Wednesday, March 22, 2006

updating my peeps

I am still dying of the bird flu. Butch Bee is as well.

Mr. Shaky pants went today to get jammed in the back with a needle so they could suck some spinal fluid out.

Boo Bee has a double ear infection and she took a huge dump of diareaha at the doctors office yesterday, then told the doctor she smelled " disgusting"

Also told the doctor " adious" as she left the room. doc says
" how does she know spanish?"

"um, Dora"

Bee Real

oh and i think my computer has a virus too..hense i can not spell check..dangitalltoheck


Darlene said...

That little honey bee sounds too cute. A little stinky, but cute.

Litlsassy20 said...

Man! I hope you all get better soon!!!
(see Dora is good for SOMETHING lol)

just_tammy said...

So did they give a time frame in which they would actually know what is causing all the shaking? Hoping you know something soon.

Have you been coughing on your computer?! That stuff is really going around at your house. Hope everyone and everything starts feeling much better. How else are you going to entertain this weekend?! Sorry couldn't help myself.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

a little stink is right..teehee

yes, my baby knows spanish..I wont bah dora over the head just yet;)

not sure..hopfully soon..
i have beenc oughing on the computer..u better wash may have gotten thru the lines;)

Working Mom said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better!

Don't you love how the little ones aren't ashamed to talk about their poop?

Felecia said...

Ha! Nice use of syntax and adjectives, Boo! Yesterday when the cashier at Target asked my 2-yr old why he had taken off his shoes and socks; he replied "I got toe jams!" The cashier next to us laughed very hard but ours was stumped - to which I say 'ask a stupid question...get a stupid answer!'

Sorry to hear your family is down and out (at least the heart of it). 40 degree temps are on the way, so at least you have something to look forward to!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i think there may be light around the corner..still feel like dying, but now only a slow pianful death..poop and babies...go hand in hand;)

toe jam..thats funny..

its pretty nice today huh?..i cant wait for our first 90 degree day:-)

The Blog Whore said...

OMG! Poor baby.

My kid talks to me in spanish too. Learned it from Dora.

I need a translator...

Meow said...

Hope everyone starts to feel better soon. Nothing worse than a bunch of sickies !!
Hope the results of hubby's test come up useful !!
Take care, Meow