Friday, December 16, 2005

The crappiest crap crapper of a day

Fridays are suppose to good. Right? Maybe I am wrong, but my whole day started out in the crapper..

First I went to grab the box of Cheerios out of the cupboard ,to get the spawns breakfast..And I grabbed the wrong end...And had Cheerios all over my kitchen floor. Then instead of sweeping it up immediately..I continued to walk in it ..Crunch Crunch..

" Mom, you no there is cereal all over the floor?"

" yup, I know, I will try to have it cleaned up before you get home."

Then my realtor calls me to tell me she still has no key to our house back in the homeland and she wants to show the house tomorrow..The renters who have moved out this week because they cant afford smokes , booze and a home, was suppose to take the key to her 2 days ago.

Then come to find out they gas company has went to the house and taken the gas meter off the house..And the electric has been shut off. And its winter...And its in Michigan!!....Not good...

Nothing will be turned on till Monday.....So this means all weekend with the possibilty of the pipes freezing..

Then I have my darling soon to be step mother Jennifer go over and check out the house..

First she tells me that the smell of stale cigarette smoke was so heavy she couldn't stay in the house long...Plus there was trash and beer cans and cigg butts all over...

Plus the drive way and side walks need to be shoveled because they just had a big ole snow storm..

So now it is going to cost us extra money to get all the crap turned back on...Plus the cost of getting a cleaning service over to clean it..I am not going to subject my family to the wrath of the renters mess....

And my real estate lady wants to show the house Saturday...It is mess..It stinks..It has no heat..It has no electricity....Yes that sounds like good timing to me..


But I am no longer going to worry about it or consume myself with it. There is nothing I can do about, and I am turning it all over to The Big Man Upstairs. And it kind of feels good in a way. I swear I worry about everything. I can not help it. It is in my nature.

Although today I have decided to give it all up. I am no longer going to worry about things I have no control over. I quit, I give up. I have never considered myself a quitter....But in this case,I feel it is a good thing.

I feel kind of re-born in a corny sort of way. I am not perfect, I can not control things...I need to stop worrying about things.....And as of today, I am not doing it anymore.


Also for the last 3 months I have been dealing with a phone that can not hold a dang charge for more than 10 minutes..Just my luck...The day when I need to make the most calls, I can not talk for more than 5.5 minutes at a time.

Why don't you buy a new phone you might ask?...Because I am lazy....

I have a list if friends who will contest to the fact I can not talk for more than 5.5 minutes..

Lets see. Tammy..( I know...I know...We haven't been able to chat in I don't know how long..I am buying a new phone I promise)......Angie, It lasted longer today than it has in weeks...Thank the Lord for it too.....My mother...Well...Sometimes it does come in handy...Beep...Beep...oh sorry mom, my phone is going dead..Bye bye...See you got to look at the positive..That's all..

Saturday I am taking the spawns to see Santa...Kissing spawn will tell him he is not real, Middle spawn will be too nervous to say anything..And Baby spawn will cry the minute she lays on him..

Should be fun



Karin said...

I am sorry you are having a bad day, that just sucks. We have a battery plus store down the street and you can buy a new battery for the phone and it will be like new again. We had a similiar problem with our phone before we went there. My mom told me when I was very young to never have renters, I guess that is why. Good luck and maybe the people will be able to look beyond the smell and lack of power.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks sweety...I know now that renters are not the best..but heck..the dang house wont!!

and the battery is not the only probelm I forgot to mention the fact that you can not hardly push the buttons either..makes for great communication;)

Karin said...

well in that case perhaps Santa needs to bring you a new phone too. I guess his bag is pretty full trying to get to your house. Santa just brings me checks, they are much lighter.

Marel Lecone said...

I'm sorry too for your tough day. Just buy the phone online and be done with it. That's what I'm doing tonight--online shopping. :) Not that I should be. But, that's another story. Charge it! It sucks, I know. Having to spend what you really don't have. Oh, and have fun tomorrow with the kids. :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Keep that phone to talk to Mom on. Use the new one for others.
I've helped Santa a little. Please have the spawns informed that it's very impolite to pee on Santa. Then, not only will Santa not come to their house, he might Just HAve To STRANGLE THE LITTLE VARMITS RIGHT THERE IN THE MALL!!
I'm okay now.

Anne said...

((((Christina)))) Wow, we both made the same decision, on the same day, for the same reasons. I can't do it anymore-Big Guy can take it for now-I'm too tired :o)

Sounds good to me.

We had the same stupid phone problem for way too long. It helped when MIL called though ;-)

Jewl said...

Hey, your day pretty much sounds like my every day for the past 4 months! Welcome to my World chick! LOL
Hope you are doing better... We have a house rented too, Ahhh, the joys!
PS, Go buy a new phone!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

karin, I would rather him bring me an I-Pod..LOL

Marel, I am going to fancy myslef some online shopping today too;)

Cliff, well we arent going to the mall, rather the house he has on main street..I dont think he wold strangle them in front of the court you?..Now I am nervous;)

Anne, we are soul mates;)..
I am thinking my phone isnt so bad;)

Jewl,man sorry your having such crappy days too....
Owning a house in anohter state sucks..especailly when you have renters..let that be a lesson..hopefully it will sell now;)

mom of 3 girls said...

Well I see how you are!!! I am not included in that list of friends and family that know your phone does not hold a charge!!!!

Well I know it does feel good to let things go you have not control over!!! Hope all works out!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Jacks..opps sorry..what was I thinking...I need to include you in the list too..MY BAD:-)

pack of 2 said...

Sounds like a shitty day to me...go back to bed & try it again later.


Peggy said...

Thats why we left our new nice big comfortable house in lexington to move back to our little small torn all to hell house by renters here..... to repair the house and I decided to stay here. Tired of moving and it will be easier to sell the nice home anyway. Sorry about your day. I feel better about mine now. LOL

vani said...

yup, i usually worry about everything too- its a bad habit. but you're right, sometimes its beyond your power, so just F$%^ it!

and its funny i had a phone like that for the longest time, "beep, beep".."oh, do you hear that beeping, its my phone, sorry gotta go!"

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Shelly, well i must say I am glad its over;) Today wasnt much better..but I got a new present..I will share soon;)

Peggy, well trust me I did not want rentrs..but we had to move out of state and our dang house hadnt sold for had no choice..lets just say I would rather giver it back to the bank then deal with this again..( kidding of course)

Vani, worrying is just somthing that is hard to control..what can we do? we are only humnas right??

momma of 2 said...

Re the phone - sometimes I tell people - oppps - my phone is gonna die any second and then hit the off button... I know... I am a bitch. but usually only do this after being on the phone for over two hours....

Anonymous said...

hey Chris I wanted to talk with you tonight but your off line already.......I just found out about the house and if you need me to go clean it I can if I can get in there. Call my cell tomorrow..... I'll be at work til 5. Tammy