Friday, December 09, 2005

Nothing wrecks your night like...

First I want to thank you all for your funny stories about us...I cracked a smile on all of them.

Have you ever......(I am about to charter into unknown waters here, say something really gross about myself, or rather admit something gross..Bare with me). Ok say your assuming the position to ahh, umm,....Go pee. And you spot something on the floor you want to get a closer look at. And for the sake of argument lets say you lean over to far in mid-stream. And also lets say...for the sake of argument that you accidentally piddle on the back of your favorite jammie bottoms. Now do you change them? Or just say, " oh its just a tiny piddle, you will be fine.."

Well lets just say for the sake of sounding like a gross ,vile and disgusting gal....That I did change my bottoms...And lets just say, I didn't sleep well without my good bottoms on.

Lesson learned....If its just a little piddle...Its ok.....Because I said so!!

Kissing spawn had a Christmas program today. I sent his sweet self out the door dressed in his Sunday best, his hair neatly placed in the way mom likes it.

I spot him at the concert, looking all homely. His shirt was untucked and wrinkled, his hair was sticking up in various spots noticeable to the naked eye. This is what happens when you put a hat on when the hair is still damp.....He looked like the kids you know, the ones who look like they wash bout once a week. The kids you never see with brushed teeth or combed hair..

Yup, that was my boy today...But his teeth looked good. I am a freak about teeth..I make my spawns brush their teeth, then I go in and re-do it.

These kids will have every reason to put me in home. I need to accept that fact. I will be alone , maybe get monthly visits, and the occasional hard candy drop off. I don't know why, but every nursing home I have worked at...Hard candy is like some sort of life saving apparatus for the old folks..I swear!!

Anyway, I am done...Have a delightful weekend...



Melis said...

Yep! There's just nothing like your best jammies in the nitetime! And nothing worse for screwing up your sleeping hours then when ya KNOW that you had 'em just a bit ago! :)

Too funny about Kissing Spawn! How is it that they always manage to get themselves mangy looking by the time a croud of people see them??? I just don't get it!

Karin said...

The reason there is hard candy in nursing homes is because of several reasons: it keeps old people occupied and prevents them from boring the tears out of the help with tales of the good ole days because they were taught it is not polite to talk with their mouths filled. They have no teeth so all they have to do is suck on it. It is a controlled amount of sugar perfect for diabetics.

I have what may be a stupid question but keep in mind I live in California, how are any children supposed to have decent looking hair when the freezing air requires a hat be worn? They don't call it hat hair for nothing.

d said...

LMAO! Christina peed her pants, Christina peed her pants!

I LOL@ the hard candy, that is so true!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Melis,well I had not even got the chance to sleep in happen just before I was about to brush my teeth..LMAO!!

Karin, your cracking me up agian..That is true about the old folks..I worked in a nursing home for 4 years..and they all were toothless and talked about the ole days..

well if my kissing spawn would of had a haircut last weekend like I wanted him too...his hair would not of been looking like a rats nests:)....I need to come to Calf..just for the winter:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, dont be a hater:)

remeber I am having bladder probelms..or maybe my rear is too big to pee and bend over while I am on the thrown!!..cant pee and bend over at the same time..remeber that:)

Karin said...

well if it makes you feel any better it was a brisk 73 here today and I went for a nice bike ride.

About your piddle problem, at least it wasn't the squirts instead, it causes much worse problems.

You were also right about Nip Tuck this week wasn't as good but still good. Do you think she is really alive or was Julia halucinating?

pack of 2 said...

LOL@ karin's squirt comment:)Also at d!!! Too funny!!!!

Oh Christina!!! Why can't you sleep with no clothes like I do???

That will prevent that problem in the future!!

I didn't know about old people & hard candy...I've never been to an old folks home...Aren't they worried one of them will choke on it??? It seems dangerous to me!!!

OK, THATS IT, when I get old & put in a home...I plan to protest until I get a snickers bar!!!


Cliff Morrow said...

"I don't sleep well without my pajama bottoms on".

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Karin, it was 3 degrees this moring when i sent my kids to the I change my mind..I hate u now:)

Ok, I have another NIP/TUCK watcher..I love u again,,( seems we have a love/hate thing here)..I think Julia is hulloinating..but she pregant ya no?...and Christan making that girl wear a bag on her...Oh I should stop..LMAO!!..d watches it too...but she dont get it the same night we do..

Shelly, I am one of those " no nekkad aloud in the bed" gals..unless there is a its 110 degrees out..LMAO!!

and for some reason, the old people cant remeber thier own names, but they no not to choke on the candy!!...and for me it would be Mounds:)

Anne said...

I'm with d-I can't believe you wet yourself! Are you sure you're not ready for the nursing home already?

Declan (my 6 yr old ds) cannot keep his hair straight no matter what I do-it drives me insane!!

momma of 2 said...

and school picture day that happens too....

I think karin is right about the hard candy...LOL

Don't forget me in your move... mmmkay?