Monday, June 18, 2007


I am tired. I am hot. I am fat.

Hit Dairy Queen two nights in a row, not good, not good at all.

Look, I am a shitty mom, I did not put enough sunblock on Blondie and LOOK..

She is burned on her knee caps, her arm pits and her cheeks....

Because I suck.

Look, here is Boo, I must love her more cuz she is just a nice golden brown instead of lobster claw red..

That is her new "simming soup"

Here is my son....I let him out of the dungeon but once per day....thats why he is blinding your eyes with his pale white skin..

When I do let him out, he goes right to Ruinscape, it is a game that he would rather play then pose for a pic with his big fat ugly momma...look see..

Look, here is Shaky holding down the love seat, well after all it was Fathers Day.

Here is my and Mr Big Head..

This, well, this is just me..

Here is my tattoo with a weeks worth of healing....

So I have decided to start Weight Watchers again...BUT first I need to lose a few pounds. Its pretty sad when you want to lose a few pounds before you start a new diet.

Don't ask, I know it makes no sense....But if any of you are morbidly obese like me, you understand.

Its just logical, thats all...

Doesn't help that I ate ice cream from Dairy Queen the last two days...Doesn't help that I ate nearly an entire watermelon on my own..

It doesn't help that I think my son is married.

it doesn't help that kids are being abducted in my city or that the man who signs my paychecks was born with no penis or genitalia of any recognizable sort. Or that he likes stuffing objects up his pooper...but whatever, to each his own..sonofabitch.

Well my son is off to get sun block wiped on his pasty body from his mother in law..I must say, She is doing something I suck at, did you see Blondies back?


Here she is smiling anyway, bless her heart..

I am having issues. I will be gone for a few days/weeks.......
Mr Shaky keeps looking at my boobs..
Flip Flop thru life, just don't flop thru the important stuff.


Neurotic1 said...

Looks like a fun weekend! They have a new diet pill that went on sale today. It's called Alli. The only side effect is that it could cause anal leakage and an oily discharge. That should be able to help before you're back at weight watchers!

Angie said...

Christina~ when in doubt buy the spray on sunscreen, you're apt to hit more body parts...LOL

oliveoyl64 said...

Don't feel bad about blondie... when my ds was about 4, I let him play with the neighbor ALL DAY. I thought she would do sunscreen and she thought I had DONE sunscreen. See the poor communication??? Who suffered, but poor ds and he ended up with HUGE water blisters.

Children are resilient and blondie will not love you any less for letting her bake.

lo said...

FEEL better baby!!!!
:)Don't go away!
Your posts make my day

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I have heard about the pill, I saw on the Today Show that in the fine print it tells you to pack extra clothes just in case you shit yourself...

Not cute.

I JUST BOUGHT, we think alike;)

oh my, when my sister was little we spent the day lounging in our pool, floating on our day she had HUGE blisters on both her shoulders...My mom felt so bad..she was only like 6 or 7..

she still has scares from the blisters to this day..

I wont be far;)

Michael Manning said...

I can hear Mr. Rourke from "Fantasy Island" (Ricardo Montelban) saying: "Bossy, I'm afraid I cannot allow you to judge yourself so harshly"! ;-)

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well that is sweet, and I can almost hear you saying that in that voice;)

1 plus twins said...

your family is adorable. hey with all those kids you can't all the sumblock where it needs to be on all of them. i did the same thing today with my three and one lets say i missed a few spots!! ha ha thanks for understanding my post and maybe one day i will be ready to talk about it. hope all is well the next few days. if you want go to my myspace and message me there if yu need talk! hang in there. as for your hubby looking at your boobs, well that is just a man for you. and by the look of your pictures you are so not obese or even fat!!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

1 plus twins,
isnt it funny how one kid gets the short end of the stick?..haha

Thanks for understanding and u know I already do..

Hit me up on Myspace ANYTIME..

and stop trying to butter me up, I am not going to sleep with u..hahahahahahaha

Katie said...

Good luck with the work crap going on.

Heck, the kid is still smiling, so the sunburn can't be that bad ;)

patti_cake said...

Go do what you have do hon and Be well. You are not a shitty Mom. By a long shot. You are a fun, cool, gorgeous Mom!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

and she is still talking to me, so I think she is over it..But she does keep remidning me she has a sunburn..

oh I am pretty shitty, but its nice of u to try and give me a pick me up;)

Working Mom said...

Bug's butt cheeks got burned the other day. Guess I wasn't expecting her to walk around with a wedgie all day at the pool.

You're coming to visit, aren't you? That's why you're going away for a bit, right?

Gette said...

one out of 3 kids came home from the pool with sunburn last week, so I think the ratio is pretty good. If Mr. Shaky looking at your boobs is gonna keep you away from the computer THAT long...YOU GO!!!!! Woot!

just_tammy said...

Is it already time for you to head to the home land? Time flies when you're having fun. At least you are having fun. Me - not so much. This move is taking a toll.

Have a great day!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Working mom,
oh no, not the butt cheeks.

well, I dont feel so bad now;)

Well, he isnt looking at my boobs now, I did make him go to work this morning;)

no, I am not going to the homeland till next month...when the hell are u moving?

1 plus twins said...

ha ha i just read your comment back to me! you crack me up!!!!