americans are too stupid to be taught the metric scale;)

jsut_tammy said...

It sounds like you are feeling much better or at least your wit is. Just be careful since lots around here seem to deal with round 2 of the nasty stuff. Hey, maybe you want to still be ill and then your company will stay away. Hmmm, is that your dastardly plan?!

At least Fantastagirl thinks I'm funny even if you don't. You know my life is a laugh a minute. You can laugh all you want at me since I get to shovel the snow since hubby happily left on a plane this morning - lucky!

Anonymous said...

Why is Spring break so early there? Our kids don't have it until the week of Easter. My kids are sick too, last week it was 80 and yesterday we had sleet :(

just_tammy said...

Oops, can't spell - it's just not jsut. Sorry had to get up way to early to do the airport run in the snow.

Who's taking care of Bossy today?!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my dear sweet tammy,
my wit is always there..even on my death bed..which i am convinved I am on..you might wanna come say your final goodbye;)

this state is all messed up..we always had ours the week of Easter as well..it is in the 30's here..sucks too

Krystal said...

Well, look on the bright side, maybe your MIL will get sick.

Kendra Lynn said...

hey there.
how are you feeling? Hope all is well.

pack of 2 said...

Geez....I hope everyone feels better soon.


Anne said...

I have kids spewing away here...fun.

Lyme disease huh? SIL had/has that.

Hey, my grandparents called them a davenport too lol

Started a new blog so I can talk about more than just cooking--first post is about my cooking blog LMAO! I must be addicted or something.

novaks8 said...


Now I have an excuse!!!!

Cuz my boobies are WAY big!

LZ Blogger said...

We've all had a bout of strept throat around here! Take care ~ and get WELL! ~ jb///

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i can alwyas count on your too look at the bright side;)

well I feel like dog poo..I hope this virus leaves the qaurters quickly..thanks for checking on me;)

you and me both..thank you:-)

see we have lots in common..haha..ok where is this blog of yours missy?

that is what i was thinking..

lz blogger,
well that sucks..i wonder if that isnt our probelm here..we will see..boo bee is off to the doc soon;)

Cliff Morrow said...

I've got the answer, leave a ransom note for yourself requesting $70 or they'll kill you. Then use the money to rent a sleazy hotel room for next weekend.
Come back on Monday all dazed and ailing from amnesia. "Sorry I missed your visit MIL, those darned abductors".
This will work only if you think someone in your family will pay the $70.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds to me like this is a plan you may have used before..am i right??

its a good plan, but I dont think anyone in my family would give up 70 bucks;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I can't do housework either because I'm suffering from I Wish My Boobs Were Too Big To Do Housework Syndrome. Ha, ha, tee hee

Take care, Sick Bees. No rectal temps, okay?

Mrs. Diamond said...

i saw that dr. phil show... bunch o nonsense if you ask me. i say she just didn't wanna do housework.

hope you guys all feel better soon!!!

angel, jr. said...

I wish I got popsicles when I was sick. I just got Campbell's Chicken Soup.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you all are feeling better this evening...I'm doin' okay...ready to leave behind my dear, sweet, depressed mom-in-law and head home.
Love ya.

p.s. still praying for hubby.

d said...

How ya feeling? Sick AND the MIL is coming? That's not something anyone should have to experience at one time ;)

Hope you all feel better soon.

Choppzs said...

I watched that Dr. Phil and laughed my ass off!! I guess I could start using that excuse too, sounds good!!

I hope you and your kids feel better soon. We don't have the flu crap, just the cold, runny nose, cough crap!! I don't know which is worse. But good luck, and I don't know whether to say Yahh, for MIL coming, or sorry to hear that????? For me it would be Yahhhh for my MIL, but Oh shit, poor thing, for my FIL!! lol