Friday, March 24, 2006

There heerreee

at 6 am central standard time they arrived at my doorstep. Awakened my Boo Bee.

I still have sleep in my eyes.

I need to shower. They are napping.

I need to get my day going, need to make it look like I am super busy. Too busy to have small talk, exchange hugs, or glances.

There are donuts on my table. Bossy does not eat donuts, and the bees are not allowed to eat donuts. damnitalltoheck

I need to go shower, did I say that already?

Gotta look busy...busy busy busy..

Please pray, pray that these feeble old folks will not be mistreated too much, and that I can keep my mouth at a nice quiet steady pace...Not mouthing off too much, or causing to much trouble..

I don't see it happening....

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

Breathe in - breathe out. You can do this. I know you can. Be brave, Bossy.

I would pass out if my in-laws even thought of bring donuts. They would expect the suckers to be waiting for them and for me to loving serve them. You know donuts are sounding kinda good right now...

You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Felecia said...

You are too funny; I have very similar ISSUES with my in-laws as well but listen, I'm going to tell you a little something that a good friend of mine said to me just yesterday... (shame you into having a good time, if you will!)

Here is life:


(Looks a little goofy, but bear with me - I didn't think I would ever have to type this theory out!)

You only get a little time here for life; those little blips along the way are the occassional run-in with folks such as in-laws, bad bosses, nasty teachers, etc. Even though they stand out, they are indeed only "blips" in the length of life. The in-laws aren't going anywhere all too soon - they are a connection to the hubby and you. Embrace their visit as best you can so that when you look back at your "life line", you can rest assured that your blips weren't self-induced.

In other words, "Come out smelling like a rose!" even to yourself.

Good luck:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i cant breath..its hurts remeber?..haha

wow, that was deep...almost likke i am talking to dr.phil...

but your right...and i enjoyed your annalogy very much..I am glad your looking out for me;)

but I need a little more blips then the ones you gave me:-)

Felecia said...

I wish I could take credit for the life lesson but alas, it was a friend of mine who had to give me that same lesson!

(and Don't groan, but I would marry Dr. Phill in a nanosecond if we weren't both already engaged otherwise...!!!)

just_tammy said...

Oops! Forgot to couldn't breathe. Okay, maybe chocolate would do the trick. You probably can't taste it but just knowing it there might help. When all else fails, there's still the hotel!

Try to have a fun weekend. I never thanked you for the very funny e-mail. The life lesson reminded me of it. Gotta love my twisted mind. Take care!

just_tammy said...

Oops again! That's supposed to be 'forgot you couldn't breathe'! Told you I have issues! That's why you like me - I make you look sane! Next time I'll check before hitting the button.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you dont wanna marry a man who thinks he knows would end up beating him to a bloody pulp;)

are you stalking me today?.heehee

well I dont like choclaote..white choclate yes..but is that really even consdiered choclate?..not sure..something for you to ponder for the day;)

Cliff Morrow said...

BB, I think that's why Marilyn married me. I actually DO know everthing. And she's never beat me to a pulp.
On the inlaws... don't do anything that I can read about in our local paper. I can see it now, "A Minnesota housewife, who neighbors describe as 'seemingly normal'...

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope all goes well, and that you feel better and well-rested.
I can't resist don't buy them.
And the kiddos don't NEED them either!
Hope you have a nice couple of days.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i am not homosidal yet...and i think the neighbors would say "she was a little high strung, but seemed harmless, i mean I never saw her kick a dog or anything"..

thank you..if this cold goes away...I think I can handle the vistors..we will see though;)

i can resists a dounut, as long as it isnt marshmellow filled;)

Tee said...

If I can do it everyday - you can do it for a little while. LOL ;)

Cori said...

Hmmmmm donuts.......hmmmmmmm....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your a much stronger woman than I..mine is only here till Tuesday..thank goodness..then she is back to her own state..haha

stay away from the donuts, stay away from the donuts;)

Meow said...

Take a deep breath, have a shower, bite your tongue !!!
There, that should work !!
Have fun (!?!?), take care, Meow

Karin said...

Well I hope by now you have showered and things have calmed down. I don't care for donuts so having them in the house wouldn't tempt me. Good luck looking busy. Npw would be a good time to write your book.

JD's Rose said...

Treat yourself... have a bath while the nest is quiet.

pack of 2 said...

I hear ya sister...I couldn't see it happening for me either:)



Fantastagirl said...

Breathe in - breathe out...

Good luck -and I'll be thinking of you....hang in there!

Wethyb said...

Like everyone else is saying, do some breathing. It'll be ok. Hope you got your shower and got some nappage and were "busy". Good luck sunshine!

Bumbling Bav said...

See I would forget the breathing, take a nice crystal vase (the real heavy kind... like the one maybe an inlaw purchase for you as a useless gift) and go to the local high school. Turn and look at brick wall (not wood... that would be bad) and .... CHUCK AS HARD AS YOU CAN SAID VASE AT SAID WALL! Feel the release.... repeat as needed!

LZ Blogger said...

You can pick your friends (and your nose), but you CAN'T pick your relatives! ~ Good LUCK! ~ jb///

Badoozie said...

well, i'm guessing they brought the donuts? can't the kids have one donut? just once? is it going to KILL them? for the love of pete, you feed them chicken nuggets from that place with the death clown.

its going to be okay, just go nextdoor and ask for something such as codeine cough syrup. it will make you feel better?

Mrs. Diamond said...

can i have the doughnuts? i'm sick to death of dieting

Mrs. Diamond said...

hmmm.. i really wanted to visit felicia and tell her that i really really liked what she said. i'm trying to not 'blip' when my inlaws come around because they are important to my husband, and to my children.

Marel Lecone said...

Be nice to the old people, ok?

Really, really try. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well so far everyone is still alive..butch bee has an er infection, had to take him to the doc friday...if he can go most of this morning with no fever we are going roller skating.lucky me..

oh and suzie, wouldnt ya know and butch bee got a big ole bottle of codine cough syrup from the doc yesterday..and the donuts..long story and why we dont eat donuts..teehee..

thanks for the well wishes..I will try to contine and not kill anyone..

Krystal said...

Deep breathing is good.

I know how you're feeling though. Except for me, it's my mother. I believe you've read about my mother. I felt just like you, but I had to add the extra fear of when she would mix her prescription drugs with her alcohol and flip in front of my children. Oh, and she was there for two frigging weeks.

My heart truly goes out to you!

lawbrat said...

I just did some catching up! Wow, you have been a busy bee.

I wanted all those toys too. Just too fun. I'm going to get operation. You know, for the boys ;-)

Hang in there with the MIL. You can do it!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope your visit is coming along okay.
We are heading home from NJ in the morning...can't wait to leave and get back to my own house. Love the inlaws...just can't handle them for more than two weeks at a time.
Hope you are all feeling better.


vani said...

hope you're visit is almost over, and hope it went well. :)