Friday, December 30, 2005

Ok, this is what I know

her heart sounded normal....Her EKG was normal, her x-ray was normal, and they did bloodwork to check for some things, but it wont be back till Monday...So I am a bit relieved and thank you for the good thoughts..

Have a Happy New Year everyone..Love to you all...You guys are the best people I know:)



Working Mom said...

I'm so glad! Hopefully the bloodwork will be fine - I'm sure it will be!

Lori said...

Hello i just wanted 2 wish u a nice new years...Lori

pack of 2 said...

I'm sure that she'll be fine....probably growing you said.

Happy New Year!

Love and hugs.


pack of 2 said...

Is she an anxious kid? It might be anxiety...just a thought.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I hope so far so good though;)..thank you

thank you and same to you

yes I hope so, and thank you for your nice thoughts...Have a happy new year girls..

She dont seem to be the anxious type, but I guess you never no..I just hope it isnt anythng to worry about...And I hope she is havent aniety at 5..cuz holy crap when she gets in the real world she will have the big one..LMAO..thanks for your good thoughts, and I hope you girls have a smashing new year;)..dont party too hard now

momma of 2 said...

I am so glad things are coming back "normal" I am sure the blood work will be fine and it will just be growing pains...

vani said...

hope its nothing serious. happy new year!

Anne said...

OK, hideous day-I'm just getting caught up.

Maybe it's asthma? Poor girly-I hope all is OK.

Bonds lol-well, I can't dis my own country now, can I? All I can say is, one that we've had for 16 years has gained a whole $12. for a month while the oldest is in college I guess lmao

Happy New Year's dear-I hope this next one is way good for you!

momyblogR said...

Whew, I'm so glad that everything checked out, MAN.

Oh, and just what is it you're saying there baby about the "Mile High" club? You IN? I would be if I had a willing participant, lol!

Your whole, "I'm just sayin'" didn't sit to well with me. :):)

Jewl said...

Glad everything is good, that is a relief!

CoolChic said...

Glad to hear everything checked out good for the little one. All the best in the new year!!

The Blog Whore said...

Keep us posted!

Melis said...

I'm glad that everything (so far) has came back A OK! I'm sure that all her bloodwork will too! What a wonderful Momma she has to get these things checked out! Kudos to you girly! :)