Saturday, June 23, 2007

what the fu* did I do

Ok, I did a stupid thing. Every time I do this, which is NOT often, I say I will never in my life do that ever again. nomatterwhat.

But there I go. I did it.

I went out with my friends Swiss and JV...

By 11pm JV and I were puking in the establishment bathroom. We would come out, and keep on trucking. At midnight we not only could not walk, but we had tummy aches and head aches and wanted to go home. Swiss on the other hand wanted to go to the bar...she was just starting.

So our driver..yes, we had a driver, she sat with us the whole night, and listened to us slur our words and make no sense..God bless DD, took JV and I home, as we live right across the street from each other. I walked into her driveway and sat while she tried a few times to get into her house. After she got it figured out, she stood in her yard until I made it home and turned my light off.

I get home, crawl my best up to my bed. I tell Mr Shaky not only will I not be putting PJ's on, but I wont be brushing my teeth or pottying, as it may cause me to vomit more.

I layed down, he put his hand on me, and went to sleep. I moaned and groaned, puked and use four letter words over and over again.

He got me ice water, Tylenol, and tried like hell to get my dignity back.

I got up, head hanging in the shitter, hair full of puke and toilet water, then just acted as though it was normal and went back and laid on my pillow.

I wake up in the morning, and I have fuzzy recollections of the nights events.

I do remember drinking at least 3 white Russians, more then 6 or 7 screwdrivers and maybe 5 or 6 or 20 sex on the beach drinks.

what happen in between those drinks I can not recall. Oh I did have a Bazooka shot, taste just like the bubble gum and something they called a crackpipe shot, kinda tasted like a sweetart.

So today, I have splitting headache. No, not splitting, its sort of like gaping.

Here is me last night and the early hours of the AM today..

I am going back to retrieve my spot on my davenport as my grandma calls it..and couch, or sofa for u people who don't know what a davenport is.


nora said...

ah, that explains your silence.
Repeat after me-- no shots, ever! And no drinks that taste like candy.
Back to the davenport to you.
I'm off to work at the bar (oh, sorry, I said bar). I do my best to talk people out of drinking crazy stuff.
Rest well.

Katie said...

Feel better! Hangovers suck.

Tom said... happens all the time all over the land...You had a hard drinkin night and generally you pay for those next day..been going on since recorded history. At least you didn't have to fight you way out with a couple of buddies (I've done that) if you do a long neck Bud bottle make s dandy weapon if you break it. I'm just turned 47 and drinking nights are over. Chug cold water and gatorade and eat stomach friendly stuff (bowl of cornflakes did the trick for me back in the day) You are too cool FFM puke and all!

Packof2 said...

OMG...I feel for you. Shhh...just go back to bed & try again tomorrow:)

Sandi said...

I have recently "been there" (see attached sexy picture on my blog.) We were hauled out of the planter by security, drunk dialed...everyone and drove in a crack whore cab. It was a lovely evening!

Angie said...

aside from the puke....did you have fun?

aatank said...

I so wish I could experience that! I seem to be able to hold my drinks very well. I have tried on several accounts to get drunk and I just can't do it. I think the worst I have been was when I had 3 Long Islands in one night with a few other drinks, but I woke up great the next morning.

So way to go!! I hope your feeling much better today.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Hey troops..

Well I DID have a GREAT time...I have not went out like that in YEARS...If I ever get the pics from the night, I will post them..

I have been told I consumed about 21 drinks all toghter last night..That has to be a record, I could of died from alcohol poisoning..hehe

I am feeling a bit better, just went to the show and say Even Almighty...VERY cute...not a single curse word in it..I loved it.

anyway, I am off to take a hot bath..

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Amazing how having kids and being responsible and shit can kill a tolerance, huh? Of course, you did pretty good...I have one glass of wine and I'm loopy.

Hope you're back to normal by Monday!

LZ Blogger said...

Can you say "12 step plan?" ~ jb///

Humincat said...

You just reminded me why I shouldn't be in such a hurry to quit nursing. I keep saying " I just want to get drunk already!" Thanks for reminding dumbasses like me that there is another side to it. I can honestly say, I've only puked once, and that was the night I don't remember. Not fun. Glad you're feeling better.

Fantastagirl said...

ahhhh - that sucks... hope you are feeling better soon!

Working Mom said...

Mmmmm white russians!! Sounds like a fun night (minus the puking and headache and all). I manage to do the same thing about once a year with a couple of friends. I hate the way I feel the next day but damn we have fun when we're out!

Gette said...

Well, at least you steered clear of the Jag bombs. Hopefully you'll have a dd Wednesday, or at least avoid the Bazooka Joes. Those were invented in Monte, I hear...

Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds like a real good time... NOT!
Barf in the hair is not a desirable thing.
I've heard people say davenport before. People from Missouri. They also call a toilet a hopper.
So, you were puking in the hopper.
Poor thang. Take care and don't do that ever again.
Remember... just say no after a few, okay????
Your hubby was nice to you and took care of you.
He wuvs you.

1 plus twins said...

oh you poor thing. that's what happens when you get old, you can't hold your alcohol!!! lol just kidding, hang in there. hope you feel better soon.

Princess said...

Ummah Bossy!
I have nooo pity on your dumb ass, coz its all your own doings! ;)
But, at least you had a great night!
Have you lied to yourself and said.... "Im NEVER drinking again?" ;)
Yeh, like that ever happens!


patti_cake said...

Oh boy I went on a bender yesterday and HEADACHE FROM HELL.
I feel your pain sister, I feel your pain.

J to the I to the double L said...

you poor thing...I had a rough night too but didnt puke...

Ba Doozie said...

what is the fun of drinking so much you can't even remember the dumb things you did?