Thursday, June 14, 2007

shit stick take two

well things are going the same. I walk into the crazy house thinking about what these asshats are doing to the poor people who live here. I hate pulling into that driveway.

I tell Mr Shaky I would rather push an elephant out my hoo-haw then go back..But for now, its the right thing to do. Until they fire me anyway.


So I am trying to find a home remedy to rid my crotch itch...or in lamemens terms..yeast infection.

These are some of the remedies I have came across

*take honey and rub it into the infected area, as it will kill the bacteria

* soak a tampon in plain yogurt and insert into your va-ja-ja for one to two hours or over night, the live cultures in the yogurt will kill the bad yeast.

* take tea bags, wet them, then freeze them and put them on the infected area until they melt.

* take a warm bath with adding a half cup of white vinegar and soak for 20 minutes.

* put cucumber slices over your eyes..

oh wait, that is for the bags under my eyes..scratch that one

well now I am hungry.

I am going to give the honey idea a whirl first, I am already hot, I might as well add sticky and sweet.

My friend Amy and I are going to get tattoos on our toes. A flower head, like a daisy. We are going in the next week or so...But don't u dare tell Mr Shaky. He has no idea and I am not going to tell him...

He does not appriciate things of that sort. And he never looks at my feet, so it will be there for years and he will never notice.


Man my crotch is on fire....its itching...I cant take it anymore. Curse the crotch sweat.

My doc told me some sort of work out gear to buy that prevents it from happening.

Pretty sad when you have to order work out clothes from the special store cuz your womanhood gets too sweaty.

Its a damn shame.

I would give anything to have a penis right now.

Floppers always welcome.


just_tammy said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist another tattoo or piercing! Even if it is just a daisy on a piggy.

Hang in there with the work thing. They may just cave. Yeah, I live in a dream world.

Sorry things are still toasty down under. Sounds like you are going to clean out the kitchen trying to put out the fire. Good luck!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well I am not only going to put out the fire, but also get fat. fatter I mean..

Yarn Tails said...

Where did you find the remedies for the itchys? Some of them are just outrageous!

Ok Look I want a damn tattoo, but I am too chicken. If you ever come down south a little ways you will have to come hold my hand so I can get one too! LOL

I hope everything works out well for you at work! Good Luck!

crack said...

ur killin me
u gotta start warning me of "bad/hurt/itchy/whatever" v-jag-na posts. I am against othern well v-jags. I mean I'ma v-jag kinda guy dont get me wrong, I love them.
Please for the love of gd tell me you arent gonna put frozen tea bags in or on ur lil stuff. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I have somepreventitive maintainance for you. Eat yogurt often. Or at least tke a sink bath at least in thqat area after working out.
Hope you gt the employ deal wors out
hope your cootchie gets better
hope you never have to push a elephant out of said cootchie

Hey I know a chick that has "fuck you tat'd on her big toe for the dude at the morgue!!!!

oh yeah, I have one of them penis's, i'm gonna hold onto it but since me and you are down like 4 flat tires, if i had 2 id sure sendja one em!!!
ole cracker

Tom said...

I'm not gonna leave a comment on something I don't know about first hand ... whoops just did!

Humincat said...

I go back and forth on wether or not a penis would work for me, I mean you can pee in the woods with out getting your socks all wet, you never have to bleed buckets for a week straight while trying to live life like normal, and you could nevermind.But being a cute blonde with some nice chi-chi's always has its perks, so today I'll stay penis free, even if that means I'm making dinner.

cathouse teri said...

I may have missed something... you don't like vagisil?

I'll have to go back and read. Sorry I've been a lame-ass blogfriend.

I have a migraine. Ain't much use today. Just wanted to say hello! :)

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Yarn Tails,
well...u would be surprised at what u find on the world wide web.

ok....I wont make mention of it no more;)

I wont comment either;)

well today was the first ay that a penis sounded.."ok"

Cat House,
well..I tried the Monistat, it took care of it the first time, but its back...

lo said...

Hey Crotch Itch
i teach yoga and the 'special' work out wear really works. Wicks away the ickies:)
DON'T do the tampon and yogurt thing!
:)lola from canada

lo said...

Me again. Can't get my site to work on this damn it so read between the lines and visit me (remember i am a friend of 'i run for life' sandi)
laureleanderson dot com

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Ok, u are advising agianst the yogurt in the va-ja-ja?

I tried to visit u before, but there was no link..I will try once again.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

OK I went to your site, but there is no place to leave a comment, that I could I me the light Lo, show me the light.

I'm Tickled said...

it pained me not to desire cootch info but u kno!
i have 2 at the house that have the same probs if they dont do preent. maint.
Ok I'm pullin for goo cootch for you!
ole good cootch liker J

Neurotic1 said...

I told you- probiotics- pill form- so much easier than home remedies! Told you that you would get another tattoo. They are addictive. Heck, if you get one toe done this time- you got nine more to go ;) Gosh I'm bossy tonight. Enough of the told ya's!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

i think your a cootch addict..hehe

damn, I thought i was suppose to be bossy..

well, after the toe, I am sooo done;)

KrazyMom said...

Geeze girl, you should wait on the tatt until you come out this way in a few weeks. I am getting my new one sometime this summer...say the word! You are right, they are addictive!

On the whole yeastie yeast thing, not sure what to tell ya. Guess I don't work out hard enough.

Ba Doozie said...

Are you buying Underarmour?

all of those remedies except the vinegar bath sound creepy

lo said...

hey silly girl
no-don't have a comments section 'cause it's a website as in .com-originally for my newspaper columns-it's not in a blog format so no comments but working on something. In the meantime, you have to do it the old fashioned way and click on 'say something' with the mailbox on the bottom left.
Oh, got my first tattoo at Hart and Huntington (Sandi was with me). I have the Wonder Woman emblem on my lower back.
you should join us on a future jaunt to vegas 'cause you know, what happens there stays there.

1 plus twins said...

ok are you really serious about those remedies?? ihave never heard of those things helping that at all!! try clothes from underarmor! they even have thongs besides all the other work out clothes. they really breath and are extremely comfortable. you'll love all the clothes! good luck with the fire!

Kendra Lynn said...

More tatoos? Ouch!


Raggedy said...

Fell better soon..I hope them remerderies works.
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

willy slick said...

what would make you think such a cootch???

ooops i mean thing
what wuld make you think such a thing??????????

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I can always find a spot for another one..


creepy?..yes for sure

shit, thats a lot of work..Guess i better get a blogger account for u..

well, I am always up for tats and gambling sugar;)

1 plus twins,
well, according to the world wide web..these are hot remeides..and u know. everything on the net is all true;)

soon, very soon;)

thank u my dear.

Slick Will,
it was just a presumption...sorry..hehe

Fantastagirl said...

Did the doctor give you a pill that you take once, and it lasts for a few days and by then the itches are gone?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I took that years ago, and it made me sick and I have been scared to try it since then..

its called Difflocan

Katie said...

I will take the work stress I have over icky girl parts anyday.

Cliff Morrow said...

Uh...bad cards here, I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

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Meow said...

Hey weren't you sufering from this a few weeks ago ... didn't it go away, or do you have it again ??
Maybe you need something stronger than the pharmacy can give you ... go to the doctors.
Good luck.
Take care, Meow

patti_cake said...

You must have posted very late yesterday cos' I kept checking. Your secret about the toe tat is safe with me!
I think i'd try the vinegar bath one.

"T" said...

Hey, I didn't read all the comments, but has anyone told you there is a pill your gyno can prescribe for a yeast infection? It's called Diflucan. Call and ask them. It's just one pill and you can even follow it up with another one in 2 weeks just to make sure it's gone. It really works.

lo said...

hope you are having a better day-in ALL areas!

cathouse teri said...

Well then do it again! You're not on antibiotics, are you?