Monday, December 19, 2005

Wrapped up in a nutshell...The weekend I mean

So the weekend here was pretty uneventful. I got my present , but I will get to that in a minute.

First I want to ask a question. When the heck did the children of this bloody world lose all their Christmas magic?

Now Kissing spawn knows about Santa. But for God,s sake...Save the 5 year old....Please..
She went to see him Sunday, Santa that is. I wanted it to be a family affair. Kissing spawn refused to go, because for Heavens sake he saw him last year. Baby spawn, well I had The Husband wake her up, and lets just say she was in no mood for a big fat jolly elf. So Covert spy spawn spy was the only one who went. Now this little girl spent all day Saturday writing her own list. She would ask us how to spell everything, but my gosh she wrote her up good.

Before she left she was beaming...And she says " I am gonna tell Santa there is no such thing as reindeer"

Oh crap!

" don't tell him that, you will hurt his feelings"

" mom it makes no sense, plus this isn't even Santa, it is one of his helpers"

So now she is convinced Santa drives a car, because there was a car parked out front the little house..OK, I will go with that.

So this is her, with the guy who is not Santa and does not have flying reindeer.

And here is little baby spawn, sometimes she is just way too cute to live in this house

and now crap I can not forget to post the other spawn, or holy crap I will be showing favoritism now wouldn't I?

That was him after his bath last night...He is all clean!

Ok, so momma got her present. I got a shiny new Ipod. Oh she is beautiful. She holds over 7,000 songs. I spent hours over the weekend downloading songs from my CD's.

So far I have got
Elton John: 7 cds
George Michael: 2 cds
Prince: 5 CD's
The Eagles: 2 CD's
Various 80's mixes: 4 CD's

I am not done yet......I still have lots more...Here is a picture of my new girl

Oh and it plays videos too....Oh, love at first sight I tell ya.

I have a confession to make. I am a tub singer. Have been for years now. I take headphones and a rocking CD, and belt out tunes while I bathe. And since I have about 500 songs so far on my new girl (oh I named her Sheila) I put it on shuffle and let her rip.

The kids were in bed, so I decided to relax and enjoy myself. I told The Husband to grab me a towel from the drier in a bit . Well an hour past, and still no towel. Then The Husband walks in and says

" you no there are some folks here who are requesting you stop singing, they are trying to sleep"

" I am just waiting for my towel"

" I think your son is ready to knit you one"

Yes, momma gets no respect.



Peggy said...

I love the kids pictures! The santa looks like a real one to me. Lucky you with the ipod and what did you do to get your gift early???? LOL My dogs were barking like crazy earlier, what time were you singing in the tub? (just kidding, please don't hit me with a snowball)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well here at this house the grownups are worse than kids..Pretty soon we will be doing our gift exchagne on the 4th of July...

it was between 8-9 cental standard time:)

Karin said...

Congrats on the new Ipod. They are the best thing ever. I am an accessary junkie. I have speakers that it sits in, in my kitchen and the ipod alarm clock in the bedroom. Plus all the hook ups for the car. Brad and I are really bad about waiting to exchange gifts too. I can't help[ it if I got him a really great gift I can't wait to see how he likes it.

I am sorry the older spawns have lost their Christmas magic. I share it is the schools that kill all creative thinking and imagination. Let them have a little time for fantasies and creativity before you kill them with logic. Sincerely I am scared for the future if we don't install some wonder and aew in children.

Anne said...

I can so see you in the tub like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" belting out Prince tunes! LMAO!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Karin, oh I have the stuff to hook mine to the car too..So cool, my probelm is though..the ear peices dont fit in my ear..they are way too big..I need to buy smaller ones..dang it.

Anne, thats me, minus the red hair and prositiute body..LMAO!!

Working Mom said...

I'm so jealous over your ipod! I want! I have a "fake ipod" But hey at least I have

Your little one looks so happy to be with Santa. At least they let you take pics, here you can't. Bunch of scrooges!

Karin said...

I had the same problem with the head phones as my family has the worlds smallest ears. They sell an attachment that goes on the ear piece that improves sound quality and has different sizes to fit in your ear. It has helped a lot.

That wasn't Julia's body either she had a body double because she has issues with her body image.

keesh said...

Santa does look real. you got a good one! I am so jealous you got an ipod. I want one SO BAD! Jealous jealous jealous. Don't be ashamed to sing, at least that way you aren't worrying or stressing out. tell hubby you are practicing for American Idol :). HA

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Denise, maybe santa will bring you a real one...But hey, if it does the same job..I am the fool for wasting 400 bucks on somehting I could of got for half the price..LMAO

and I can not belive they wont let you take pictures..that are you suppose to capture a kodak momment??..dang!

Karin, I thought I was odd with my ears not fitting..glad I am not the only one..who do trhey make these ear peices for..giants???

yes, I knew she had a body double..I could use one most days;)

Kish, um, I tried that excuse..but I have been told by him that I am WAY too old...I am over the age limit..I think he is just jelous anyway:)

pack of 2 said...

congrats on you new get your butt in the tub & sing away:)


keesh said...

Yeah, we are over the age limit aren't we. damn it :). well you could tell him that at least you are singing instead of dreaming about Oprah?? :). ha

Mavida Lesbiana said...

Great pics of the kids - they are all adorable -

I'm jealous - I wanta IPOD!! (Cat stamps foot and pouts)

I'm a shower singer, car singer, sing at my desk - I sing all the time - and a lot of people request that I stop singing too - that's okay though - I never do.

Tee said...

LOL! All the kids are cute! Congrats on your Ipod. I hope I'm next ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Shelly, dont you worry your pretty little head..I am on it tongiht..belting it out..making my son want to knit me a towel..good times;)

Kish, I know a guy who knows a guy that can make it so we arent over the limit..ya in????

Cat, well now santa has not came yet..he may drop one off at your place..I get asked to stop singin alot too..its not like we are bad singers are we?

Tee, I hope so too..have u been a good girl..wait..2 car wrecks in ome month..hope santa wasnt watching you then..heehee

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on your ipod. 7,000 songs!! Wow! My kids both have ipods and they love them.

Your kiddos are cuties!

Marel Lecone said...

Big congrats on the ipod. And, the pictures are great. :)

vani said...

very nice gift! and baby spawn is too cute to live in your house..hehe

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

JD, thank you my dear..I wish they had such technology when I was kid;)

Marel, thank you sweety

vani, really she is too cute to live here..really!!


The Blog Whore said...

Ipod? Sweet!

Wethyb said...

I sometimes wish I was young and innocent enough to believe in Santa still. Christmases were so much fun back then (not that they're not now).

I don't know if I'd use an Ipod enough to justify having one...but how cool to have all that music on one little gadget.

Kari said...

LMAO!! Knitting a towel! LOL!

Love the pics!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Thersa, sweet like chocolate!!

Beth, wouldnt it be nice to live with the magic all our life...ugg..we have to grow stinks...
I use mine to workout with..and she comes in handy;)

Kari,such a crack up huh?..this is what I live with:-)

Mike said...

Gotta admit...the guy looked liked a 'passable'

momma of 2 said...

wow - love the ipod... and the pictures are great!

AL said...

That looks just like the one "I got" (aka he bought it for himself over the internet) for DH. Your kiddos are sooooo cute. Loo is here with me and is giving me a play-by-play of the pics:

"There's a girl with Santa. Oh, she's on the the stairs." When asked if Kissing Spawn is cute, she dreamily (I swear) says, "YYYYEEEAAAAHHH!"

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mike, he sure did..maybe he was the real one..:)

Momma, thank you

al, thats too funny.I will have to tell kissing spawn he has a fan:)

Melis said...

Ok... the kids are cutier than anything!!! And WTH?! Why is everyone letting on about Santa... ohhhh I'd be soo pissed! I even have a letter in my purse that I "sent to Santa" this year from my son, and he's 10.5!! I'd be killin someone! lol

Ahhhh... the IPod! Ya lucky shit! Not that I'd give up my Camera for it.. but I'm thinkin it's on the top of my list for next year! *wink* Congrats to you on gettin it! (even early no less!)

Tooooo damn funny about your son being ready to knit ya one! Oh I was rollin!!!

Jewl said...

Congrats on the Ipod... Ya know, Christmas isn't until next week right? :)
I am a PC hater too, I am so with you... Screw everyone, Merry FN Christmas!! :)

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