Friday, December 23, 2005

Pulling teeth

I have not wrapped anything, nor have I finished my shopping.

I am feeling very depressed lately. Not sure why. Just am.

Anyhoo, Middle spawn lost another tooth last night. She will be 6 in Feb, she is in kindergarten, and this kid has lost 3 teeth already and has 2 more that are loose....I have never heard of such a thing....At this rate she will be toothless by January.

I still have not opened the box. Only one more day now...(we will open those gifts on Christmas Eve)...I hope I make it..

You know your lazy when your little toddler spawn asks you for juice numerous times, and you don't get it. Then a few minutes later you see her slurping from the dogs bowl, then you spot her taking the rabbits water bottle off the cage and sucking on it.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas



Wethyb said...

Patience my will be here soon enough :)

Don't be depressed honey baby....I love you!!!!

And that is pretty bad when baby spawn has to drink out of the dog bowl cuz she's thirsty. Can't you get her one of those hamster water containers, only for her size?? I think we should market

Have a great and wonderful Christmas sweety!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am trying not be be down..Its Christmas!!..*sigh*
I know I am such a bad mommy..get your kid a drink for Gods sake.

Thanks for the chat last night..I was needing a pick me up:-)

Cliff Morrow said...

I have an old chicken waterer here that I'm not using anymore. Holds about 4 gallons. You wouldn't have to get the poor little thing a drink for a week. You could just sit there and do,,,well, whatever it is you do while the kids are becoming dehydrated.
Oh yeah, Merry to all the Christiana's. Thanks for your visits to my place and thanks for writing a great blog. See you in a couple of days.

Marel Lecone said...

I'm just getting into now . . . today . . . I was off today. When I work, I want nothing to do with it all but sleep when I'm not working. So, I know about lazy. If I could just get my kids to get their own meals. hahahaha :)

Melis said...

It's the season, girly. I mean literally! Tons of people get like that in the winter from lack of damn sunshine! :) Head up girl.. you'll make through and smile once you open that package! LOL Still love ya's girly!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cliff, can I get 3...then I have them all covered!!

have a merry christmas to all your family:)

Marel, they wont get their own meals as long as we moms are in the house..we are thier maids..

hope you get a few days off for the holiday..have a wonderful holiday and thanks for being a great friend.

Melis,must be the no sunshine..or hte fact I spent way too much money this holiday..oh well..
I am counting down the hours till I open me:) right back at ya!!

Angel Girl said...

OMG what an image of your poor baby girl frantically searching for water.. drinking from the hamster cage as if it's a sippy cup lol!!!

Don't be depressed, the holiday seasons are almost over and you will have your 10 minutes of instant gratification soon (christmas gifts opening lol)..

Anne said...

Oh we go again...I've been blue lately too but not sure why.

Poor baby-give her a drink!

I know ya is sick and all-love ya-wish I could be there to help out-and, just to make you feel better --LOL NOT-I got a cute lil digital something last night! Woohoo!

TTY when you're better hon

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angel girl, I know..I need my gradifaction now though..before I get to ill to care:-)

Anne, got a digital something huh? lucky girl..thanks for showing me the love, even though wont come clean up puke for me:-)