Monday, December 12, 2005

This train don't stop....

My weekend was "ok" at best. Went shopping Friday and still have not finished..I am wondering how the birth of Christ has turned into a holiday where Christina goes absolutely broke. I don't think that is what Jesus intended...Maybe, but I doubt it.

Plus the people who were renting our house in Michigan had to move out because they cant afford the rent, water bill, gas bill, and their booze and smokes. So now we have it for sale again. I pray to Christ himself to let this darn house sell, or else "accidentally" burn to the ground.

We have a very active railroad in this city. The dang thing goes by at least every 2 hours. On the way home from church I see ahead that the train is crossing...Oh wait...The train isn't moving!!

I look at my clock in the van, it read 11:37am. At 11:58 I decide to turn around and go the long way home....When the husband went out 4 hours later to get eggs, guess what was in the middle of the road still....!! Yup the dang train....Must be a union or something.


Ok is it just me, or would the following piss your knickers off too.

The husband has this niece who just had a birthday. I got her a gift certificate at the bookstore. I emailed her mother to ask if she got it. I also ask her to please give me some ideas for her kids for Christmas. This was 2 weeks ago. Has Christina heard back...Oh hell no..What happen to the courtesy " thanks we got your card" or the " oh here are some ideas for X-mas"...??

My MIL called last night, and the husband said she told him the niece likes black..I thought ok, I will find a piece of coal or a black crayon and call it good....Sounds good to me.


Hello hotties for today

Luka from ER.....I like a man with an accent.....


Ashley Judd.....The good looking Judd with talent:)

Happy Monday.....



Karin said...

Ok yes that can piss you off and I will tell you why. As you know I am getting married soon, so engagement gifts have been coming in. Some are from people I don't know and they are gifts I don't want and didn't register for. Yet I spend all day writing thank you cards to these people. This is the right thing to do. So if you ask someone what they want and they don't tell you they should be even more grateful top receive a gift. But trust me through this wedding process I am very well aware that people these days lack common curtesy. Ok sorry about that I just had to have a little rant there.

Melis said...

Yeah, Christmas and the money! Where has the TRUE meaning of Christmas gone?!?!?! I find myself asking myself that every year! Grrrrr!!

The SIL... Omg! I think I would simple come unglued and made a (not so nice) follow up call! **angelic grin**

Nice, nice, nice HH's today girly! *drool* :)

pack of 2 said...

I agree...geive me a list or deal with what you get!!!
I don't like Christams because it has turned into a money hole!

LOve Ashley Judd!!!!


Gangadhar said...

Next time you send those gift cards to And yeah you're right..some people now a days lack a minimum courtesy...
Well,Happy Christmas Shopping...
Advance greetings to you and your family..
Ashley Judd's very pretty..
Have a great week,Christina!!

keesh said...

Yay, Ashley is a cutie. but I do have to say her sister and mom are talented to some of us thank you very much miss anti-country :). yeah, Christmas is expensive and since Mason is an only child, I have really gone over the top. Mr Claus sure is gonna shit a brick when he sees the amount of presents :). HA! and I would be pissed too, there is nothing worse than not getting a simple "thank you" takes just a second of time.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Karin, I remeber those days of the wedding gifts and stuff...Very stressful!! I got tons of crap I didnt want or ask for..but ya just gotta grin and bear it:)

Melis,well your right on the meaning of Christmas NOT being to make us broke..

and I wont even waste the money to call, I dont have free long distance, this just might be the last gifts they get..I mena HELLO all u had to do was tell me u got the card...after I ASKED YOU!! piss on them.

Shelly, for sure!! It is a bit ridiculois...pretty soon we are turing Jewish or Jevaho Witness, save me some money:)

Gangadar, trust me, you dont want one of my lame Christmas cards..heehee..have a good week too friend:)

Kish, I knew you would say that!! I remeber when my oldesrt was an only child...that is the year all went worng..I have went way over board ever with three..I need to take out a loan for Christmas:)

Cliff Morrow said...

I was looking at the bottom of your blog and finally figured out what I want for Christmas.

Mavida Lesbiana said...

It would piss me off too

Nice hotties

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cliff, I will see what I can do:-)

Cat, glad I am not the only one who thinks that is rude as hell:)

Anne said...

The TRUE meaning of Christmas in the 21 st Century is M-O-N-E-Y. Who has the most and biggest toys-and I don't just mean kids!


As for your niece, she obviously wasn't taught very well OR she was and just doesn't give a crap-another sad thing.

Peggy said...

I think you have it made... you ask they didn't answer... you don't buy, they wonder why... you tell them ... they will start answering! Grandkids don't acknowledge they get their birthday money or gift... they don't get one next year. They don't have to write a thank you note just say hey got whatever. After one grandchild forgetting it hasn't happened again with any of them! yes I am a witch and proud of it!

momma of 2 said...

Luka is

uhm yea - Christmas has become $$$ for everyone - I wish everyone would remember what the true meaning is and not have it mean - MOMMA IS BROKE!

novaks8 said...

Oh isn't he hottt?

He is my favorite Dr of all time on ER....err wait, George Clooney is SO FREAKING CUTE too.

But then I see a rerun of Roseanne and he was so goofy and Jay Lenoish......yeah Luka it is.

Angel Girl said...

Thats stupid! Just plain stupid that people are that inconsiderate!

Nice hottie :D

AL said...

I was not raised to send thank you notes - who knows why!!??!! However, we usually called to acknowledge receipt of a gift.

This is something that I am trying to improve on and teach my children. (Isn't that what it's all about - giving the next generation the tools to have a better life than us?)

So, when she received gifts from Loco's birth - I made a computer page with some butterflies, etc. on it with a thank you note and had her color it. We included it with the birth announcement to those that sent her something. They all loved it and the personal touch. She is now gracing many a fridges!

Wow - that was long - LOL!