Saturday, June 16, 2007


I think I may have found the source of my feminine issues. I think its my new bubble bath. I may have been prematurely blaming my very own groin sweat on something that is not its fault at all.

Sorry groin sweat. I don't take pleasure in the fact I may have wrongly blamed u for my nether region being on fire and feeling like I have hives in the hoohaw.

Moving on...

Look, this is my Boo the other night in her bed..

She is sick today. Some sort of ailment inflicting her immune system causing loud barks and goopy crap clogging her air ways.

Or in other words...a chest cold with a bad cough.

Here she is early today..

Remember she refuses to wear pants..even on her death bed.

And then my poor Blondie wrote this on my dry erase board..




Apparently I have become so lax on my mothering techniques, that she feels she needs to leave me little reminders..

In case you can not decipher her 7 year old spelling.. no it does not say VICODEN...although I says vitamins everyday.

I really need to give that girl a nice big shiny lolly.

We have a bat caught in our drain pipe. You should here him/her in the throws of darkness, calling out his painful distress call too all his comrades.

Its not pleasant, but I will be damned if I am going to help it out..No thank you, then I know for sure I will have the shit visiting me in my house before long.

Those little pissers love to come into my home in the dead of summer. Not sure why they find it so appealing in here, but this year its going to be a death trap for them.

Normally Shakester makes what I call a humane bat rescue..This year I am taking the humane AND rescue out of it..

I will beat them with bloody brooms if that is what it takes...I want a bat free year.

Maybe if I leave one dead one on my front porch, the rest will heed it as a warning call.


I called my tattoo guy, cuz yes, I have a tattoo guy.

I wanted to get a ball park figure on my tat for my toe. He told him I want a flower on my toe.

He told me there are three places they wont tat..


he said some places will tat your toe, but its pretty stupid and a waste of your money..

He said they fade there very quickly because of the shedding process of your skin and what not.

Then he said he does not understand how people can tattoo their faces, and he said those people must not hold down jobs..

He had a good point there, and he made me giggle.

Maybe if I get a tattoo on my forehead with my bosses name on it and saying he is impotent, if that would get me fired.

I am willing to give it the ole college try.

OK, this floppy bitch is outta here..


Choppzs said...

First...yah anyways, I totally knew that said vitamins everyday! I am serious! I was so proud when you revealed that that was right! lol I have 3 too, i know how to translate 2 year old language and decipher 7 yr. old writing! It's in a mommy's blood! lol

Now you have to change bubble baths! well hopefully the next one wont make your crotch itch! lol

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u desreve a gold medal for knowing, I am very impressed.

no inker said...

i think during fire cootch episode i toldja this but reading this post made me think it. My daughter can have absofuckinlutely nuttin in the tub as far as soapy/buble bath etc or she gets the funk. the doc said it was sumthin to with the scented things or sumthin or other.
And about the tats thing. I gotta wonder, reckon ur tat guy would do a tally-wacker tat? I mean I aint in the market or nuttin but that spot wasn't listed so I just wonder. I mean reckon they do inner butt cheek too? whatabout the scrotum? I mean reckon some freak show out there have some ink on his sac-a-ril-iak?
Ok that pains
have a itchy cootch free weekend!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I have seen tats on wackers beilve it or not...and I dont recomened one;)

yes it is the scent that makes us itch and causes our yeast to go bad..your right on willy.

Raggedy said...

I hope boo is feelings beater soon!
I knew it waes vibtamins.
You didn't haeve to tell me...
So I geuss thean no toe tat or blubbly bafffs for yuo thaen?
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Flip Flop Goddess said...

oh, you crack me up..hehe

just_tammy said...

Of course it was vitamins!

Hope Boo is feeling better. Glad the yeast mystery has been solved. Hope the bat goes back to his own home soon. Have a great weekend!

Meow said...

Aaawww, hope Boo feels better soon.
Hey, makes sense about the bubble bath ... glad you figured that one out. Ouch.
Take care, Meow

Neurotic1 said...

Hope Boo is feeling better. Okay so I didn't know that said vitamins. Guess I'm still learning. So no toe tat? I'm so disappointed!

js said...

never fret!
there will be no tats on ole J's dng-a-ling!
I kno my cootchies huh??

Tomscockwhore said...

My boo has the same comforter and sheet set as your boo.

I don't think the tat on your face would fly, not cool momma, not cool!

Ba Doozie said...

I think the tattoo area should include nether regions. cause that is dirty and gross

how many stinkin bubble baths do you take?

cathouse teri said...

This new thingy is making me dizzy! And I don't need to be any dizzier! :)

I love Boo! I don't wear pants, either.

Happy Father's Day!

And remember, vidbins every day. I love that! The way they work so hard to sound out a hard word, yet don't let it kick their asses! Too cute.

Angie said...

I'm glad someone is holding down the fort and reminding everyone to take their vitamins...very smart girl you have there!!

lo said...

I have seen TONS of toe tats! And, a lot of places will try to talk you out of 'below the ankle' but what do they care if it fades. If that's where you want it and you pay, it's your say (btw i am getting a foot tattoo this summer. it will be my second one and it will be done at Hart and Huntington again in Vegas and with Sandi again!)

patti_cake said...

You are a mess! LOL

Helping Hand said...

Some helpful hints ,
Your crotch sweat , use a deodarant soap
yeast infections , no bubbles in tub , well any that dont come from you , oh !and Huhbby could be a culprit , he could be passing it back and fourth to you !Yes Guys get them.and could just pass bacteria back and fourth , Uhhmmm you know how ,you have three times at least !
ANd Girl you are not FAT, you are just right and look great , Your too hard on yourself
And dont Flip me the Bird!LOL
Have a crotch sweat free day !

Love your Blog

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Gosh guys,
I have totally negaltec this f-ing post..sorry..

thanks for your comments..and sorry I did not respond to them..

OK, Helping Hands,
thanks for your tips..

I thought about hubby pazzing it back, but the I rmebered I make him cover his wanger, as I am too lazy for birth control pills, and I do not want a fourth kid today..haha

Thanks for your comments..and sorry I did not respond like I normally do, I am a loser an I have been trying to tell u this for years now.