Monday, June 25, 2007

A brand new DAY

Well it seems I have slowly recovered from the night of fun that reeked havoc on my intestinal track. Shaky remained me that I killed a bunch of brain cells and that I will never be as smart as I was Friday night before I left with the girls..

Its a small price to pay to puke in a public establishment.

By Saturday evening Mr Shaky wanted to go to the movie theater to see Evan Almighty.

So we went.

I ate some popcorn, my tummy was not happy. It was very cute, and I LOVE Miss Wanda Sykes, she is so damn funny. And you no what? This movie had not one curse word in it.

This post you are reading now, has more curse words then this damn movie..see there ya go..

If you have older kids, they will love it...

no i am not a paid spokesman for the movie , nor to I profit from you seeing it..I am just paying it forward, telling u bout something u might wanna go take the kids sue me.

So my big individual meeting with Barracuda and Baboon will take place at 10 am CST. I am going prepared. I am taking an ice pick, just for good measure.


I have come up with a dilemma with my 10 year old son...

You see, he plays this game online. Its called Ruin Scape or something to that effect. He has been playing it for a few months. Him and his lady friend play it, along with other kids from school.

I told him, pounded this is his head.. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ONLINE YOU DO NOT KNOW. I mean it is drilled into his head, kinda like wiping your ass after you sit on the pooper.

Come to find out, he was talking with this female. A 19 year old female. A 19 year old female who thought he was 23. A 19 year old female who thought he was 23, that said he broke her heart and that he cheated on her.


I wont go into every bloody gory detail, but he gave this girl his password, and she used all his money and deleted all his friends.

I told him over and over again, never to give your password to ANYONE but his dad and I.

Mr Shaky doesn't even have my email password...not that I care, but he has never asked and I have never told him...

I just don't understand why he did that.

he had to have been doing all these breaking of the 19 year olds heart at my moms, as he was only allowed on the computer on weekends here for 20 minutes a day. Plus I was always sitting here watching him..

So not only is he NEVER playing that game again, but he is not allowed on a computer of any kind until he can afford to buy his own.

Since I only pay him 5 bucks a week, it wont be anytime soon.

Well, I will let you know if I have a job after my is a list of possible scenarios me and my buddies have come up with

1. They are apologizing and giving us raises

2. We are fired.

3.They are reviewing our job performance then either firing or raising us.

4.They are werewolves and they are preparing for a full moon..ok, thats just mine.

5.They are going to ask each of us if we want the house manager job

6. They want to have dirty office sex with us..which I am oppose to, being one is a barracuda and one is a baboon.

7. They want to kill us..that is why I am bringing the ice pick.

so those are the only possible reasons we can think of.

Right now, I do not even care which it is.

When they brought our schedule for July in Friday, it was only filled out for the first two weeks...when it is normally done by the month.

I might need two ice picks and one rubber mallet.

I will keep you updated on which weapon I needed.

Peace and love...


"T" said...

Good luck at the meeting. I can't wait to hear what it's about.

Has it made you paranoid that you are the last one (for the meetings) in line?

They save the best for last :)

That (only) 2 week schedule is weird.

Hails said...

goodluck with the meeting. ILl keep my eye on the news for a crazy lady who went bananas with an ice pick...ill then say i know that woman and she is a cracker of woman!!

OMG about your son. i laughed and went omg in one go, rather funny he has gone and broken her heart but he gave her password. Does he not reliese that evil woman like her will take revenge? hmm hopefully he has learned lesson.

hope your feeling better!

Katie said...

Good luck!

Gette said...

If they dismiss you all, who is going to run the house? They are shooting themselves in the foot with that one. Unless the Barracuda and Babboon plan to run te place themselves while thay hire staff to fill your positions, it will put them in a really tight spot. It will also be quite difficult to train your replacements as you quietly and peacefull picket the joint from a perfectly legal 250 feet away... ;)

Anonymous said...

Break down and buy the boy a DS, it will keep him occupied. All the kids around here have them...oh, and tell him he can only play games on it is pretty tame, they even let the kiddies here play those at school. My boys love their DS' they want a Wii.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

oh no, I am not the last one, I am one of the first...The last one has her meeting at 1:20..

I will let u know how it goes, only two more hours..


kids are stupid...u will realize this one day;)
I hope I dont have to break out the ice pick, but u never know.

thanks girl.

I cant see them dismissing us all, I really cant, but the whole sitation is pretty dang fishy..

well we have that X-BOX thingy, whatever its called..

I am one of those mean ass moms that only allow them to play that sort of stuff on the weekends.

I think he has been to that website and played before, I know my 7 year ol likes to go to and play shit..

But for now, he is BANNED from the laptop, as I am not sure if he is marrying every tom dick an jane he meets on there...damnit.

thanks for your suggestions..

KrazyMom said...

Good luck at the meeting today. Just remember you have rights. I will check in later to see what all went down. I don't want to see you on the news with some story of a deranged mother of three beating the snot out of her bosses due to a lingering hangover and work issues pushing her over the edge!

patti_cake said...

Hoping for the best....

Working Mom said...

Hope all goes well with your meeting! If they fire you, make sure you go out with a bang!

Your son's learning early the evils of women huh?!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

ok, here is the scoop..

I was not fired, it was another meeting about the letter...

They asked me how can we get things back to the way they use to be, I said, I am not sure that is possiable.

The reason our schedules are only done for two weeks is because they are hiring new house managers and the scedhule will change after that.

thats all..

Just A Girl said...

I'm more nervbous than you are I think....It's 11:15, I'm gonna need an update soon....

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

You're probbably in that meeting right now as I type this. I hope you still have a job, and you have not killed the Barracuda or the Baboon.

And that boy of did you stop yourself from killing him. Because I seriously would have.

J to the I to the double L said...

Good Luck Nigga!

oliveoyl64 said...

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter in your Barracuda/Baboon saga. I am on the edge of my seat. I would even pay admission!!!!

I was in a quandry when my ds wanted a My Space page. Went against my better judgement. Well be damned, cuz the computer is in MY craft room and he can't have HIS privacy when I am in there too. Damn it all to hell.TEE HEE.

Humincat said...

You should have some friend your son doesn't know show up at your doorstep with some of the details and be all, I'm here to meet you! Ohhh, make it some creepy old man, so he knows they are all liars. That might get the point across.

Emma Sometimes said...

oh, lordy, he broke the 19 year old's heart and so she broke his bank. Great fun all around.

Paging Mr. Han Gohver, Mr. Han Gohver?

But you did have fun? Right?

lo said...

hope all goes well today
if it doesn't, perhaps you have a 'reserve' of left over vomit from the weekend..that didn't get used yet that you could use today.....oops

Ba Doozie said...

I have the same rule about no talking to strangers online, I snuck up on the Boy one day and he was breaking the rule...he was talking to someone about something he was selling, I'm not sure where to draw the line

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I will be back later to fill u in..

I am off to the lake for my four mile run....dont wait up for me.

Tomscockwhore said...

Good Luck girl! If it's doesn't go the way you want, get em with the ice pick!!!!

"T" said...

For some reason I thought they started at 8 am and they were working on down the 4 of you.... and yours was at 10. I was counting a half hour ass reaming for each.

I never know what I am talking about. Or reading. Or saying.