Monday, December 05, 2005

the 15 year plan...

Friday night out the wild blue yonder, The husband hits me with his 15 year plan. My first thought is, who the hell makes a 15 year plan?? My second thought is, this is coming from a man who sometimes forgets to wash his hair in the shower.

Apparently he wants to be a preacher. For those of you who know me, know that I am not preacher wife materiel. I like rock music, I like throwing curse words..( I do try not too, but it is just pure habit), I am about as social as a black widow. I can not pretend to like someone, and I tend to speak my mind. If I think your being a dumb ass, I will say " Hey dumb ass"

I do not think that it would be very approicate for me..the preachers wife to say " shut the fuc* up you bi*ch" Or " I really don't like you, so please stop talking to me"

Now I have no problem persay with preachers or preachers wives. I just know that is not me. I am who I am... I am religious in my own way. I have my own relationship with The big Man upstairs. It may not be the same as yours, but I have one.

I try to curb my language, but habits are hard to break. From the time I was 13, I have had a mouth like a sailor. It does not make me any less religious, just means I am gonna have to do some extra pleading at the pearly gates when I get there. I have not ever broke one of the Ten Commandments. Well not that I can think of....Maybe just one....But who is counting...?

So what is my 15 year plan? Well being a preachers wife was not one of them. I was thinking more along the lines of constant vacations and living nicely off of The husbands retire fund..Maybe travel, go skinny dipping somewhere, maybe run from the cops at least one,let the kids come home once a year for the holiday...I will let them chose which holiday they can come home for!! But it looks like my 15 year plan and his, are going to collolide.


My mom and I go shopping Saturday and before I leave The Husband says "are you leaving with your hair like that?"

"um, I was thinking about it"

"well it looks like you came straight out of the 80,s"

"is that a bad thing"

really it was not, I had it all pulled back. Try throwing your lady a compliment once in while..So far I know my cooking isn't that great, I cant do my hair,and I do not do a good job keeping the house picked up but it is ok for him to do laundry and throw the clothes in the middle of the basmement floor rather then bring them up to be folded....

I feel so loved:)


Oh, Kissing spawn knows about * Santa*.....I had made up my mind that if he asked this year that we would tell him..He is going to be 9 in March, and I felt that it was a good age. I did not want his friends telling him, or them to make fun of him for believing...Kind of a sticky situation...I feel kind of sad, but I know it was for the best. He has been warned that if he breathes a word of this to his little sisters he will die!!

I knew about Santa in second grade. I asked, and my mom told me. I remember it very well. She had told me not to tell my sister..No matter how much I hated her, I did not say a word..Over the years, we got older, we got boobs, started our periods...And she still believed in Santa...Finally when my mom told her, she cried and cried....

This is what I deal with people!!

Our hello hottie for the day

yes this is Chef Rocco....I guess I will have to hire him to do my meal time cooking:)


Rachel Ray.....She can come cook his meals I guess

Have a good Monday


editors note**

as I am getting the spawns ready to head out for the bus stop, I looked to see what the tempature is -8 and with the wind feels like -20....reason number 40 gabizillon why I hate,loth, and dispise MN...It never got this cold in MI..but I hate MI too:)


Angel Girl said...

I think I was about 8ish when I found out. But I think I kinda new anyways because I was a nosy little bastard and found "santa's gifts" in the attic.

HELLLLLOOOOO hottie! I am so in love with Rachel Ray(well behind my cutie gf)! She's my ultimate hello hottie lol. (This coming from someone who aspires to be a chef).

pack of 2 said...

I don't believe many of the "religious" folks are what they claim to be would at least be an honest one...not a hypocrite.

Maybe he will change his mind.


Anne said...

Tell hubby if he wants your hair to look different, he should remember to wash his own lol

A preacher's wife eh? Umkay lol Did he ask how you felt about that?

If I dig out my pic with my chef's jacket on-can I be a hottie of the day?? LMAO

keesh said...

I was 6 when I found out about Santa, my Dad forgot to hide the easter eggs and so I put it all together. BUmmer for me. I hope my son can go a bit longer than that :).

Husbands are crazy, they say the dumbest things sometimes. My husband was full of idiotism this weekend.

I do think it is wonderful your hubby wants to be a preacher, but i would feel the same as you if it were my hubby :). Good luck with that :).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angel, you nosey little bastard!!
She is cute I must admit!!

Shelly,well that would be true..but I still dont wanna be one..He better change it..cause I know I am not:)

Anne, good point!!..and u get me a pic of u in your get-up..and your an instant hello hottie:)

Kish, why do the lamest things rip out of thier mouths..almost liike kids..they have no filter:)

keesh said...

I know Christina. my husband is on my shit list right now. he just doesn't get it sometimes ;). Anyway, I am waiting for Cherlize Theron, Ashley Judd and Matthew McCou (SP?, but you know who he is) on your hottie list :).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kish, well I do not think he is ALL that, but I will put him on tomorw just for u:)

Peggy said...

If you become a preachers wife let me know the name of the church... I will be the first one there! That would be a great church... where you could really speak the truth and be yourself and not pretend to be so high and holy! Think about it! LOL My oldest daughter is 32 and still mad at me about santa. I had never lied to her and taught her not to lie. When she found out about santa she wasn't upset there wasn't one only that I had lied to her... I hear about it every Christmas!!!

Cliff Morrow said...

1. If you become a preachers wife, I urge you to destroy this blog.
2. Your Hubby and the church,,, well I've been watching desperate housewives, and I'm wondering if he's been keeping company with any Nun's lately.
3. You may not want to try to talk your way thru the Pealy Gates with your potty mouth. Put it in writing and edit carefully.
4. Become a Baptist, we have Baptistrys you can do your skinny dipping in. At least your husband will have better attendance at monthly Deacons meeting.
5. Nothing says Good Houskeeping like Rachel Ray and fresh hot buns and melted butter.
6. Sorry about the blog I've written here.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I also would make a shitty ass preacher's wife. I would end up saying something like "What is with the Jesus shoes?" or something equally horrifying. My husband would never find work.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Peggy,well ture..but not sure if I would scare them away..i can gaurntee the church will be in Hawiai..LOL

Cliff, so your saying my blog doesnt contain good preacher wife matril huh??

Southern Freid girl, are you sure we arent realted?

Working Mom said...

What do you mean about Santa? He does exist...dammit! LOL

I can't believe some of the things men say. You know, they don't really think with their brains.

Melis said...

All my kids still believe in Santa... but then again... THERE IS A SANTA!! he he

Sorry your hubby isn't paying you the compliments that you DESERVE! It think I grabbed up the last one that is good in that area! My hubby tells my contanstantly that I'm just perfect withOUT all the hopla of makeup, ect.

Not too shabby on that hottie of the day! :)

Tee said...

Love the first paragraph!! LOL.

A preacher's wife? Oh my. Now that is a tough job, even among the most "saintly" of us. LOL. Good luck with that... Now THAT would be a blog. LOL.

Marel Lecone said...

Tell him you're only accepting five year plans right now. Fifteen years is alot to deal with . . . take care. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

denise, well if there is a santa he hasnt brought me anythong for the last 13 years...It ends up coming out of our cheking account..LMAO!!

Melis, hubby use to compliemnt me...guess he thinks after this long he doesnt need to anymore..does your hubby have a brother??..*giggles*

Tee, it is crazy. I may have to start one just to countdown to his 15 year plan plans...Good idea:)

Marel, I am only takeing plans 6 months in advance..I have decided:)

momma of 2 said...

This is why you shouldn't let hubby attend christian rock concerts without you.... Give him a few days - he'll forget all about

Hubby would love your hello Hottie of Rachel Ray -even Big Guy loves to watch her...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

momma, the sad thing is...this happen before he went:)

Litlsassy20 said...

um,yeah, no preachers wife here either! Tell him if he decides to go that route, he'll have to go as a divorced preacher lol (I don't think they allow divorced preachers do they??)
In you last post, what is this OTHER place you speak of??! I thought I knew but when I looked there was no new posting.........
I'm confused!!

Jewl said...

Why the sudden 15 year plan and why a preacher, I don't get it? Really Preacher? Out of the Blue, how odd....
Anyway, I saw Santa the other day at the Mall and I told him to bring hubby home safe and sound so he better damn well be real! :)
I am pretty sure you should be able to remember to wash your hair before telling someone how to style theirs... Just a thought! :)