Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I did something today I do not normally do. In the last say 20 years I may have done this once .

I bought my own tampons today. I even bought the Sport kind, cause I am a sporty kinda gal. Normally I send the Shakester off to get all my feminine hygiene products. Because I am a pansy ass that way. Even when I was a teen I made my dad buy them. I am sure he was glad when I finally moved out...

I was going to purchase some K-Y Jelly for good measure, because I felt I was on a roll or something..But I did not...

Maybe next time.

Maybe not.

So this is how my meeting went down.

They give me the 3rd degree about that damn letter. I am asked how I think we should rectify the negativity in the work place. I tell them it is not my job to do so...it is there job, as I did not cause the up heave, they did.

They asked me if I stand by the letter, I told them I do.

I told them if they are going to fire us, do it now...And that we are tyring to forget about it, but they keep hashing it up.

They said no one was getting fired.

I asked them how they expect us to move on, when they keep throwing it in our faces.

Sounds like it will be all blown over soon....

but I still stabbed them both with my ice pick.

Flipping out on a daily basis..

I am thisclose to needing some sort of anxiety pill/crack.

Crack is whack.


Karin said...

well I am glad to see you weren't fired. I can't believe you make your husband buy your tampons. I would never even ask my too even if he was going to the store and I needed them. Well ok maybe I will when I have a newborn and I am desperate. Glad to see you could figure it out all on your own.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

oh this was a one time shot, I will not ever buy them again..I can garanetee it;)

Ba Doozie said...

THank GOD, you stabbed them for good measure, I was worried you were going to go easy on those bimbo's.

cathouse teri said...

That is hilarious! I don't believe anyone has ever purchased my tampons for me... well not for years and years anyway.

I guarantee if I'd asked my ex to get them, he'd have gotten the wrong ones! I decided that no matter what details I ever gave him, what he heard was "Go somewhere and get something."

I just scrolled back about fourteen posts to see if I could find the original posting about this "letter" but to no avail. I am just glad it worked out. Or is working out. Or something.

I just have one question, though. Why are you paying your children? Who started that idea anyway?
I'm going to stab them with an ice pick. (I guess that was two questions, and a statement.)

just_tammy said...

I'm so proud of you for making such a purchase. My hubby has purchased many time for me. Recently our son and he were running some errand when I realized I was in desperate need and that was all that was needed from the store. The two of them picked up a bunch of other stuff so two grown guys wouldn't be going through the check out line with a lone box of tampons.

Hope things blow over at work. I could use an ice pick right about now. The house is almost packed up. They finish packing today and then the movers come tomorrow. Of course rain is now predicted for tomorrow as well. Keep a good dry thought for us!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u can never be too careful..always gotta throw in a stabbing for good measure.

what do u mean why do I pay them?..Dont confuse me this early in the AM..haha

I cant wait for the day I can sen The Boy off to the store to get them...that is going to be a gloriuos day;)

Good luck with your move..email me as soon as u get settled in.

Just A Girl said...

Well, that was kind of anti-climatic....

Should have at least slammed some books around or threw some papers on the floor....geez.

Al won't even put the new tampon box under the bathroom sink when I buy it, so I know he'd never purchase them just for me.

patti_cake said...

Glad to hear you stood your ground (not that I EVER doubted you wouldn't). I would definitely want you in my corner when the chips are down!
LMAO about the femenine hygiene products. 13 years of wedded bliss and the hubs STILL is weirded out by them!

Britmum said...

Hey How the bloody hell are you? I have been lurking around just haven't had time to write a post. I know I suck big time.

Sam plays that darn it to heck game. Little shit!! Its a pain in the ass. I don't think he has given his paasword out. Little swine!

O.k. love you and I miss you dreadfully xxxxx

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Just a girl,
hey baby doll, well I did slam the door when i left, does that count?

Patti cake,
12 years of wedded bliss here an he has bought them ever month...but this one,maybe one other I dont recall...I have him trianed like a trick pony;)

hey sweetness...how the sam bloody hell are u?

I am totally aginst all onnline games for kids..there are creeps everywhere...shit.

Keep your eye on him, as I know u do already, I thought I was keeping a good eye, but shit, I was wrong.

Love u right back, bless your cotton socks;)

Michele_3 said...

I'm back girlie!
(about time huh?)
Gotta catch up on you!!
Are you behaving?? LOL!

Love the new blog, you know I'm a shoe freak, I practically live in my flip-flops!

JoeinVegas said...

So, it looks like out of your seven options they went for number 4?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I have missed u....

damn, I was thinking the SAME thing..Great minds think alike my friend.

Humincat said...

You just have to be like Whitney, and say "HELL to the NO!" I usually buy most of my tampons, but he has to buy ALL the Fun stuff. Oh, and I don't buy preg tests either, that's his job, definately.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yes same here...he buys all things..preg test and all other things mentioned him too

I will buy milk, bread, clothes, thats bout it.

J to the I to the double L said...

Your a lucky ho...it must be true love for Shakster to do that for ya..I asked mine to get some for me once cause I literally could not even stand if you know what I mean..

jsull said...

ok i sniggered
i mean surely folks that se u understand that you might need some female products from time to time.
K-Y has a warming oil.......... or so I hear....

1 plus twins said...

ok i have to re-read this cuz i can't get past the part that your husband and dad have bought your tampons!! how the hell did you pull that one off??!!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

shaky is one a million;)

well..I am not one to purchase such items..haha

1 plus twins,
no need to re-read...I dont buy my own rods...never have..haha

Meow said...

Your Shaky man usually goes and buys your plugs ??? Man, he's good ... mine wouldn't in a pink fit !!! You've got yourself a good man there !!
Take care, Meow