Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ok, on to the sweety balls and crap in the dog

I made peanut butter balls yesterday. IS there a way to dip the peanut ball in boiling hot chocolate without melting your peanut balls?.........hmmm...answer me this!!....I refridgarate it for hours...Like the directions say...But my balls still melt.


How do you know your dog needs to go back to the groomer? Ok, I will tell you when....When her poop starts sticking to the back of her fur. When you have a long haired dog, and you don't groom her like your suppose to, your only asking for crap.

I had to throw my dog in the tub to wash her own feces off of her person. I noticed that she had candy wrappers coming out of her pooper...Like 4 of them!!...Where did she get the candy wrapper from? We don't have any candy??.....I swear, dogs can find anything...Now I am just counting down till she keels over, I mean she must of at enough chocolate to die right?


Last night as we were gathered around the family dining table, The husband asks me if I got him a plate.

Me: " um, no"
TH:" how bout a fork"
Me: " lets see , I just got the kids plates, silverware, and beverages..Can ya get your own plate?

TH:" well, you do things for them, but nothing for me, how interesting"

ME:" well, I say we're even..You don't do anything for me either.

Kissing Spawn: " well now he does too, he goes to work everyday so he can bring home money for you"

ok, who the hell invited this kid into our conversation anyway? Little pisser.


If you wanna se pics of my cookies and sweet balls I made, go to my family site..





Karin said...

OK Christina, chocolate is my speciality and the answer to your problem is that the chocolate is too hot. Chocolate should not be hotter than the point where with stirring you can get all the little chunks to melt. Once it is liquid take it off the heat and start dipping. You can also freeze the balls before you start so you have more time to work with them.

AL said...

Looks like you got excellent advice above. The hubby conversation had me laughing out loud at work (oops) . . . I swear, all men share a brain. I know when I married my husband he could do things for himself!

Spawn's comment is priceless :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

This is what I was thinking..but the freaking directios said dip it is a roaring boil..I knew that wouldnt fly, I mean I am smart enough to know it will melt the dang peanutt butter..shoot, I should of follwed my gut..I have a new respcie I am trying today..I wont make that mistake again:)

this is why I like haveing chef come here..I have a pasrtry chef and a regualr chef..they come in mighty handy:)

Men cant help, they are lacking in so many things .. its not fair for us to dog on all their faults.:-)

Working Mom said...

Karin's right- that's how I dip my balls...LOL In fact, I forgot I have to make them for a party next weekend. Thanks for reminding me!

Your conversation w/ hubby is just too funny! My hubby lived at home until we moved in together and his mom did everything for him. Boy did I have to reprogram him!

Anne said...

If you just checked my blog you silly girl....rolling boil with chocolate? Holy Hell lmao that would burn the hell out of your fingers if you got near it.

You didn't get hurt did you? lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

denise, glad i reminded you:)..me and hubby live toghter for a year before we were married..he should know better..and we have been married going on 11 years..HELLP WAKE UP!! LMAO

Anne, I had blogger troubles..I coldnt get there...:(

I had to use a toothpick to dip my balls..LOL...

I need another repcie too..goah I hate hounding you:)

d said...

Here you are!

So do add this to the list on my blog or no? Let me know because I'm gonna update today or tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your balls, LMAO! Maybe if you let the chocolate cool a bit. Sounds yummy tho.

Poor doggie, I found a peice of plastic in the cat's poop on Saturday. I have no idea what sh'e been eating and where the hell that plastic came from.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, its fine, noone I dont want finding me will find me thru any blogrolls..my sister doesnt even no who to read comments.LMAO!!

want me to send u a sample of my balls:-)

novaks8 said...

omg it sounds like a conversation at our house!

I asked him what he was going to do on Sunday and he said "Have a day of rest and relaxation"

I asked "Oh cool, so when is MY day of rest and relaxation?"

crickets chirping.....

Mike said...

Melting balls are not a good visual....and lol @ the kid sticking up for dad huh?

Melis said...

I wanna taste your balls after they've got the sauce on 'em! wink* LMAO!!!!!! Sorry.. you know me, and I couldn't resist! he he

The DH/spawn thing... Ummmmm, was he NOT sitting down to eat FOOD that you'd prepared?? In a house that you'd cleaned?? With children that you'd cared for?? And the ONLY thing he did was go to work?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... I see! :)

Dog... I wouldn't worry too awful much, I've had two of my dog unwrap boxes of chocolates that were under the tree, then take off the wrappers off and eat all the chocolate. The nearest they came to death is from me about killin 'em! :)

Bumbling Bav said...

Well I hope the dog is paws down!
(and not the other)

I got so ticked at Greg the other night that I just burst into tears. I had baked all day, cooked an amazing dinner while he fiddled around with the freaking gutter outside! And when I let him test a cooky.... he said it had too many chocolate chips.... THAT WAS IT! I lost it and told him how "NOT" nice he was. It was his big idea to bake in the first place so his ass should have been in the kitchen!

Tee said...

So gross about the dog. Seriously some days I just wish I never got pets.

LOL at the dinner table situation. Why do kids have to come in and defend hubby like that? Sheesh. See if you get HIS plate next time.

pack of 2 said...

Animals are stuipd...eating paper...geez.
Our cats will try to eat anything plastic...we have to keep an eye out for that.

Your chocolate is too hot!!!! If you need it to stay creamier for longer..add one tablespoon of crisco. You can't taste it & it makes the chocolate smoother longer....many recipes tell you to do that too.



Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Novak,this is what I wonder..where the ehll is my day of rest!!

Mike, depends on who you ask..LMAO

melis, I know I get no respect here..they all think there food will be made like magic..one of these days I tell..momma is gonna be the only one eating..

Bav, that happend here too...IF I cook something or bake something, and he doesnt say " oh its wonderful" I wanna punch him in the crotch!!

Tee, everyday I wish I didnt..

and since we birth these kids you would think they would stick up for us..

Shelly , wonderful tip..I would of never guessed you had such a tip up your sleeve...have any more? I could sue them!!

Cliff Morrow said...

True C, where did the dog get those wrappers but a bigger question is who put them in there???
btw I love the way the kid thinks.

Angel Girl said...

Ok I was going to tell you the same thing Karin did. Those are my FAVORITE treats at christmas!

lol at the kid and husband. I swere men forget how to be self sufficient when they get married. Geesh!

Charmed1 said...

I say we string up all husbands and kids by their toes from the ceiling fans and watch their little heads pop. Where do the kids come up with this crap? Mine say the same things and my husband says all the time "I work, what do you do?" Well it sure as hell wasn't you up at 4 this morning folding your nasty underwear was it? How do you think the dishes got cleaned? The dog, perhaps? Oh and another one, who do you think watched your kids today to keep you from paying $500 a week for daycare? Tell him to go get his own plate and to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!! LOL

I found you!! I know you didn't forget me.

momma of 2 said...

okay - so I had to come back and comment as I couldn't get past the title... and well - I still am laughing...sorry - I can't be of help. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cliff, that is what I was scared of..not sure how they got her her butt!!

Angel, peanut butter balls are he best:)

Charmed, men have some nerve..we need to string em all up:)

Momma, u like sweet balls dont you:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Nice, melted balls! What a fun topic.

Our hubbies want to be taken care of just like we do. Serving each other is a two-way street.