Monday, March 06, 2006

Cuteness only goes so far

I have said before how I let my Boo bee get away with everything, and that she could very well talk me into committing robbery, assault, or even dare I say, jay walking..

The other night Boo bee , Mr shaky pants and I were in the lower level of your hive, and boo bee was dancing around to music from her piano. Mr shaky pants was telling her to quiet down because he could not hear what I was I ever say anything important..

And do you know what my cute little Boo bee said...??????????
She said " shut up dad"..Just like that, it rolled off her tongue ever so nicely. Now I don't ever tell the bees to shut up, but I do tell the dog to shut up sometimes..My bees all consider shut up to be a naughty word.

I look at my boo bee and wonder how such a cute girl can have such a vile mouth. Later on that night she was playing with her blocks, she was building a pad for her race car and babrie doll. The tower got to tall and it tipped over. Guess what she said??????????????

" damn it".

My little boo bee said Damn it...Ok now I might let that one roll off the tongue at a more high rate of speed than shut up, but she isn't suppose to be listening to every word I say....Not only is she throwing out shut up and damn it....But she now is demanding to eat what ever she feels like for every meal, and demands chicken nuggets for every meal. Now once a week we get her chicken nuggets from the place with the ugly , scary clown with the big red shoes..But now every time I or Mr shaky pants leave the hive, she wonders where her chicken is when we return..

I need to trade the bee model in. Maybe for a much uglier model, it is her cuteness that doesn't make me pummel her for saying "damn it"

I have been thinking about getting a job, I am getting a little bored of being here in the hive all day...So I went and applied at the mother of all stores, the God of all department store shopping....

You fill out the application on a computer..You will never guess what one of my questions were..

" do you find that politicians are

A. Mostly truthful
b. Truthful 50 percent of the time
C. Truthful 40 percent of the time
D. Truthful less that 20 percent of the time..."

WTF...........What does my political thoughts have any thing to do weather or not I can ring an item up or make sure that the size 3's are not with the size 12's?

If I do not get the job it will be clear to me that the store is run by Repulicans..

BTW, I know your here....I know you found me...You must not know my blog tells me who comes here and where you are from and also gives me your IP address....I know you were here Sunday afternoon...Please don't make yourself seen here again....This is private...Your not invited..Please get the helloutua here...Thank you..

Bee Real


pack of 2 said...

Aha...I'm first!

Sounds like your cute little girl is using that to her go girl:)
Hey...I can thionk it's cute cause she isn't my kid.

I can't imagine why tyou would be asked about politics on a job app....damn republicans:)


Fantastagirl said...

Political point of views on a job app? Maybe they are afraid you can think for yourself? And wouldn't want a person like that on the payroll?

As for that cute little child - I can not imagine such words coming from her mouth - not possible - she is just toooo cute -

just_tammy said...

Well, I'm one of those dirty 'R' people and my answer would be D. Sorry I have single handedly ruined the country!!!

just_tammy said...

Oops, forgot to mention I am available to expand your sweet tots vocabulary. All it takes is saying something one time under your breath and it's all over! What I want to know is why that doesn't work for anything else?!

Meow said...

Littlies are really cute, aren't they ?!?! When my Chicky was in her first hear of school, just learning to read, she came home one day and asked me what "F#@$" means. Horrified, I asked her "Why, where did you hear that ??". She said that she saw it written on the bathroom wall, at school, and "sounded it out" ... that's how they are taught to read, to sound out the letters !! OMG !! I explained to her that it is a disgusting word, never to use it, and left it at that (I did congratulate her on her good reading, though !!!) I went to the school the next day and let them know what was written on the wall of the bathroom where the littlies go. Not impressed !!

Have a great day, Meow

Badoozie said...

well, i agree with just_tammy, i am an R person AT TIMES. that doesn't mean i am bad. so there. you D person. HA

and what makes you think that question was even from an R person? huh? conclusion jumpers, the lot of ya's.

i don't think that test was about your politic's but rather a psychological evaluation of sorts, to test your consistency. i'm willing to bet that question was asked more than once, in another kind of way. did you notice that? the same questions that were asked twice, only worded differently?

so, your boo bee sounds kind of strong willed. that can be good some day, she won't succumb to peer pressure, she is a leader, not a follower, shape it, don't break it

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well there is somehting cute about a 2 year old saying damn it//its wrong, but its cute..

yes them damn repulibcans..amen

well if I dont get a call, I know why..haha..u wait till your cute lil tinker says damn it..:)

Just Tammy,
u are dirty..heehee..and yes, u and your kind have single handely ruined our whole society..shame shame on you all:)

OMG..that is too funny..well learning to sound out words is good..My oldest had a simialr thing happen when he was learning to read, but it was the sh** word..heehee

yup I do belive it was a pschy test, and I am sure I failed..anohter question was "do your friends consider you cocky"..I lied on that one and said no:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Kids and the things they say...whew...I'm tellin' ya.
I have to be very very careful, because Merry will repeat ANYTHING she hears. Its wild.
Take care.


p.s. my concert went really really well today.

lawbrat said...

You cocky, damn it sayin' woman!

Yes, it is cute. My little nephew said- bastard son of a bitch! (he was 2), repeats EVERYTHING bad. If its something ok, he wont say a word. Say something that a 2 year old should not say, he was repeating it over and over.

Crazy kidlets!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I liked it better when ci couldnt understand what she was saying thats for sure..haha..I need to go wash her mouth out;)

bastard son of a bitch..OMG..I bet if I could make out more of what Boo says I would hear more f letter words..I must have a sailor mouth and not realize it;)

Marel Lecone said...

Hey, these are some great posts. I was just catching up. I know the mouth on my kids' drives me crazy too. And, I really hope that the mri results come good. Take care.

Mike said...

Well...just imagine a kid who can't say fire truck

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..its probably a good thing I can only make out about 20 percent of what she says;)

well those are two words can say right..thank God;)

Cliff Morrow said...

Sounds like big brother might be influencing the language in the house.
I must be mistaken, I thought Minnesota was a heavily Democratic state, which if it was you should be saying Damn Democrats. The question was probably to see if you went off on politics in a rant, or to see if you could handle a knothead customer that brought them up.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well big brohter dont let the curse words rip off his tongue;)

I just figure its the R becuase D know they lie;)

Anne said...

I feel a story coming on...

Dear Daughter #1 is 19 months old--DEAR Hubby is watching Scarface--turned up WAY too loud. I tell him turn it down, do you want the baby to hear this, etc. etc. He minimizes my concern (as usual) and continues watching.

Baby girl comes walking down the hall, trips, mommy asks "Are you ok sweetie?" in her usual precocious tone she replies "I hurt my f***in' ankle" !!!!!

Yeah, hubby was SO grounded after that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

OMG I just spit my water outta mouth reading that..that is a gem of a story right there..:)

Fantastagirl said...

You think Tink has a clean mouth... OMG - I could write post after post...

This weeks new word? "Dick" as in - "Mommy, Ms. Susie is a Dick!"

Last night she asked Mr. Incredible if what he was looking at on the computer was dirty... it wasn't - but where did that come from...

Thanks- I was wondering what to post about this week - now I have an idea... It's a lot better than my nephew who told my MIL - "It's a Shitty Day out isn't it Grandma" - now that is golden.

Jamie Dawn said...

Little Baby Boo is gonna have to be renamed Potty Mouth.
That is a strange question to have on a job application.

Meow sent you some cool stuff! How nice!!

Take care... and watch your mouth, Bossy!!!

Mrs. Diamond said...

you need super nanny. hahaha

what on earth would they ask you political questions for? that's odd

Badoozie said...

that is just a dumb question, do your friends consider you 'cocky" . cocky could be defined differently by different people. and why would you say yes. what kind of yahoo place was this. stop applying for places like that, you are much better than that. or go back to school, be a social worker with me. K???

Karin said...

I hate stupid questions from prospective employers. I tend to get a bit sarcastic when asked questions like that. What is the correct answer? It is time you close your eyes and don't see the cuteness of boo and put your foot down. No bad words and if she doesn't eat what the family eats then she doesn't eat. That is how my mom did it. Look at the childless wonder giving parenting advice. Aren't I great. This is why you miss me when I am gone.

Nerdine said...

sounds to me there's another explanation on BooBee's behavior. Have you ever considered she might be posessed?`I mean foul language AND bossy behaviour? It's classic signs..
I'm just sayin'..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I cant wait to read about your potty mouth family now..heehee

i know..i should change her name to potty mouth..i need to put my foot down;)

mrs d,
I never thought about boo bee would tell her to shut up probably..

yes, of course i put no...but i think i might be at times..well I acctually am going to go back to school in the fall, that is a better time for me to start..but I just want a part time job that gets me outta the house, a job that doesnt take a lot of brain power right now..ya no what I mean;)

well I did miss u while u were gone..and I do miss parenting advice from a childless freind..haha...but your advice is good..and i did make her go without dinner last night...does that count?

I was thinking the same thing...i have Rosemarys Baby I thnk;)

Working Mom said...

I'm waiting for the day Bug starts saying things like that. Right now she's just repeated "stupid idiot". That's from when she's riding in the car with

keesh said...

I can't help it. I must keep visiting. You don't want me here? :). Just kidding. they wont get the hint huh? They keep coming back for more...
so does this mean you went to Target?
Yeah, I know the cute thing. One time someone asked me if I have a hard time getting after my son since he is so cute and all. I was like "um, not so much." :). but in all honesty, sometimes he is too cute to get after...i feel your pain :).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

stupid idiot..hahaha..mommy's got a potty mouth. at least her foul mouth is G rated;)

cant you take a hint:)
It's hard being mad at something so cute isnt it?...and when they are 2 and 3 years old, I mean they dont know what the hell their saying;)

keesh said...

yeah, my son said to my husband and i the other day, at a public restaurant mind you, "we were watching bad news bear, but then the guy said BULL SHIT so we had to take it out."
he was at his Grandma's when that happend. how funny.

mal said...

depending on the other questions asked, I suspect the question was an attempt to ID your general attitudes. It was probably added by some overpaid consultant. I hate that type of bologna in the hiring process

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kish, that is funny..

I know...the people who come up with these questions are smokin somthing I think...

Wethyb said...

Can they ask those kinds of questions? I thought that was against the law or something....

I'm waiting for the day Miss Thing tells us to shut up. I'm not sure if I'll laugh or

Cori said...

your little bee reminds me of my post on Friday! Oh so cute!!
Let us know how the job thing goes!

You made me LOL on your comment about my cookie fetish!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont know, I thought it was illegal too to ask that crap..but there were lots of weird questions..I mean to me a job application is something you put your name, refenrces and former job duties you have ahd..not if you think politins are lieing or if your frineds think your cocky...

I know, that one friday cracked me up..

I hope you stayed away from the cookies too;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Just wondering if Boo is tossing around the F-bomb now. She's a quick learner, you know!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh my goodness..I would die..I dont ever use thatw ord, well not I would be in some trouble then..

Choppzs said...

Yep, we have allot of that here now too. Not the boy yet, but the girl, oh crap, her new word is "bitch", but of course she's old enough to know it's a bad word unless it's used correctly....such as "that girl dog is a big bitch" yep, she's to smart for her own good, can't really punish her if she is using it in the correct manner!! lol

By the way, could you email me at and tell me how you get the thingy on your blog that tells you who visits and such??? kinda curious about that one!! Hope your unwelcome visitor doesn't keep bugging you!

Peggy said...

think you are going to have a new queen bee in the hive soon. LOL glad she got her mittens, is there any snow left or is it warm now? (just kidding I know it never gets warm in MN)

d said...

Jeez, it's against the law here to ask stuff like that during an interview process. If you don't get the job - report them. That can't be right.

Oh and who the hell is stalking you?