Friday, March 31, 2006

I am going to start an affair

With a guy named Gym.....As I in I am going to start going to the gym...Yes I know what your thinking

But Bossy, you have a treadmill, why do you want to go to the gym?

Well the reason is simple, I am not being challenged enough. I mainly want to go for the weights...I am working toward becoming that bodybuilder..Oh heck yeah..

And this gym is dirt cheap...It is only 37.50 a month. For unlimited use of the gym..And its open 24/7..So that means I can waddle my horse's behind up there at 11pm if I so wish..I don't want any gawkers...Place should be gawker free at that hour..Right?

I have decide I am going on Oprah's debt diet..Boy do we need it. With student loans, car loan, 2 houses, credit cards...Are you sitting down...If not, you better sit..

We are about 300,000 in debt..Can anyone top that?...If we could sell that home in Michigan, things would be SOO much better..But alas, it aint happening..

Now if Bossy could find a job, things would be even brighter.. I am still waiting for the hotel to call....If they don't call I will be burning it down..It seems no one wants to hire a fat, frumpy, SAHM...Oh drats...

I just would like the extra money, its not like any money I would make could make our debt go away..Unless I get one of my "friends" to take care of it all...And I don't have any "friends"

So I am going on the debt diet...Or burning down one of my houses....Not sure which yet..

Thanks for the comments on the wedding pics ...We are going out tonight..And I don't plan on putting out either..We are not going to Red Lobster..That is a deal breaker..

Bee Real


Karin said...

so you are starting your debt diet by going out to dinner huh? sounds like a plan. Yeah I wouldn't go to red lobster either. I think with our one house and my student loans we come pretty close to that much debt.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, we arent going to red lobster cuz mr shaky pants dont like it there..

as long as you can pay for things with cash your cards are sent from the devil..i refuse to use them:)

Kendra Lynn said...

How was dinner?
I understand the debt, although we aren't that much in debt...but I hate credit cards. They are only useful when buying airline tickets or something from

mom of 3 girls said...

Yes I hate credit cards too and I have way to much debt. I need to find a job too and then things would be so much easier.

Have fun tonight and happy aniversary and remember you sleep like a baby!!! lmao

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about debt. My husband is a farmer, so if you think about new equipment, like say a combine, it costs 160,000 dollars and you get five years to pay it off just like it was a freakin car. We also went on a debt diet of sorts and have cut our debt down by half since 2002. We do cash only for anything we can't claim on taxes. Now he says he NEEDS a rig, lol.

Working Mom said...

I made myself pay off all my credit cards at the end of last year. It felt soooo good. I only have a mortgage now. If only I could get that taken care of, I'd be ecstatic.

So as soon as I quit seeing Gym, you start up with it. That's cool that it's open 24 hours.

Hope you have a nice dinner tonight. Happy Anniversary!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well we will have dinner tonight, the annivesary isnt till tommorw..haha..well our debt is only that much because we have 2 houses..our credit card debt is minimal..but mortgaes,student loans..those things are considered good debt..i say its all bad:)

well our credit cards are minimal..its the houses and student loans, but on the debt diet they say those debts are good..we dont use credit cards should look into the debt diet..come on, i know ya wanna;) sleeping like a baby for me..LMAO

wow 160,000..its the things we need to live that get us into debt huh?..I need a new washer and dryer...I keep dreaming;)

well we have one paid off..but our big debts our the 2 houses..if we didnt have that house we cant sell, things would be so much better..but only haveing a mortgage is great..that is my drea..teehee

just_tammy said...

Hey, if you are joining 24 Hour Fitness, I have a 30 day free coupon for new customers. It came in a DVD and I have no intentions of starting up with Gym so if you want it, it's in the mail today. Let me know. It could come in handy with the debt diet.

So if it's not Red Lobster, where ya goin? I'll live through you. Hubby's coming home day beyond jet lagged so there's no way we're going anywhere. Besides I don't want to spend any money. Go some place yummy for us!

We paid off both cars this month. Mine was no biggie since it was 0%. Hubby's was used so had a small %. We will never have two car payments ever again! Still can't believe I let me talk me into it 2 1/2 years ago!

mal said...

I quit lifting weights when I started getting asked "are you a guy?" sheesh *L*

On a more serious note, the debt issue is critical and it will not improve with time unless you have a plan. I have to give the OH a lot of credit on this because we are completely debt free. No mortgage, car loans or revolving credit card balances. Our daughters are graduating college debt free also.

You are correct about more cash inflow being a help, but a disciplined budget will pay a higher yield. Also consider, the best return on investment you have right now is retiring debt.

If you would like to get further detail let me know


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well not sure where we are going..he wants to go see a movie..and there are no good movies playing..and i HATE romantic that wont fly with me..but i wll let you know.teehee..

well we are working on aplan..if our one house will jsut sell..that would cut the debt down by almost half..the credit cards arent bad...i just hate knowing we owe anything on them..

my big plan is to win the lotto..but i would have to buy a lotto ticket for that..and i havent bought won since i lived in this state..guess i better rethink that;)

Anne said...

Well, chit. I sooooo want to move to Port You-Know-Where. If'n I could buy your house, I would!

We have debt but it's not huge-cause neither is our income LOL So, I guess proportionately our debt is large.

Oh well, I don't have credit cards and I don't own a home. Maybe better off that way eh?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well my house is about 45-50 miles from port-you know where..

most of our debt is considered good debt..and the credit cards get us at the intrest rate..asswipes..but the rest of the debt is just houses, cars, student loans..but it all adds up..i am thinking of joining the witnsess protection program. that way I can get a new identy and then i wont have any debt;)

Michele_3 said...

I know what you mean about debt, it's never ending..
I hope you have a great time out for your Anniversary!

Angie said...

I love the gym....let me know how it goes.....
if Oprah's debt diet doesn't work, I know one that really does and it's very easy to use. It's at: let me know what you think....I work tonight, but will be around tomorrow if you want to chat, talk to you later

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

debt sucks doneky balls dont it..wish i could win the lotto..

well i am intersted in your debt thing..i may check it out..if only that darn house would sell, my debt would be cut in half..drats..

i love the gym too..i cant wait to go;)

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