Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I figured it would take longer, but as of 1:35 CST I heard these words uttered for the first time, since last summer vacation..

mom, I am bored.

I actually thought it would be a good week or two before I heard it. But no, it was not even a full day of vacation and BAM, I hear it.

It is going to be one long ass summer.

The Boy keeps asking to go to The Girls house. I keep telling him not today, and he acts like I just tore his one and only functioning kidney from his fleshy body.

Good thing the kid has two fully functioning kidneys.

The other day Boo says to Shaky

daddy, your weird..

"why I am so weird?

I don't know daddy, God just made u that way, dats all daddy.

I am glad another person can see it. I have always told him he was a bit weird, and he denies all allegations. now there is proof.


I am addicted to these..

In case you can not tell what it is, this is Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuit's. They are a high calorie treat sent from the Heavens. Try washing it down with a Dt Dr Pepper, leaves a nice burning sensation in the throat area..

I have decided to buy this, to keep the crotch sweat under control.

This is some sort of device to keep your crotch cool...Hell yes.I am about sure its meant for a man, but hell, I am willing to give it a go...

I have decided that until I get to go to my first Lepp show next month, I am going to post a pic of them daily, just keep my spirits up..

With summer vacation looming here, I need a bright spot in the day..

Here is todays installment..now mind u, this is for me, not u..

So pardon me a minute while I wipe the drool from my chin..

Now the first person to tell me..

those are some ugly chics

I am going to pummel.

Mr Shaky always tells me those are the ugliest chicks he has ever seen.

I tell him he isn't looking in the right spots then, cuz I know lots of woofers.

(IE ugly girl from work)

Ok, the time has come for me to go.....My dog is barking and she wants outside.

Carry on...go about your day like nothing I said here had any effect on you..

Just like any other day.

Bee Flippy


Neurotic1 said...

Only you could find some sort of coozie cup for the crotch! I hope it doesn't give you frost bite ;)

I am addicted to those crackers too. I love them. I especially love them with a nice big hunk of pickled bologna from the homeland!

Tomscockwhore said...

You are a mess! And I love hearing about your day!

KrazyMom said...

The kiddos are bored already? You need to make up some major chore lists for them then! Try to keep what little sanity you have left. LOL

Gette said...

I loves me some flavored triscuits

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well, I aint so sure i would acctually buy a ball cooler, but damnit, i canf ind all this shit..

oh, pickled B would be SOOO good on those, your right.

I am a mess indeed.

well, they have a chore list, but um...they are fast workers..haha

they totally rock.

Katie said...

Ah yes, the dreaded I'm bored. Whenever I said that my mom always had a bunch of things to occupy us. Like cleaning the bat shit out of the barn. Fun times, my friend, fun times.

Princess said...

Sorry its late, but i love the new look of your site!! :D

Aww, you guys get all the good stuff. "WE" dont have any triscuits. I have never heard of em!

I used to get busted if i told my mum i was bored! She would call me selfish! lol

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well i kept telling then the ever dreaded.."if your so bored go clean your room"

yeah, that didnt work.

Oh Gosh, u have NO idea what your missing..

Hails said...

LOL about the crotch thingy!

As for kids and boredom, it was bound to happen. How bout bored games to help ease the boredom?? hehe.

~Deb said...

You're hysterical girl. Weirdness is a GOOD thing. If he were normal, I'd be concerned. Really. And, I used to do that to my mom all the fricken time, "Maaaaaaa I'mmmm boorrrreeddddd!"

I gave that woman so many grays!

patti_cake said...

LMAO at the coozie crotch cup!

I DREAD the "Mom i'm bored" thing!

Hey I heart Bon Jovi like you heart Def Leppard.

Emma Sometimes said...

Who in the heck would want to wear a ginormous shoe horn in their crotch all day?

Your daughter is too cute.

Peggy said...

Can't wait to hear if your crotch cup works! LOL guess I will have to try the new trisket since I am already hooked on the other flavors.

Packof2 said...

GAWD...if a kid needs to learn anything it's don't tell your parents that you are bored...it's trouble every.single.time!

Hope that crotch dryer works out for ya:)

J to the I to the double L said...

Hey there flip flop whore!