Thursday, June 21, 2007

some kinda wonderful

So, Monday I have a meeting. Each and every one of us whom work at the crazy house are being called to our very own personal meeting. The Barracuda lady and the Baboon lady want to meet with us. One. At. A. Time. My big meeting is fourth in line. Mine is at 10am. Whoo Hoo bitches...

We have a joke that they are calling us in to tell us about our raises.

I will actually shit my pants if that is the case, but, I am pretty confident that she aint the case here. But as always, I will keep you posted.


This is what happens when I am hard at work and Mr Shaky is in charge of all major operations and keeping my business here flowing smoothly.


This is Boo. Sleeping...yes she is sleeping...BUT if you notice she is sleeping inside her little toy holder...This ladybug normally houses about 20-30 pieces of fluff. Stuffed animals if u will.

But she has turned this into a make shift sleeping bag.

Rest assured, she is tucked nicely into her big girl bed...WITH pajamas on.

And speaking of pajama's when I got home from work at 9 pm I told The Boy to get his pajama's on...

20 minutes later he came up from his room...NO JAMMIES.

I remind him that I did indeed give those orders.

So he starts to take his shirt off.

I tell him,

just because your taking your shirt off, does not constitute as PJ'S.

aww mom.....thats so not fair.

no, whats not fair is me having a son whom is too damn lazy to put on actual sleeping gear...oh and wearing the same boxers for two days running...

He was not impressed.

I am sure he is down in his room right now calling me a bitch under his breath. No, I take that back, my son does not swear, nor does he like hearing it, so he is probably doing something like this..

man my mom is such a poopy pants.

yea whatever.

~ I told Mr Shakes about my wanting to join Weight Watchers. He is all like

um dear, you do not need to lose any weight, you look "good"..I mean really "good"

after I cleared the vomit from my mouth I reassured him I am a fat sow.

he still claims this is not true, and a man of God would not lie.

In his defense though, he has not seen my naked since 1996..

with the lights on anyway.

Flipping the bird to all the barracuda's and bamboos in a 10 miles radius. Sleep well bitches.


1 plus twins said...

my boys do the same damn thing. either want to sleep in all their clothes cuz they are too damn lazy to put on pj's or they strip naked too damn lazy to open the drawer and get pj's out. now it is a battle i don't care to fight. i make them take dirty clothes off and if they want to get naked go for it. or if after a shower don't want to put clothes on whatever! not worth the battle.

jsull said...

well i hope you dont soil ur britches reguardless of what the folks tell u in ur meeting
i mean if u poop they might admit u instead of letting you tend the folks there
Mr. Shakey might have sumthin there
maybe he would like to view you naked so he says those things
I mean I think you look good but then again I havent seen you naked since 9 months before Butch was birthed.
good luck at ur meet
ole pretty

Karin said...

I guess we will have to all wait and see what happens in your meeting Monday. I am betting they are calling you in individually to see who is the trouble maker that isinsighting the riot. I am sure the fingers will all be pointed to you so be prepared.

I will have to keep your lessons in mind when Elijah gets mouthy. Maybe I will call you to yell at him.

Princess said...

Aww... Boo is so cute!

And as if you are a fat sow! :( Listen to him (for once ;) You are gawgus!!!


patti_cake said...

Boo is so cute!

Why are boys like that? My two nephews used to drive me crazy when they spent the summer with us about personal hygiene.
Girl I don't think you need to lose weight either but we women are never, ever satisfied!

J to the I to the double L said...

as long as boo-bee was safe and snug...let her sleep wherever i say:-)

you really dont need weight watchers, i u really want to start counting points every day?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

1 plus twins,
what is the damn deal with boys?..I swear...I am glad I am not the only one having issues..

There will be no soiling on my end, there is nothing they could say to me to would upset me, cuz I would just leave, and not look back. My friend has her meeting before me, I told her to call me when she is done;)

Well, your just gonna have to come over and see for yourself..haha

when your litlte peanut starts giving u shit, u have him call aunt chirstina, I will straighten him out in no time;)

Our big fingerpointing meeting was last week. That was a very unpleasnat meeting. Acctually at work I am not a trouble maker, I do my shit, then leave...BUT I did sign the letter and help write it, along with 4 other people, but that is done with, not sure what this one is reagrding...I am not looking forward to it thougn.

thanks..but I am a fat sow;)

boys must be gentically born stupid, thats all I can figure.

Well, I am sort of a freak in the fact there has to be certain order obtained at sleepy bye time;)

I would rather count poits then have a huge ass sista;)

Neurotic1 said...

Have fun back on Weight Watchers. Give em' hell in the meeting.

Katie said...

Boo is too cute.

oliveoyl64 said...

Anyway you can take a hidden camera into the meeting. If it is NOT about your raise, then I know you will be giving them h-e-l-l and I would love to see their faces.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I am all about giving anyone hell, u know that:)

aint she though;)

well, if i had a tiny camera I sure as shit would tape the whole shizzle;)

JoeinVegas said...

If they can your butt you could at least collect unemployment while looking for the next place. And use that fact in your lawsuit.

Humincat said...

Good luck. Such a man that Mr. Shakey, such a man.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I hope the barracuda and baboon kiss your ass. They need to.
I still have to chase my little one to get his PJ's on. And now you're telling me it doesn't get any easier. Crap.

Rodrigo said...

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Ba Doozie said...

well I for one am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow when you stab both of them.

Our boys really would get along, mine does not cuss, and he also takes forever and whines about getting pj's on. Do you have to force him to shower?

Cliff Morrow said...

Nope husbands don't lie.
You should have watched the Tonight show, it had a guy by the name of Johnny Carson on it. No one on late night in this day and age would be good enough to shine his shoes.

Choppzs said...

Holy shit, i am laughing my ass off! I once again read your post to Hubs, only because your boy sounds so much like Girly. Hubs says "I guess they are all like that at that age then huh?" Um Yup, I don't feel so alone now! lol

Flip Flop Goddess said...

thats what I am waiting for, they want us to quit, but we are not giving them the satisfaction;)

yes, such a man is right..haha

well, I am thinking there wot be any ass kissing, more like ass kicking hahah

Ba Doozie,
um, I tell him to go take a shower, he goes to all the effort of getting wet, but when i smell his hair, its clearly wet, but smells I make him go take another shower while I sit on the toilet seat..

is that child abuse?

oh, I watched Johnny, when Jay took over, I stopped, I dont think Jay is very funny and he kinda looks like a creep guy who use to walk thru my neighborhood as a kid, he ended up being some sort of drug dealer...they look like twins.

since I am out of the late night loop, i dont watch anything anymore..

and husbands do lie..hehe

ok, thank you...I was hoping I was not the only one with a dysfunctnal family;)

Working Mom said...

Hope your meeting goes well and you get that raise!!

I too feel the need to lose 10 pounds before starting WW. Why? Don't really know...but I know you understand :)

Ba Doozie said...

That is not child abuse, it is responsible parenting. At least you don't let him go around smelling rank and offending others. I am a parent that follows through and makes sure the Boy is doing what I told him