Thursday, December 01, 2005

I need to put them girls on the treadmill

It has come to my immediate attention that I am a fat as$. Not only do I feel like a fat lazy piece of crap, but my boobs seem to be getting bigger. I swear if they get any bigger I will physically fall forward everytime I stand. And this will not be good for my face. As it stands right now I need a boob job, tummy tuck , and lipo..I do not want to add a chemical peel and or rhinoplasty to the list...I just can not afford it.

I like to think it is because I do chest exercises with my weights, but who the hell am I kidding? If I could put my girls on the treadmill I would, but for some reason after 30 years, they still can not walk by themselves without some support.

And now with a wedding coming up, I need to get my rack sized down. I don't want to have to buy a dress to sizes bigger than I need just so the girls with fit in. I swear I will leave them home if I have too. At my dads last...ahem wedding, I was knocked up with Kissing Spawn. And to tell you the truth I try and block that whole seneario out of my big boobed brain. SO for this wedding I would like to look smokin hot!!...But it is a winter wedding....So my girls will get chilly if I wear anything too "revealing".


Here is a question for you guys...Everyone I ask this too, tell me no...But I think these 2 look like twins..What do u think?

so here we have Michael from Extreme makeover Home edtion...And Kick ass detective Olivia Benson from Law and order SVU.....Ok can we say "separated at birth"?

Or is it just me folks???


So I know you all dyeing to know about my romance with Oprah. But when your deep in love as we are, you just don't talk about it...The tabloids would just go nuts, and poor Stedman..He really has no clue...SO lets just keep this engagement between us...I truth you guys, your peeps:)

So lets keep this on the down low...mmkkay?


If any of you know how to post your videos on here, let me know. I have seen blogs where they post a part of home movies...And I soo wanna do that....But don't know how....SO let me know if u can....Thank you in advance your kindness and the wanting to see my spawns in real life..


Have a happy Thursday...I know I will







Marel Lecone said...

No, they are so not twins! :) I love Olivia--I always forget her mother's name. Such a beautiful woman too. And, of course, my Law & Order man is too cute--I love him too. I would love to run into him in NYC--I hope my husband doesn't read this. :) heehee

Melis said...

Ok... on the note of the "girls", I'll make ya a deal... we can just trade for however long ya want to... bwwwaaahahahahaha!

Are they twins... I'm tellin ya, I'm seein it!! But I think what it really is, is their smile! Very similar there!

And again.. nice choices for HH! :)

Anne said...

*yawn* man, how do you blog so late? I am so asleep at 9 pm every night lmao

As for the girls, hey-isn't that supposed to be a GOOD thing??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

marel, your not feeling the twiness huh??...well if u run into him, ahh slip hum my digits:)

Melis, now if yours are bigger why would i want to trade??..heehee

I am glad you see it..I think they are twins:)

Anne, I am gonna let you in on a little secret....I really blog about 9 or 10 at night, but I set the time so it is for the next day:)

Well some ladies like em big, not this one...I think someone would pay top dollar for my rack..too bad i cant sell them:)

Mike said...

Lemme know how getting them 'girls' on the tread mill works

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mike, u will be the first to know:-)

vani said...

i'm at home today, so no probs on bringing up your site- yay! lol

seeing the resemblence on those two- the eyebrows, the smiles- he however, is not a hottie.

on the girls, after this 3rd kid, i'll be hoping they invent some kind of treadmill specially for them! lol...and if not fuck it, there's always plastic surgery. lol

momyblogR said...

The 'girls' on a treadmill. LOL! I'm not really in need of a treadmill, my girls size is perfect my my body. BUT while have the kids and nursing these poor ladies were stretched to the size of the Hindenberg. Now, they are just in need of a little filler. lol! Ah, for just a little filler.

UGH, I am so glad you updated on your romance with the Big O. I hope she has sprung for that rock, LOL! CRAZY!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

vani, well I am glad its easier for you today to see my nonsence;)

and no he is NOT a hottie...but they look like they could be related;0

MomyblogR,So you need filler? so you need to be filled up and brought up..I need to be taken in and taken up..LOL...and it is my kids fault too that mine are in the bad shape they are in..curse u kids:) I had no boobs before does this happen anyway?

Tee said...

As for boobies and all those other problems - join the club :p

The 2 celebs you posted do look like they could pass as bro and sis.

Melis said...

Ummmm... uhhh... you were just suppose to agree without thinking of that! Damn you chicky! LOL

Peggy said...

Don't see the twin thing.. sorry. As for the boobs.. I am so old I just throw the damn things over my shoulders and go about my day. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Tee, I know, I know...I need to learn wo live with it right??..drats!!

Melis, well I am just sayin:)

Peggy, your cracking me up over here....LMAO

pack of 2 said...

Aw poor Stedman....doesn't even know whats going on....poor guy!

My girls got bigger too...I didn't even want that to happen....sheez!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Shelly, so why is it they get bigger? I mean, it makes no damn sence..maybe we should put our girls on the treadmill togehter!!

what do u think?

d said...

OMG! They do look alike! Holy cow, I didn't notice that before. You are so perceptive.

Love the Law and order cop, loved him even more in Ally McBeal.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, see I got a good eye..LMAO

I didnt know he was on ally mcbeal, course i never watched that..:)

dont forget to watch our show tomorw night...oh please dont forget..i am bursting inside

momma of 2 said...

Love the law & order hotties - I love that show!

Now for the girls - I would love to have mine taken up and in - they seemed to double after each kid...hubby doesn't mind - but my back sure does...maybe someday I'll get lucky and get to have a reduction...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Momma, you and I need to start up our collection..maybe we can get a two for one:)

J&J'sMom said...

I never noticed before...could be! Having the boobocity issue the pecs and lose the'll come off everywhere....Running and swimming are the quickest ways to do both in my experience. Good luck...and congrats on getting married. I've been in La La land..forgive me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

j&j mom

silly girl..i am not getting dad is..I have been for 10 years...thats what happens when you stay away too long..u foget things..LOL

pack of 2 said...

I've decided that my girls will never grow up. They did grow a little while we were off for seven months, but I've lost 14 pounds since I've gone back to I have to tell you where I lost first?

But, I am lovin that Shel's grew up the way they did;-)!!!!!!!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am so laughing...

I bet my hubby thinks the same thing:)

Kristen said...

guy from law and order...good

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