Friday, March 31, 2006

And so it goes..

My bees are crazy...They come by in honestly though..

Blondie bee refuses to go in the living room when its dark out because she claims to have seen a clown in the window one night when she was sleeping on the couch..

Boo Bee claims to have to "go potty" every 5 minutes then just sits on the pot , dangling her feet, chatting away, then telling me " go away momma, wanna pee lone"..Yet , she wont go on the potty yet..She also claims to see ghosts as well..

Butch Bee claims to see ghosts....He has even seen them go inside people...

order up..I need 3 straight jacket and a case of valum please...Make that STAT mmkay?

What, your selling crazy, no thanks we are fully stocked here.....Try the neighbors house..Thank you..

I am going to need to do some heavy drinking tonight to make these people I live with seem normal....but Im cool wit that....
Bee Real..


Anne said...


Ghosts and clowns....what are you reading them at night? Stephen King?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wait, is that a bad thing?.

just_tammy said...

One minute we are chatting about debt, hot dates, and an affair with Gym. Now we are on to ghosts and clowns or could it be the ghost of a clown?! What movie was it you let Boo watch that time? Maybe it's time to call in a priest. That would get the neighbors talking!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

LMAO..I let her watch An AMercian Werwolfe in clowns there..

I better call pastor bob and have him get over here with some holy water ASAP huh?..

Felecia said...

I can deal with ghosts and junk but a clown in the window?! I may not sleep tonight just thinking about it!

(One case of valume and a bottle of something warm coming up!)

~Deb said...

Kids are very sensitive to 'spirits'---I will say that... Clowns are just fricken scary period!

I will say one thing though-----lately (because I'm sensitive to the whole spirit thing) I have been seeing this white glowy image near my bathroom in the hallway. My girlfriend that I live with has seen it too. It was everywhere last night...and I knew I wasn't going crazy cause she saw it too.

Did this happen yesterday if I may ask??? Just curious. Everyone seemed to have experienced something 'yesterday' for some strange reason.

Okay, I'm just getting PLAIN WEIRD here.....sorry!

I'll stop.


Oh---by the way---yesterday was the first day it got up to 70 degrees and I saw them......THE BEES! I cannot take the bees! Help!!!!!!!!

Granny said...

Sounds like she may have seen It once too many times.

Rochelle does that too. We have a long hallway to her bedroom and some nights I have to walk with her.

Choppzs said...

hmmmm, maybe they ARE seeing know what the "ghost people" say, kids are more apt to seeing spirits then adults because they are more innocent and open to that kind of thing???? Come on now Bossy, don't you ever watch Montel and see Sylvia Brown??? lol Maybe your house is a portal for the spirits and your kids are seeing them??? Just wait, next you will hear "Mom, I see dead people" that's when I would freak out!! lol Remind me never to sleep over at your house.....scary!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

clowns are freaky..gosts, yes i can hanlde that..I have seen a ghost once..I was little..

I tell you about it..haha..I was laying in bed, I woke up and I looked around my room, and in my rocking chaor next to my bed was a woman rocking..I was scared, but then I wasnt..I just closed my eyes and went to sleep..thats time i saw one..and i was probably about 8..

yes I have heard that kids are sensitive to that it didnt happen 6 year old just told my hubby last night that she saw a clown in the window once..i think last week she did..

but there have been no ghost sightining...that I am aware of..he hasnt mentioned it in about a month or so..

bees bees here yet..jut remeber deb, if you leave them alnoe they will leave you alone:)


and what freaked me out is the hubby kept sayin.."its not like a clown got on a ladder and peaked int he window"..cuz then i was thinking..thats what happned..I have a peeping tom who is dressed like a i am scared..gosh;)

LMAO...Montel and syliva brown..oh that was a good one..I didnt think Montel was even still on anymore..haha

Michele_3 said...

Oh no! I'd have to move.. I hate clowns & so does everyone else in this house LOL!!

I'm silly supersticious(sp?)& have also heard that: children usually always can see ghosts before adults can..
Don't mean to scare ya, just something I've heard..
Take care!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Have to hand it to you .. three kids ... straight jacket sounds about right! LOL There are lots of people out there that hate clowns so it is kinda normal.

mom of 3 girls said...

Ok girlie!! I have a ghost in my house! I have seen it, dave has heard it the kids I dont know if they have or not but when we lived in the home town we lived in a farm house and the owners daughter was killed in a car crash down the road.......Katie seen a girl and her dog?? Dave would see a figure standing in the window every moring when he went to work. They say kids can see that shit!!!

After my mom died I swear I had seen or heard her in the house, our cuz nicki can see things she woundnt stay at the house I grew up in cause she said she seen things many times.

So maybe they are not as crazy as you think there cuz bossy. but a drink or two dont sound bad think I may have one tonight

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i havent seen anything..and i dont think butch sees the ghosts here..its when he is not for clowns..dont know how to get around that one..haha

straight jackets can come in handy in the right context..ya no!!


well the only time i saw one was when i was little..i have seen lights..and stuff..but the only ghost i saw was when i was like 8..

i think when you have someone close to you die, you are more sentive to it..

i think we need a reading form that John Edward fella..what do u think..heehee...

oh and Kim came to me in a dream just after she that considered a ghost?

vani said...

my middle spawn has been doing the same thing on the potty- her favorite part is flushing the toilet, when there is nothing there to flush!

Wethyb said...

Man, I don't need Gracie Girl seeing any spooks and freaks. Is that what comes with age? Funny, the first thing I thought of, too, was Stephen King :)

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh man when I was a kid I was freaked of the clowns too! Freaky clowns!

My 5 yr old will NOT pee unless she can ask to pee first. I tell her all the time "Honey you do not have to ask to use the bathroom. It is everyones bathroom"... to this she replies " But I have too so the toilet will not over flow".... um ok crazy lady!

angel, jr. said...

I am with Blondie. Clowns terrify the beejezus out of me. If I ever saw one in the window, not only would I not go into the living room, I would move.

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

I've never really had a fear of clowns. Least not that I remember. I love the craziness that comes with Children. It really is a lot of fun if you look at it from the right angle. Even when their seeing ghosts or deciding they want to pee alone. Imagine whats so magical about peeing alone?

The Lumpy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my boo bee likes to sit there..then she likes to get the TP out..but she has yet to go..well she did tinkle once..about 6 months ago;)

my kids are just freakier than most..thats all;)

now that is cute...maybe in a past life she over flowed the tiolet and wrecked her new shoes or are so funny, they think of the damnest things..

angel jr,
clowns are freaky..i was scared a bit my a clown as a kid too...and yes..if i saw the clown in the window, we would be leaving, you can bet you life on that;)

kids think of the craziest stuff, thast for sure..

I was more scared of something under my bed when i was little,or a bad guy living in my weird is that?

d said...

Hey, maybe it's not the kids - maybe your house is haunted!

Clowns scare me too, can't say I blame the kid.

Meow said...

Yep, time for the straight jacket and valium .... for you, or the kids !?!?!?!
Hope the ghosts and clowns settle down ... try the Wiggles, they're scary enough to scare away anything !!
Good luck, Meow

The Blog Whore said...

Ya know, they say kids are able to see them...

hee hee

Better call Sylvia Brown!

Babble said...

In our old house my 10 yr old would not go int he laundry room. She swore the washer moved on day. I think she had a case of the haunted laundry.

Babble said...

Oh Hey where is Mel girl?!

Fantastagirl said... least it's not my kids this week.... Pan swears that "B" comes to play at night, and that's why he is tired... "B" died 2 years ago...

pack of 2 said...

I say have Norman watch the kids...she sees ghosts all the time anyway:)


Jamie Dawn said...

I can relate to the crazy family scene.
I'm surrounded by nutty people, and I fear that I'm just as nutty as they are.

Gyms suck!
Debt sucks!

My advice: Win the lottery or rob a bank.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

unless some old sideshow circus performer lived here..i dunno...butch has seen ghosts even beofre we moved here..he is just "specail"..haha

and blondie, well..clowns are pretty scary:)

well my thinking was the jackets for them and the valum for me;)

blog whore,
so i have been told..i saw one when i was little and have not seen one since, not that I am looking to meet one or i wont be able to sleep tongiht;)

oh no...your kids have the gidt too huh?..haha..they freak me out a bit..cause kids can sence things..

i dont know where mel is..i emalied her last week and she worte back said she was fine and was gonna post soon..then i emailed her today...and havent heard back yet..hope the ghosts didnt get her..

wow, thats weird..that would freak me out are freaky lil creatures arent they?

i think norman needs to come and do an excersim on the kids;)

i was thinking of doing both:)

Working Mom said...

Are you letting them watch Nightmare on Elm Street again? You're kinda spooking me with this post...I'm a chicken too!