Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can u really become a man overnight?

The birthday festivities are done. Another year has come and gone, and my son is a year older. It seemed like the morning of March 17th, when my son approached me, he looked as though he had sprouted a foot over night and has the startings of a mustache and goatee. I am sure its all in my head, or maybe he just needs a bath.

Here are some pics to wet your whistle...You know you have been waiting..

The cake

Butch Bee...Making sure I put the right number of candles on the cake. I am not a Moran dude.

Boo Bee testing to make sure it aint full of poison

Becky Bee..(Bossy Bee's parental figure)

Becky Bee..Again...Walking to the potty room..

Blondie Bee, Butch Bee, and Big foot Bee..( Butch bee's buddy..He has huge feet)

Butch Bee blabbing on the phone

Butch Bee......Yup that's him alright

It seems The Bird Flu is running rampid thru my home. Blondie Bee was sick all last week with a fever and such..She missed a whole week of school and she still doesnt look up to par. She went off to the children's museum with her little friend, I hope she has a good time.

Boo Bee is dyeing now..High fever..No apatite..Grumpy..

Well have a good weekend, I will be back Monday to check on all my honeybees...

Monday is the start of Spring Break here, man it sounds like tons of fun don't it?

Bee Real


pack of 2 said...

Just give Butch a good scrub down & all that facial hair should fall off. He is way to young to be thinking about facial hair:)

Glad it was a good day!


Marel Lecone said...

Look at you, the picture pro. Looks like a fun time. And, man . . . he's a hardass about the candles, right? He looks like an inspector in that pic. haha :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know...its more like he is way too young for ME to worry about it..:)

oh yes..isnt my photo taking ablitlty just of high quality..heehee..and yes, he is a hardass;)

Working Mom said...

What a handsome young man, you will have to get him a razor for

Sorry about Boo bee, hope she starts feeling better. Isn't it nice of the siblings to pass along their sickness, at least they're sharing :)

Anonymous said...


just_tammy said...

Looks like the party was lots of fun!

So sorry to hear about Boo Bee. Is she even turning up her nose at her most favorite chicken nuggets? Have I ever mentioned Kait was Baby Boo (after her favorite movie) for ages and still answers to Boo? We are sooo connected!

By the way, watch it with the old lady remarks! Remember I'm only a few years younger than your mom. They hit a little too close to home.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh no...not a razor for chirtmas..soon he will want playboy..:)

better get that looked at, sounds like you might have gonereah or herepes..yikes..:)

Boo Bee answers to Boo, thats what we all call her..;)

ok, so your old too..hahaha

Krystal said...

Tell him happy birthday for me, will ya?

Fantastagirl said...

The cake looks great - and Butch is quite the inspector isn't he.

Sorry to hear you still have the sickies at your house. We have them here too!

Kendra Lynn said...

Man, you have good lookin' kids! :)
I think you still have a couple of years before the boy turns man. Enjoy him now, before puberty hits.
How's life? Haven't heard from ya in awhile.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I sure will..and thanks for the info;)

the sickys suck..poor blondie is just not kicking it too fast..I thought she was on the mend, and tonight her fever is almost 101..defiantly the bird flu;)

thank you sweety..and I will email you right now..I know I have been bad..sorry:-)

d said...

We're all sick over here too. Got my appetite back yesterday tho and man, does that cake look yummy.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have had one sick kid all week, now its two cuz the first was is STILL sick..dang it..hope your crew gets wells oon...and the cake was pretty good..

dairy queen ice cream cake...oh yeah baby;)

JD's Rose said...

Too many children... Too many birthdays... Too many cakes...

Aren't you in need of a holiday yet Supermum?!

LZ Blogger said...

This reminds me (a dad of two sons)... that I love the plaque in our house that says, "A boy is the only thing that God can use to make a man!" ~ I'm glad I stopped back again for the festivities! ~ jb///

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics.
I'm sorry that Boo Bee is sick now. Let's hope for your sake that it stops with her.
Butch Bee looks happy as can be!!

Michele_3 said...

Great pictures Bossy! looks like he had a great time!
I hope you don't get sick over there,I caught a virus this weekend & it was awful!
Catch ya later!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I do need a vaction, I was thinking of bringing the kids to your house and let them stay for a few weeks;)..the cake was good;)

lz blogger,
I love that is so true isnt it?..thanks for stopping back, I was going to stop back by to see you too;)

Jamie D,
So far Blondie Bee and Boo Bee are the only ones sick...Hopfully it wontget Buthc bee..or me;)

yup everyone had a good time I think..and my nose is getting stuffy..its not looking good for me;)

Meow said...

Sounds like a nasty bug going through your household. Look after yourself, and everyone else.
Take care, Meow