Thursday, December 08, 2005

No baby spawn,you can not do that

Baby spawn, hello its me mum. I am sorry for pretending I am talking to Dora, Boots, Backpack, and Map when you had me the phone. I had no idea you would think you could talk to them through the television...Today when you put your tiny ear up to the speaker of the telly and tried with all your might to talk to Dora, I laughed...But then grew worried when you started reaching your bity hand behind the devil box in order to try and find her. My appologies to you and yours.. You CAN NOT talk to Dora. She is not alive. She is what we call a doodle.


I stole this from my girl Shelly at

Give 10 weird or random facts about yourself....

1. When I was 10 I ran over my sister with my dads S-10 pick up truck.

2. When I was 17 I met a professional football player. And he asked for my phone number.

3. Back in the late 80,s I would go thru one can of Aqua Net hairspray in a week..the pink and gray can. I belive I single handledly helped depleat the ozone layer.

4. In elementary school I told all my friends and my teacher that my dad was Tom Sellek. When I was called out on it, I said that he was my dads brother. I had one person years later who must have belived me, tell me they saw my uncle at the party store.

5. I tried stealing a car once. But my plans were foiled when I could not reach the pedals and could not figure out what key went into the ignition.

6. In like 3-5 grade I would take paper clips, and un-fold them. I would put them in my mouth, mold it to my teeth, adhere it with gum and tell all my friends I had a retainer.

7. I use to let my boy friends in thru my bedroom window. Once I was making out with one thru the window and had the damnest thing happen. I wont go into detail, but I ended up putting my feet thru the glass and messed up my feet pretty good.

8. After watching an episode of The Jefferson,s I went to school the next day and called my teacher " a stupid honky"....Not knowing the ramifications of that!! Also not knowing what it meant..

9. After watching The Jazz Singer ( starring Neil Diamond) I told my teacher I was Jewish. I rember it was getting close to The Holiday season and I had no idea what Hannaka was. She asked me to tell the class about Hannaka. Lets just say..I was outted then...

10. I once had a fish bowl filled with worms and toads. That I caught myself. Now, I woudlnt touch one to save my soul. Toads give you warts.

I wont tag anyone....But if ya wanna do it, go for it....

I am still having troubles with my prostate. I am gonna buy Depends soon so I can watch my whole soap opera without interuptions. Or buy the jumbo size Pampers..That way it doesnt look like I have a problem.

Hello hottie..

It wont let me post a picutre.....I will try later.....

it will not let me spell check either..gosh I hope you can decode my jibberish nonsence..I really need to have a handbook...



pack of 2 said...

Love your list.

I have to badly was your sis injured when you ran over her? Ouch!!!! I bet your parents loved that.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well this is funny!! my sister was such a chub that her leg acctually stopped the tire from running over her body..And I was in major trouble..I belive I was grounded for a long time..I might even still be grounded:)

Peggy said...

You might be able to add to that list "caused my daughter to get electrocuted by hunting for dora in the tv" LOL.. just kidding but none of your list surprises me, guess cause you sound alot like me in my younger days.

Melis said...

Ok girly... You're list just CRACKED ME UP as always. And I will be a nice friend of yours and do it as well... hmmmmm... do ya really wanna know THAT many things about me??? lmao!!

The retainer! OMG! I about choked to death on my drink when I read that! I did the same thing!!!! Scarey chick a dee... SCARY!!

momma of 2 said...

LMAO ..sorry lady you crack me up...

But I do have to tell you something - I think I paid attention in my college classes - females don't have prostrates.... Unless I missed something in Anatomy and Physiology.... Have a good one - and get it check out okay!

Marel Lecone said...

Still thinking your nuts . . . but, I was giggling through my hands the whole time. My husband is asleep, you know. But, you are too funny!! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Peggy, can i call you mom them?:)

Melis, I need to see your list...retainer too..LMAO!! we are freaks!!

Momma, I too leanred in one pre-med class and various other med classes that indeed i dont have a prostate...but ya sound better than I have uerautha troubles..LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel, you know you love not kid yourself:) You spent the night with Bon jovi...and I thought he was its been proven I have been nuts before..LOL

pack of 2 said...

Ok, regarding baby spawn thinking he can talk to Dora...a friend of mine told her son that his father was hanibal lecter & the kid believed it for like...five yrs...shame!!!

I loved your list.

don't worry my mom helped you deplete the ozone layer.

I did #6 too...also used foil...couldn't understand why people knew I was lying.

I used to catch lizards & when they would open their mouth...I would clamp them on my ears & walk around with live lizards hanging from my ears like earrings.

That pamper thing sounds like a great idea...maybe you should wear them all the time & that would cut a good 10 minutes off your day:)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am horrofied at the thought of using lizards for earings..Oh my..I beginging to think you might of been a tomboy:)

I got the willies just thinking about that:-)

The Blog Whore said...

You *always* make me laugh. Right out loud.

I once had the strongest urge to run over my ex. I actually hit the gas, but it was a stick shift. He owes his life to "Neutral" on the gear shift.

Anonymous said...

Cracking me up!

My daughter did the paper clip thing AND they all put those small rubber bands on their teeth until they made a rule against it.
HAHA she had to get braces a few years later.
Oh how I loved to remind her that she REALLY WANTED BRACES!

My son was singing along to that George Michael Christmas song yesterday in the car..

"Last Christmas I gave you my heart..."

I said, "How do you know this song???"

he said "Mom I'm a pimp"

I laughed and thought about you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Thersa,you might go to jail for that:-)

and u always crack me up too:) thanx!!

Novak8, LMAO..I love that song..

I had to get braces shortly after that..but I wouldnt wear my headgear becuase it caused worse pain then pushing a baby my parnets had them remove my braces after a year..cause I ddint wear the headgear and my teeth werent moving..they were never I cant figure that out still!!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Doesn't everyone lie to their kids a little?

vani said...

LOL- u are crazy girl! i used to let my boyfriends in thru my window too. one particular time, the "noise" of us making out woke my mom up, who then busted in through my locked door and caught us!!! let's just say all hell broke lose after that...lmao..another one of those, "you can laugh about now" moments. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

SFG, you betcha;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Vani, my mom didnt know till years later when i told her..Kinda like." hey mom, you wouldnt belive the crap I pulled over your eyes..LMAO

Anne said...

Your uh......prostate huh? ROFLMAO

You and I both put that hole in the was either greay can or purple can-whichever I could find-until I discovered Stiff Stuff. :oP

Girl-you wormed you cute self in there-I will have you know I was singing at the top of my lungs in the car last night to George Michaels Christmas song (scuse me I can't recall the name lol) and telling my daughter-awww Christina LOVES this guy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Anne, u love me, u really love:-)

that is too funny...that is a good song, the name of it is Wham.."Last Christmas"..LOL

Working Mom said...

Too funny!

Cliff Morrow said...

Christina, drink a lot of cranberry juice or go to a Dr while you still have a bladder.
Course I think they do have an operation where you can use a bag the rest of your life. Sounding like a father here, sorry.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

denise, :-)

cliff, I know..
I need to get some cranberry juice..thanks for looking after me you big softy:)

d said...

OMG, you were bad! This post made me laugh like crazy.

Loved the Jefferson's too. I was reading this post earlier and it reminded me of something. I posted it, go take a look.