Friday, December 16, 2005

This is why I don't do it.......

So I have talked many, upon countless times about wanting a boob job. No, not that kind of boob job!!..I wanna get my girls a wee bit smaller.

Now I know this will never happen. For one reason I can not afford it, and my peeps here have donated absolutely nothing to the cause.

Now I realize Christina lives in a dream world most days, and that a boob reduction is a far cry from what will ever happen. I know this.

All I want is a little lipo, just a little...To go along with it. I don't want my face done or anything.

and this is not because I don't think I need it, because trust me..I know I do people!!!!!!!

But mostly for fear of looking like this when I am done

or like this....( heaven forbid)

and the most scareist of all.....( GOD help me)

This is what keeps me outta the Docs office people. For fear I may become an addict to the knife and feel the need to make myself look like rubber. Not that rubber is bad, I mean if your a barbie, or a GI Joe its wonderful. Or if your a spatcula. Which I am none of the above..

Just a simple boob job is all I want people. Is that so wrong?

And why I bring this up today...again... Is because my darling baby spawn brought my bigger than normal bosoms to my attention today.

I was wearing my workout clothes. And the top is a tank top like apparatus. She was cuddling on my lap, sticks her head down my shirt and says.

" momma, uh-oh ouch"

then she peeks her head back up....Peeks down her shirt and says

" mine go bye bye"

Then peeks her head down my shirt again and says

" ohhhh, momma look"

Poor kid. She thinks I don't know I have a big bossum.

Little does she know that I have to look at it everyday. And I had a normal size rack before they
came along...Live and learn..


Now my girls at posted some pics of their tattoos. Not that I am a copy cat, but some of you have not had the viewing pleasure of seeing mine..And I want to share, cause I am cool like that.

First one is my first tattoo. I got it about 5 years ago. And this was taken in June when I broke up my ankle..Some of you may remember that. I got vicoden then...Those were some good days..

ok here is my second one. This one is on the back of my neck. This is my favorite one, even though I can not see the dang thing..

Now this next one is a hoot....You know I love Prince...So without further ado

this is in the middle of my back.....And on my shoulder I have these

yup its purple rain!!

There you have it.......And I know..My pictures are crappy...Remember I have a crappy as$ camera....Ya no, the one my FIL gave me. The one he gave me for a birthday present because he obvuiolsy forgot it was my birthday. The camera he bought 2 years prior from QVC..

Ok I will stop there....I don't like to degrade people...

Ok I do...But I wont.



Melis said...

Ok... I have more own horrow stories regarding kids and HUGE HOOTERS! lmao So I'm not saying a damn thing there! The tats... You really don't think I'm surprised that you have tats of Prince shit (or "The Artist formerly know as" or whatever he goes by now) do ya?? LOL They are very nicely done! I've toyed with gettin one for years now.. just don't know where, or what! You should get that plane ticket and we can go together! :)

pack of 2 said...

Nice tattoos...we don't care if you borrow from us...steal anything you want too...we don't give a shit:)

That is too funny about your kid with your boobs. Gotta love how honest a kid is huh?

I knew a girl who had a reduction & she was very happy.

I saw that Oprah today with the one girl in the picture...that cat lady is just scary!!!


d said...

Oh those women are scary! I remember seeing that episode of Oprah, that woman was so pretty before. Why the hell do people do that? And the first one... she gives me goosebumps in a very bad way.

Boobs. I had this neighbour who had torpedo boobs. You know, BIG and pointy. She got 'em done for free by saying it was messing up her back. Maybe you could try that. My cousin had a friend who had a reduction and she bloody well lifted up her shirt to show me and ewwww! They messed her tits up! I'd have to draw you a picture, I cannot fully descibe them withwords, but it was scary. Why is it that they can put them in with no fuss, no muss, but yet they carve them up to reduce them. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Love the symbol tat!

vani said...

sweet jesus! i swear after seeing that- i would gladly welcome wrinkles...lmao.

i hope santa brings you a nice camera for x-mas. i know you've been a good girl all year. :)

MsThang said...

Man some Lipo would be FABULOUS!

I love your tats.. I only have one, and I want another.. probably when I go back home :)

Karin said...

OK no tats here but as I do have enormous ta tas I do have a story for you. I used to babysit for this family and the daughter was about 5 at the time. One day we were at the park and the little girl told me "My daddy told me what boobies are for, they make milk" She waited a little bit looked at me very seriously and said "You must drink a lot of milk." If it wasn't so funny I would have been mortified.

Cliff Morrow said...

uh-hmm, I'll wait over by that tree until you girls get done talking.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis, I will be right over, but we are hitting a tattoo parlor while I am there;)

Shelly,I am glad you dont mind me stealing your idea;)

I saw an oprah yesterday with her on there again..It just reafirmed my thoughts on gettin the face done;)

I dont think a dr would let me get mine done..they really arent THAT big..but big enough:)

d, oh did they mess it up..I am dieing to know now..and why did she show you...especailly if they were all messed up??..I can not get the visual out..

Vani, I welcome wrinkles..I just dont welocme big hooters:)

msthang, thanks for stopping by..and I recomned gettin a whole body of them..LMAO

Karin, ok, that reall busted me up..big time..

vliff, dont let the ladies scare my favorite farmer away..get out from under the tree:)

Working Mom said...

My boobies are the 1st thing that's going with the weight I'm bummed cause I'm not going to have them anymore!

I've always wanted a tat, but too chicken to do it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Denise, your lucky..mine are the last too go. over the last year and half I have lost about 30 pounds..and my boobs are still the same size...go figure..

Litlsassy20 said...

I had a 3 friends who got them reduced and insurance paid for it because it was causing them back and shoulder problems.....and they are ALL much happier now. You should try the insurance route!!

Love your tats! My fav is my panther stepping out of my back with a rose in its mouth....but as you, I can't SEE the damn thing, so I swore not to get another one where I can't see and enjoy looking at it!! lol Why should I pay all that money for me NOT to be able to see it????

***Double_Oh_No*** said...

That's a good idea, with the insurance possibility and all. I worked with a lady who just had her boobs reduced, and though I've been laughing at her about it, I wouldn't mind having it done myself. It's too bad there isn't an herbal remedy that would just make them shrink without all the mess!!!!

Love the purple rain. I should have known!

pack of 2 said...

LOVE your tats girl. I can't wait to get another one. The "cat" lady freaks me out. Are you commando today?;-)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sassy, I have thought about going in and lying about back pain..but my luck I would be damned to hell or something..

Double oh no, oh if you ever find the herbal remdy be sure to pass it along to me...There will be a substancail finacil reward for you;)

Angie, thanks girl!!..
and that cat lady thinks she is looking HOT I gaureuntee you that!!..

No, no cammando today..I realized yesterday my ass needs to be covered at all times:)

The Blog Whore said...

Gotta love that Vicodin! Makes me want to break my ankle too. JK!

Marel Lecone said...

Stay. away. from. the. knife. Please! I remember seeing your tattoos before--very cool you are! :)

Mavida Lesbiana said...

Great Pics (tats) - love them - I'm with you on the whole not looking like rubber thing - those pics were scary

Anne said...

Ew--OMG who ARE those plastic women?? Foul man.....that's all I can say.

As for tattoos-SHAME ON YOU! Don't you know those are permanent??? And just think, if you had gotten one on your BOOBS-you know, the ones you want to reduce-by the time you hit 60 that tattoo will SO NOT look the same!

Ahahaha j/k babe-love ya-tats n all lol

I have no uh..kahune's-I will not let someone needle me unless medically necessary lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Thersa..I could sure use some now I tell you what!!

Marel, looking at those freaks makes me stay away..oh and the fact I have no money:)

Cat, thanks...and yes, looking like rubber is NEVER a good thing..

Anne, thats why I dont have any on my girls..LOL..

and getting them dont hurt all that bad..well maybe a little;)

but I would rather get a tat than have to go thru having a baby thats for sure..hehee

Jamie Dawn said...

Those plastic surgery addicted women are frightening me. Mommie!!!!! Help!!!!!!

mal said...

just the thought of taking a knife to the girls sounds painful, but then I have always been undersized for my frame (I am NOT complaining!)

Some of those plastic surgery addicts are scary, especially "Barbie" I saw the interview with her. The shame of it? She was pretty before, now she looks like she was injection molded.

Having enjoyed a few extended surgeries, I do not understand why anyone would VOLUNTARILY do it.

mal said...

BTW....39 lbs in 18 months? YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

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