Thursday, December 22, 2005

About a box and bm

You see this box?

This box has my present it in from my dad and his soon to be bride. I have a pretty good idea what it is. I am dying to open it and see it. Let me just give you a hint....I think it is some sort of a device that would permit me to NOT have to take crappy as$ pictures.

You follow me? So this pretty box, nicely wrapped, sits under Christina,s tree. I am waiting patiently...Yes, this is me being patient.


Wednesday evening I sat with baby spawn to watch our nightly programming of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, I became taken aback by the topic tonight. It was about going potty.

Which is a good thing, but for this loving man to show us where his potty is, then to sit on the toilet...( clothed and seat down of course) and read a book while sitting on the potty, made me feel kinda shitfy.

I swear to the Lord above these words came out of my dear Freds mouth.

" now when you get old enough to urinate or make BM in the potty that means your growing up"

and this line

" Everybody has made BM in the potty, that means our bodies are working"

Now this is what I am thinking

maybe its just me, but my spawns would have no idea what BM is. Now if you were to say poop, poopy, poops, or number 2....They know this.

Maybe my spawns are barbaric little creatures...(hence their name of spawns) but the word BM would totally go over their heads.

And I think this is a good thing...I would have a hard time hearing one of my children say "mom, I have to go have a BM"....

Maybe its just me...Ok, I am sure it is.


Something funny covert spy spawn said to Old Mother hen. They were talking about the movie Home Alone, which the oldest LOVES.....My mother said to her.." That is a pretty funny movie isn't it"

To which my little girl replied

" I do not see what is so funny about a little boy being left home alone, that is illegal . You no that don't you?"

sometimes that kid has more common sense then the rest of us....

She has foiled my plans once again.....Curse you covert spy spawn..Curse you..

Although Joe Pesci would not be planning any mode of attack on my crap hole.Again, you have to look at the positives.



Karin said...

That is a pretty big box for a digital camera. Looks more like an easy bake oven to me. A friend babysat for a family that required she charted the spawns BM's. When she came back and told me the story I had no clue what the heck a BM was, and I was in college at the time. I guess that would mean your spawns or no more heathens than I was. Oh I think covert spy lost her funny bone the last time you guys played operation. Help her find it before it is too late!

Peggy said...

okay heres what ya do... gently open one end of the present and take out your new toy and play with it after everyone is asleep. Put it back and retape the end and no one will know ... believe me its worked for me LOTS! LOL as for BM's no way my grandkids know what that is and my daughters would always run to the bathroom squeezing their butt cheeks and screaming I gotta poop, I gotta poop! Now that they are grown with kids I am sure they love me passing that info along... but heck its Christmas the time to share. LOL... go open the package

HizzleThizzle said...

BM just sounds wrong. WRONG! And from Mr. Rogers? Im so shaking my head over here.

I have my fingers crossed that its a camera, but dont listen to peggy! You can't open it. You'll ruin Christmas. Wait. Its 3 days. You'll be fine. You'll be happier for waiting.

Geez. You should marry my husband. He already peeked. Ass.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Karin, that is what I thought..big box for a camera..but they have made many hints on what it the husband dont get one for me..

i didnt know what BM was till I took some nursing classes..LMAO

Peggy, its tempting...but I am trying to hold out..ya no to set a good expalme for the spawns..(yeah right)...and thats what my kids say too..LOL

Hizzle, I am going to try and wait..I will be a good girl..I am bad that way..

and my hubby is the same way..he got his dang gift 4 days ago..only cuz he is a whiner..*rolling my eyes*

Melis said...

OPEN THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!! Now I wanna know what kind of camera it is....errrr... I mean WHAT it is! LOL

Mr Rogers... Ummm that man has always scared me a bit. **shivers**

Cover Spy.. OMG! Much too funny! I can see the seriousness on her face, and I would have loved to have seen the expressions on everyone elses! LMAO!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you come open it for me:-)

I always loved fred..still me wierd..LMAO

Melis said...

Girl! I'M ON MY WAY!!!!!!! (but then I get to keep it!)

Samantha said...

I actually saw that episode of Mr. Rogers a couple of months ago. I was actually shocked. I didn't really know how to take it... On one hand you think it's good they are trying to teach kids all about going potty and stuff, but on the other hand you think "HEY, that's MY job!"...LOL

Anne said...

OK, more proof we are long lost sisters.

That episode of Mister Rogers was on here yesterday-I am usually the great defender of the man, I cried for days when he died-but that episode? I stood there shaking my head as my 6 yr old asked what a BM was. What was the man thinking? Ew-I have Once Upon a Potty for that-and I don't ever want to see Fred Rogers potty-ever-ever-again.

Jealous about the camera here-wench. :O)

Cliff Morrow said...

Christina, what if a wild animal, say a rabid dog got in the house and tore the box open and jumped out the window. Then your camera would already be unwrapped and well it would seem 'silly' to rewrap it after you already.... well you get the picture.
For my 50 birthday party, my wife gave me a BMW. It was brown cookies that looked like a bm in the shape of a W.
After that I knew what bm meant.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis,I am waiting...still waiting..ok,guess its mine then..

Samantha,what shocked me the most was the fact he used the word bm..I can handle most potty talk..LMAO

Anne, me too was veryvery upset when he died..I still have the obit from the paper on my frige, along with other various things about lame is that?

Cliff, rabid dog huh?...well it could happen...
and your wife...makeing you those that is dang funny.

Working Mom said...

Maybe it's a camera with a photo dock? Yay for you!!

BM and Mr. Rogers? Not I use to love that show when I was a kid!

Don't you dare open that present!! Go play with your ipod!

Taylor said...

I'm here via Kari's blog. This post is hilarous! The whole BM thing I find very disturbing! ROFL.

I like your blog, I'll be back to visit!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Denise,yes mommy, I will not touch it:-)..

Taylor,Hello there...

I find it disrurbing as well..I shudder when I think about it..

Thanks for coming, and please stop by again..

novaks8 said...

Mr Rogers.....I think he probably made that episode back when saying BM was the thang to do.
Like early 90s...I was in the La Leche League in Raleigh when my husband was in college there.
Those women crack me up when I look back.
Cloth diapers, homemade babyfood, saying BM....


And here I am STILL going strong with a 2 year old.

It could be a camera with the docking station and all.


And Home Alone....don't even mess with macaulay!
Those are two of my favorite movies.

They are fantasy!

Plus she didn't MEAN to leave him!
It was accidental!
Hey accidents can occur twice right?

Tee said...

That's funny about home alone. :)

That box looks awful tempting. I wish I could keep gifts under the tree but the dogs rip them up when we're not home.

As for Mr. Rogers - LOL. "BM" is such a weird word. I think most moms these days say "poop". Hee hee... I saw him yesterday singing a song that you won't wash down the drain - maybe same episode.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Novak,oh yes..homeade baby food, and cloth daipers..I am so glad times changed beofre I had kids..

Home alone cracks me up...but I guess she dont see the humor in it..guess I wont be letting her see Home Alone 2..:-)

Tee, that is the same episode girl..You missed the best parts..

The Blog Whore said...

Who is that dude on Elmo's World? That guy?

...anyway, I walked by the tv one day and he had his pants down. Standing there in his boxers.

Why? I do not know but I changed that fucking channel.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

are you talking about Mr. Noodle?

I remeber that one..I guess i never really paid it much thought..but your right..he was in his boxer before...

I guess I block it out, being that is what the husband does when he gets home from work..

the crap they put on for our kids..I tell ya

pack of 2 said...

Damn girl...Open the box...seriously, OPEN THE GIFT!!!
You shouldn't have to wait for Christmas when your camera sucks as bad as it does...LOL!

I say O-P-E-N...but then again...I was a very naughty kid so maybe you shouldn't listen to me;)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I want to rip the damn thing open..amd the day isnt over yet:-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Mr. Rogers would never have said Poop or even Pee. Can you imagine him saying, "When you have a cold, there are snot and boogers in your nose."
God rest his dear soul.

I hope it's a new digital camera or you will be mighty pissed.

JD's Rose said...

You are so good! Mr K went Xmas shopping for me last night. He got home and had wrapt the presents by 8.30pm. I had them open by 9pm. I can't do it! I can't wait!