Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rinking it

Well today the kids had some kind of barbaric function with the church. You know where we went? Go ahead and guess.

Ok I will tell you. We went to the roller rink. That's right, you heard me, the freaking roller rink. Now mind you, from the years of 1986-1992 I had frequented my local rink weekly..Every freaking weekend. Mr shaky pants even worked there, as a skate guard and DJ..That's right folks, I am married to a former rink disc jockey.

Now in my day, we took our roller skating with the upmost seriousness. There were many rules at our roller rink, the place was very clean and very well maintained. A few of my friends even got jobs there working in the snack bar and such...Me, I was too lazy to work...

The thing about the rinking experience I miss, is the music and all alround feeling of pure joy. Those were some of the best days...But alas, I had to grow up and they turned our local rink into a video store and dollar store....Really sad ..Really..

But here in this state I did not know what to expect out of the rinking scene. I was hoping to re-live some kind of weird moment, a moment I have been missing.

Instead , it goes something like this....

there is utter chaos, the rink floor has people going in all directions..This is against regulation..Has to be..

People walking around with shoes on...This would not fly at my old stomping ground...Wearing shoes beyond the front door was prohibited....That could get you a ticket outta there..

and the music...Don't get Bossy started on the music....If I hear "who let the dogs out" one more time I will shoot someone...Of heaven forbid a Kelly Clarkson song..

What happen to the good music?.....I felt like a fuddy duddy, I didn't know any of songs...

Well they played one Madonna song.................And one Kiss song...

In my day I coulda skated circles around some of the hoo-haas I saw trying to be cool. But with my hair, my eye brows and 30 extra pounds in the trunk..I wasn't going to risk it.

The bees had fun, Butch Bee was even sporting some tricks before we left. I coulda SO showed him some goods moves.....Damn the eye brows..Why have you forsaken my confidence...

Oh you know what, I had not weighed myself since around the holidays. Out of fear mostly, cause I did make lots of chocolaty balls..Remember..

Well Friday I decided I needed to be a man, and step on to see what I am dealing with..The number I was thinking I weighed was a fear....But when I stepped on..I weighed 20 pounds less than I thought I did..And 10 pounds less than the last time I had weighed myself...

I guess I don't have much junk in the trunk as I thought I did...Its all in the front seat I guess..

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...

So do we call you "rollergirl"? or Rollerqueen?

Glad the kids had fun!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i prefer rollarqueen please:)

rabsteen said...

roller rinks still exist? wow!

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...20 POUNDS LESS! Gosh..wish I could say that about myself. Of course, if I weighed 20 lbs. less than I KNOW I do...I would seriously need to go clothes would be falling off me, no doubt.
Oh, Jesus, let that day come! :)

Karin said...

The rink in my town closed when I was in eighth grade because they could no longer afford the insurance. They were really stricked there about everything and they even had a dress code. I was so sad when it closed down because it was the only place in town for teens. I am glad there are still some rinks around and that maybe soon a whole new group of kids will do the roller disco. I can't believe your hubby was a dj, we all thought they were the hottest.

pack of 2 said...

LOL...GURL...I used to love the roller rink.

I was there almost every weekend. I remember the skate monitor people (with the whistles) used to come out on the floor when the really good songs (like YMCA) came on because we would speed skate.

YEAH...EVERYONE ALWAYS skated in ONE direction these days!


lawbrat said...

OH CRAP you're scaring me. Both boys have a field trip to the roller rink. The end of March I think. I volunteered to be a driver.

I'm scared.

To be 10 lbs less? 20 less than you thought? CONGRATS!!

Badoozie said...

oh you big baby. you should have my big butt to deal with. can't even sit in lawn chairs without getting stuck.

about that roller rink. i hear you about the music. it stinks. funny about mr shakey pants. shakin things up with bossy pants. did you hold hands to the slow songs? heehee

Angel Girl said...

Man, blast from the past! Skatin rinks were hella cool back in the day. I think I even had one of my birthday parties there (either 14th or 15th). I have been once or twice since, with church no doubt, and it really wasn't the same!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes they sure do. but it isnt the same..thanks for stopping by

well I must not look like i lost 10 pounds cause my clothes still fit, and no one has said " damn girl your looking fine"..haha

our old rink was strict dress codes but there were rules you had to follow..oh yeah hubby was skate gaurd and dj...aint i a lucky one...teehee

werent rinks da bomb?..i had the best time..went every wekeend ( if i wasnt grounded) and my gaggle of frineds ruled the rink I tell you what...LMAO..

be afraid, be very isnt the dont go expecting old school rinking..

you will have a good time..dont worry..just dont put the skates on;)

your mean..your always calling me names..

well on the slow songs you did couples skating..I am sure we did, or you would go to the kiddy rink and make out in the corner...but he worked there so we didnt do that...but I spent time in the kiddy rink lots though..before him of course;)

oh yes..i spent my weekends from ages 10 till 16 at the rink...good times..good times..:)

just_tammy said...

I'd better comment now in case we have to head to the basement. Nothing like an early tonado season. It did get us out of church early. Very cool and yet wrong on so many levels to be so excited about being home.

Anyway, I don't know about the roller rinks around here, but the ice rink freaked me out. People going every which way is so not right. Plus gone are the white for girls and black for guys skates. Now they are so hideous and funky no one would even think of walking out with them. The times they are a changin' and I don't like it. Oh, the music was too sad as well.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well maybe the twister will blow you here..I mean you live in Kansas..what do you expect..TEEHEE

we are under a heavy snow warning starting at 6 pm tonight..suppose to get 8 inches of snow..and it was 60 the hell does that work?

Working Mom said...

Oh I loved the skating rink! I practically lived there in junior high....oh now it's middle school,

The one still exists where I went and I can't wait to start taking Bug there in a couple of years. We used to make our own drinks there -The Suicide. We'd mixed all the sodas together in one cup, pretty lame huh? But damn those were good times!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

OMG we did the same thing but we called it a lame are we? coke, sprite, root beer,...they do not tatse good all ixed...but we drank we always said NO thats all I can gut to drink..we are so old;)

Michele_3 said...

OMG! I miss those roller skating days, we use to go every Friday night here in Jr. high, we use to have a dance floor for break dancers too!
Loved it!

great job about weight loss! I haven't weighed myself in over a month- i'm not ready yet, there's been to much going on to face discouragement too!
Take care you!

Meow said...

Roller skating ... how cool. I just went last year, at a kids party, and had a ball. Ok, the centre of gravity is now somewhat different, and I had to stick my butt out further, to balance better, but it was still fun. Didn't get too adventureous, though, as goodness it is a long way to fall, and a lot more of me to land than there used to be. Congratulations on the weight loss. Wish I could do that !! Take care, Meow

lawbrat said...

::holding up right hand:: I solemly swear to not put on skates.

Oh boy. I'll have to take my camera, and do a rinking post about it. A whole day at the rink.

Hunters field trip is in the morning and Brennen's is in the afternoon. Lord help me!
I'll have to make sure to take the Excedrine Migraine with me :p

CoolChic said...

OMG do I remember going to the roller rink, and according to my SIL they still have the rink that I use to go to. She takes her kids once in a while.

I will always remember my dad and uncle taking us, and the two of them in a "contest" to see who could roller skate the best. lol