Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I think I may need a shovel..

I knew the time would come. It is inevitable, being I live in the Midwest. Snow loves it here, so do below arctic temps. As write this I can hear the wind blowing, whistling. The wind must not know I am in no mode for music.

It is suppose to snow for 2 days. Yes count em, 1...2...Days. Going to get nearly one foot of snow by Friday morning. Of course, the weather man can be wrong. It has happened before. I mean once or twice.

I hate snow, I hate cold, I hate ice, I hate shoveling, I hate scrapping windows and warming up the car. I hate winter coats, I hate hats, I hate wearing mittens, I hate scarves. I hate winter.


Ok, here is an update. So Old mother hen has went on a date with the guy from E-Harmony. His name is Jim. He has a nice house, lives on the golf course, drives a Lexus and just got back from vacationing in Mexico. I say he is a keeper.

She is meeting his family next week, and she wants to bring him here to meet us on Christmas

Did I mention he seems to be a bit wealthy? Ok, did he read my qualifications? He seems to be what I had always dreamed of. A rich daddy. * aww, I am giddy*

So I am getting a new mommy who is younger than me, and possibly a new daddy who is richer than me.

could my life get any sweeter?


I have ate too many balls. My sweet peanut butter chocolate balls are very tastey. Almost too tastey. My workout pants are feeling like they fit too good...

This is not a good sign, not a good sign at all.


Ok so The Husband has to leave tomorrow morning for Ohio. ( if the flight is not delayed or cancelled due to the impending doom, we call winter).

Now mind you he has known for months now he had to leave. So this afternoon he emails me asking me to pack for him. Like I don't have enough to do. So I do some laundry and make sure he has clean crap...Then tonight after choir practice he says

" so you don't have my bags packed?"

" ok, I washed your stuff, touched your dirty underwear to wash them, folded some of your pants and got some socks I did not pack your dang bag"

I swear, one of these days!!!


If I don't start getting a little respect.....I may move, move to a land where mothers are held to a high regard, where we get paid vacation days, moments of peace and quiet, and foot rubs upon request.

Anyway, I guess I will have to live with the chaos that is my family.

And I get no foot rubs.

Happy hump day.


** Editors note, as of 3am The Husbands flight was cancelled and school has been delayed 2 hours...Dont cancell it..No NO..Not when it is suppose to snow like heck this afternooon. Yes, lets send them out, with the possiablty of not getting them home...Reason number 345gabazilloin why I hate this town.

at least I dont have to shovel....Now The husband will be home;)


Melis said...

I understand what you mean about the weather! We haven't seen any temps above freezing since 27 Nov! We were suppose to see something over freezing by tomorrow... but doesn't look like that's going to happen either.. just more snow! And the foot and a half we've already got is more than enough for me!

I'd would have quite simple told hubby that no, I didn't pack his bag, and the last time I checked, I was REALLY his Mommy... and it's a fine time to start acting like I'm not! :) I'm so mean!!! LOL

Whoooohoooo on the Mom update! Hope things pan out for ya... errr, I mean her! LOL

And haven't you learned that you need to consume balls sparingly??? LOL

momma of 2 said...

didn't the balls come with a warning? lol

yes, we are going to get lots of snow - the kids are so excited - come on - give in - enjoy it!

Peggy said...

We were so much alike till you said you hated winter. Its my favorite time of the year. love the cold and as much snow as we can get! As for the new daddy.... way to go mom!!! don't forget to fill us in when you meet him. Send hubby on his merry way and enjoy the peace and quiet of his not being there.

Angel Girl said...

And THIS is yet another reminder why I love my woman so much!

God men are such fucking babies! They don't want a wife they want to go from mommies womb straight into the arms of mommy replacement aka Wifey.

Sorry for my tangent lol.

keesh said...

I hate snow too. If i had my way it would snow Christmas day and then be 70 degrees the next day :). i just would want one day of it for the beauty of it, but otherwise, it creates ways for people to get in accidents, be it by car or by walking, it costs more to heat homes, people can't afford the electric bills, yada yada yada ;). I live in Michigan and we have already had snow days for school! and a day where the plows didn't get to our road until the afternoon. crazy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis, it has been cold here too, been mild last few days now..but snow, we got snow..YUCK..

and I did not pack his bag. I tossed him " the look" and he went along his merry way and packed hs own bag:)

Momma,no warning bells on my balls:) How much snow did u get

Peggy, well now he will be here..flight was cancelled..But I still hold firm on hating winter:)

Angel, I again can see your reasoning:)

Kish, I see no beauty in snow..LMAO..I lived in MI all my life..and now in MN, and this has been our first snow storm, and I wouldnt even call it that..Seems MI has been getting more snow than us, it was the same way alst year too...I hope it stays that way:-)

Anne said...

Yeah, too many balls are NEVER a good thing.

Tell that man to pack his own chit-cause you know what? If he's like MY DH (and I don't mean DEAR) he would ask you to do it and then complain about the way you did it.

Anyhoooo it was 0 with a minus 8 windchill when I was doing papers today-does that make you feel any better? NOT lol

Working Mom said...

Remember your friend here from Florida when you get your new daddy! Come visit, we'll have a grand ol' time, no snow here!

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no place where moms get respect...LOL That's just a dream, dearie!

d said...

We got a BIG dumping of snow this morning too and there's supposed to be a big snowstorm tomorrow.

Good for Mom! (and you too!) Everybody needs a rich daddy. (bad ticker?) ;)

Men! Every weekend mine complains about how long it takes me to get out of the house, yet I'm the one getting the kids ready, bathing the baby, dressing him, myself, getting diapers, bottles blah, blah, blah - ya no kidding it takes me forever to get out of the house, why don't you get off your ass to help out dummy......

Wow, I feel much better now, thank you.

Oh, if you ever find that place that they worship mther's let me know, I'm game.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Anne, your right on the balls thing:) and that seem like a balmy day to me!!..try -20 wiout the to me them LMAO..( it is not that cold today, but it was last week)

Denise, I will never forget about my pal in Florida ,as I am coming to move in with you till I get my winter home in Hawaii:)

d, I wonder if your getting our snow..we are getting more today and tonight...when you get your snow, just know i have sent it to you with love:)

and I am with you on the whole getting the kids ready..I have 3 small ones bottles, but I have to do all the rest of it:)

vani said...

yes, winter does suck- BIG CHOCOLATE BALLS! lol...and did u get my comment on your last post? didn't see it. :) and good for mom! i'd say he's a keeper too.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Vani, no I didnt...not sure why..
Blogger sucks sometimes..and yes, I may have a sugar daddy..well step daddy..:)

Tee said...

Oh man! :p Snow. Part of me thrills to see it and part of me thinks "oh crap." LOL.

As for not being appreciated - I wish I had the guts to go on strike. Some women have... Can you imagine the mess you'd have to clean up if you didn't lift a finger for even one day? Ugh.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Tee, Oh crap is right..

if I fond such a place, I will call u

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm with you - snow and cold weather sucks!
Your hubby gets the joy of shoveling snow now. How nice!
I hope Jim works out for your mom, and I hope he's very generous.

Wethyb said...

Ooops, I was confused...I'll be sure to get this one back up and running :)

Jewl said...

When you find that place that hold mothers in high regards please feel free to tell me about it...
Peanut Butter Balls sound oh so yummy!
I am in NY visiting family and it is below zero here... it hurts to breathe!

Anne said...

Well Chrissypooh....I was born in Michigan-bet you didn't know that lol Dad still lives there. Why oh why did you leave?

I'm used to the cold-like running from house to car-but delivering those freakin' papers that early on foot in that cold--well, CHIT!

Cold sucks.