Saturday, December 10, 2005

This is why Santa hates you....

So I bought The Husband a nice pair of jeans and a rocking shirt for Christmas. (ok, so he bought it). And I tucked it under the bed. Nobody ever goes under the bed. I mean, there is nothing there..Why go there?

I come upstairs Saturday afternoon and what do my wandering eyes should appear? But the crap I bought the Husband laying here.

I said " what the hell"

he says " yes, I was gonna ask you about that, since when do u hide your clothes under the bed?"

" MY clothes...That was part of your Christmas present dumb as*"

Merry freaking Christmas!!!!!.....

Mind your own business....Stop going under the bed...Who does that??


I have turned my comment moderator on. I had some asswipe leave a comment on the old address telling this address...And they live in Arkansas...I will hunt them down and skin them. So for now I am leaving it on....So when your comment does not show up right away, don't worry...It will get here, and please don't stop leaving them....Nothing like trying to find a simple place in blogland to have a simple jerkoff try and ruin it. Whoever you are, please go away...Your not wanted in my world of blogland bliss. Its either this, or prozac...And I hate swallowing pills.

I am so relieved you all found me, I was worried. You guys truly have no clue how much I love you guys.....Even though I do not know you personally, I do know you...Ya no?

Thanks for everything



pack of 2 said...

I am so confused to why you moved this blog & who the Ark asswipe is...WTF???

We love you too!

Tell your hubby to stop snooping like some woman...LOL!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I moved it because there were folks reading it that I didnt know was reading it...some folks of my family....and I just dont need to deal with that crap.

so i started the family blog..and feel free to check it out..but i will be much calmer than this one..if thats possable..

well he claims he was cleaning..not snopping..cant fool me thoug:)

Thanks for love shel..I need it

pack of 2 said...

OK...I get it!
Snoopy people who were not invited. My sister reads mine sometimes...My mom could except she doesn't know crap about computers...LOL. I tried to get her to do it once but she never did.

Happy to pass out the love to you girl:)


Karin said...

ok first of all I doubt a man was cleaning anything, second you don't open bags stuffed under things in December. Maybe all these kind of problems is why I became a jew, there are very low expectations on Hanukah gifts. Good luck with dealing with the jerk offs. Do you want me to remove the new address from the coments in my blog?

Anne said...

Cleaning?? Right--a MAN cleaning under the bed..ahahahahaha

2many_kids said...

shel, well at first I didint mind if family was reading it..then my sister started and she was reading stuff about her..( the vaction on layway and stuff) and then she told my mom I had ANOTHER blog where I wrote about them..she never found it, but she was getting suspious..damnit anyway!!

Karin, no need to remove it..I highly doubt any of the people i dont want here are goning to go to any of my old links to try and find me...they aint that smart..LMAO!!

Anne, yes a big joke is what I say. Cleaning my as*!!

momma of 2 said...

I bought hubby's christmas present and hid it at the office - I refuse to let him find it - until I can bring it home and wrap it without his

That ARK asswipe needs their heads examined...naughty, naughty.

Mike said...

Well....I for gonna stick up for the hubby...all guys do extra cleaning in wonder why that is?

Angel Girl said...

Seriously who would do such a think like that! That's why I removed the ability to comment when I shut down my blogs.

Here's a solution to snoopy asses.. BAN CHRISTMAS for him lol. Maybe he'll learn next time! hahahahha

Working Mom said...

My gosh, I don't check on you for a couple of days and look what happens...LOL I'm glad you let me in on your move - thanks!

Crap, I hid hubby's gifts under the bed too this year (first time). Wonder if he's gonna start cleaning?

vani said...

ark asswipe has no life! and yes, we love you too. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys,
I didnt want you thinking i was commneting back...I did but it was under my fasmily blog name..its there..:)

and the ones who commneted after that, thank you..I am baking cookies today, but I am readng your comments..I didnt want anyone thinking I was not following my own blogigng rules..Love u guys:)

Peggy said...

Thanks for your new address! Can't go without a fix from you each morning.As for hubby snooping.. wrap the gifts you got him and put someone elses name on the tags. Tell him you took the gifts back cause he found them.Let him think he is getting zip since he snooped.

Bumbling Bav said...

Family.... man alive they can drive ya to drink!

Cliff Morrow said...

Christina, even though I had to change my format for you and I've spent extra time trying to figure out what you're doing and why,,, I just wanted you to that I love you and will follow your blog to a new address. Well... Once.
There seems to be an excessive amount of male bashing here. I vacuum under the beds, and I vacuum everything else. I do more than half of the cleaning. Now knock it off gals!!
I gotta yell at Marilyn and have her bring me an iced tea.

AL said...

Hubby and I have not had a "secret" present in years! This year, he just bought what he wanted off the internet and had it shipped to the house. Where has all the fun gone????!!!!????