Tuesday, December 06, 2005

gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now

I think I must be having prostate problems, or else I have bladder cancer. For the last few days, it hits me like a ton of bricks, like I have to go pee at this minute..I can not wait 2 minutes..I gots ta go now.

Then, I have to go about every half hour, even if I have not drank anything. And sometimes when I go it is just little dribblets...But it feels like 20 gallons. So I hope it fixes its self. I had to have minor bladder surgery a few years back, for a similar problem..But I am not going thru that again..There are some places a Dr. Does not need to go, and up your urethra is one of them.

I will keep you posted..I know you will be worried sick.

Ok now here are some shameless pictures....I here all the time that Covert Spy Spawn looks a bit like Meg Ryan. So here are some pictures and you be the judge...K?

So that is my almost 6 year old Covert Spy Spawn...And here is Meg Ryan

I guess I should do a Pre- fuc* up of her cute face..My little girl has not had a chin implant nor a brow lift:)..ok it wont let me post it...I will post it in a post below this one...just for comaprison...I am also going to add a total hidious photo of her...Why did she go a ruin her cute face?...check out the next post..

Now I can not fairly give one spawn a solo and not get the other 2 on...So please bare with me..

Kissing spawn...Yes I know....It is dark and crappy..Remember momma needs a new camera..Santa if your reading this....You no my address..

and my cute little Baby spawn...She is wearing my sunglasses and Covert spy spawns backpack..

ok, had to do one with all them....Ok I got it out of my system...Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


Tonight I told hubby I thought his preacher talk was a bit odd, because I thought he was more liable to sway with the devil...My reason being was that he is gullible, he is a "yes" man..( no I didn't say ass man, I said yes man), and he can be tricked into doing just about anything.

To which he disagreed...He says " I can not be tricked easily"

To which Covert Spy spawn says....( and mind you, we had no idea she was paying attention or had any clue what we were talking about).

" daddy, guess what"

" what honey?"

" that's what....See you were just tricked!!"

duped by his 5 year old...Blessed days are these:)

No hottie today, I am having trouble uploading pictures....I know how you look forward to that:) My apologies to you and yours.



Melis said...

Is this you coming clean that you kidnapped Meg's daughter?!?!?! LOL

She really does look a LOT like her, well.... as you've said, the "original" Meg!

And of course.. the others are just as cute as bugs, too! :)

Melis said...

Oopsies! Didn't scroll down far enough to see the part about dear 'ol Dad being dupped! OMG! How hillarous!! Sounds about like when my oldest daughter talked my hubby into letting them have their big Xmas gift last month! LOL Too funny!!!

Peggy said...

Now you ask for a camara! I already wrote my letter to santa and ask for something else for you.. but I think you will like it! love the pics and yes she does look alittle like meg.

Jamie Dawn said...

She does look like Meg Ryan only, of course, much cuter.
About your pee problem. Try drinking a lot of cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets. You may have a bladder infection. Poor thing!!

pack of 2 said...

Wow, your kid DOES lool a lot like Meg Ryan!!! A LOT!!!


Angel Girl said...

Come clean, you had a lesbian encounter with Meg Ryan, and she got you pregnant! It's ok we won't tell hheheh.

Mike said...

Definitely a resemblance there...and funny on the hubby getting duped.

Anne said...

Meg Ryan was always one of my favorites--until she went anorexic--sorta-did you see her in that creepy movie with Mark Ruffalo?? OMG eeeeeeewwwwwwww I can never look at her the same again.

Your daughter looks like a baby Meg lmao! Too freakin' weird.

I know where Meg's nose went--I have the same thing but see what happens when you age?? It gets ugly :o(

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis,well if I kidnapped her, I wish meg would come looking for her:)

Peggy, well I have been asking for a new camera for months now..why what u have santa hooking me up with??..

Jd, your too sweet...and I was thinking the same thing...I may need to make a cranberry run today:)

Shelly,this is what I have been told for a long time now..I just find it very odd:)

Angel, I will never tell:)

Mike, pretty sad when a 5 year can out smart ya!!

Anne, this is a case of " why do you go under the knife" sometimes you come out looking better..others you come out looking like that.LMAO

Working Mom said...

Your kids are so cute! And yes, she does look like Meg. She was one of my favorite actresses at one time. I loved her on the soaps!

Little girls can always dupe their daddy!

d said...

She does look like Meg Ryan! I know you mentioned it before but with the pictures right there together, OMG, what a resemblance. Cute pics, I hope you get your camera for x-mas. Mine takes crappy photos when it's not bright too, I need a camera with a BIG powerful flash but I just got mine last year so I'll have to wait a bit. Unless....something happens to the camera, like maybe the baby gets ahold of it and smashes it to bits. Hmm. (We never had this conversation) ;)

Oh, oh, oh. Christina.. I watched my 2 taped nip/tucks last night. Last weeks? OMFG! My mouth ws hanging open the whole show. Can you believe what they can put on t.v. at 9o'clock on a Saturday night? What a show!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Denise, thank you my dear...I use to love her too...she use to be so cute..i loved her in sleepless in saitelle..oh well:)

d, I told you..I told you..OMFG is right..now do you see why I was dieing to tell you!!!!!!

the one tongiht is about a plane crash..not gonna be as good i dont think...But hey..you no how Christins girlfried was being help captive?..My hubby soooo said that the week before...he called it..I have to show him his props!!

and I still think that gay one is the slasher...oh i could go on for days!!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh..and putting the bag over her head...ok..i have to stop...I REALLY could go on for days:)

Marel Lecone said...

Very, very cute pictures of the kids!! I also hope that you get your camera. I would just put in the request directly to the husband to ensure that it happens. :)

momma of 2 said...

She's such a cutie - looks alot like the "original" meg!

Robin said...

Your peeing problem reminds me of when I had a bout with Urinary Tract Infections. OUCH. I agree with Jamie Dawn, go the cranberry route. God knows, they're everywhere this time of year!

Yes, your daughter does look like Meg Ryan! You do realize that you are in trouble when she's a teenager, right?? Those blue eyes!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel, thanx...I think I have one coming..I think Santa..(my dad, and soon to be new mom) have hooked me up..or so a little birdy told me:)

Momma,orignal one..LOL..yes a little bit, I never noticed before..But I hear I ALL the time now..Maybe she can be my ticket to fortune..I should really look into that:)

Robin, I have been drinking more water till I venture out in the frigid air..It seems to be better today..But cranberries are everywhere this time of year..

She will be grounded starting at age 12 till she is 25:)

Colleen said...

Hey great pics. your daughter sure does look like Meg Ryan.

Wethyb said...

I'm baaaack :) She sure does look like Meg Ryan doesn't she??? Maybe you can claim she's hers and get some money??? LOL.

As always I get a kick outta baby girl. She's so stinkin cute!

You had to have seen that they brought Carrie back!!!! I was so happy cuz I used to love her :) Let the drama start all over again huh?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Colleen, hi, thank you..she is a spitfire though..LOL, thanks for stopping by too

Beth, I know...I was gonna email you and tell you..oh my..but I never liked her..my heart belongs to sami:)

Jewl said...

Sounds like a Tract infection... You need to go to the Dr but Cranberry Juice will help in the meantime! Hope I am not repeating...

Your kids are so cute! Lovin "little Meg" LOL She has such awesome hair, I am so jealous!

The Blog Whore said...

Holy crap! She looks exactly like Meg Ryan. That is hilarious!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

jewl,I was thinking the same thing too...I need to get me some cranberries:) and dont worry..your hubby will make it home safe and sound.

Theresa,I know, how funny is that!!

momyblogR said...

Very cute pictures. Please, Daddy's are so easy. lol

keesh said...

Holy shit, she does look like Meg Ryan. that is crazy. You know, Meg can wear her hair short, long, wavy, strait, doesn't matter, it always looks cute and I will always remember her scene in When Harry Met Sally. Go girl :)!