Monday, June 11, 2007

Mr Telephone Man

Friday at around 10 pm my phone rings, and the voice on the other end asks for my daughter. My 7 year old baby girl.

I am wondering who the bloody hell is calling my baby girl at 10pm. I thought it was her friend timid girl as we had just came from a bon-fire at our new church and she was there, thought maybe Blondie had left something behind and she was calling to tell her.

But I was wrong. It was a boy. It is so very hard to distinguish a little boy and little girls voices at the young tender age. Which totally sucks.

The whole entire time she is talking to this boy, she is all giddy and smiling. Made me sicker then a dog...I mean I think I actually vomited in my throat, although it did not make it up thru my entire esophagus, it was pretty damn close.

Anyhoo, they gabbed till about 10:30. I asked Mr Shaky what parent would let their kid call another house at 10pm...

Then he said "what parent lets their kid talk to someone at 10 at night?"

Touche u ole bloody bastard...touche.


At work Sunday I was watching some TV, because I get paid lots of money to watch TBS movies whilst working at the crazy house.

I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen.

I had never seen it before. It made me think that maybe having 12 kids isn't so bad.

I like chaos. All I need are 9 more spawns to make a dozen...

But then I thought, my boobs look like this with three kids..

If I were to procreate 9 more times, this will be me ...


Not saying this is a bad thing..per say...but I just don't have the back strength to uphold a load like that.

So I will stick to what I have...

chaos is over rated anyway.

My back is still hurting from my new $300 ink job.....I am wishing it was not so big..But really, I can not do a damn thing about it now...

Blondie says its a cool flag....she thinks we are British.

I can not disagree, as I do love a spot of tea in the afternoon and fish and chips in the evening.

Ok, I do not like fish, or chips...

or tea for that matter.

Keep Flipping


Humincat said...

That's what you get for having such cute freak'n kids! You should have had your hubby pick up the other line and freak the kid out. That would have been hilarious. The poor boys mom was probably all"I guess you can call her, but she's probably in bed, and I doubt she'll be allowed on the phone," and then sat there like you, all dumbfounded and crap. LOL! Oh, and I am glad to know your tattoo hurts, just another knock on my coffin of "Should I or shouldn't I" because I for one LOVE to learn through other peeps mistakes.

just_tammy said...

I sooo don't want to be you right now! Late night calls between 7 year olds, a painful tattoo, work, finding pics of huge boobs...

You still crack me up. Thanks!

Yarn Tails said...

There is no way in hell I would ever consider having 12 kids! LOL And those boobs... OMG! Way tooooo big for me... lmao

My daughter doesnt have the boys calling yet... and I am hoping they dont call her that late. Now my son on the other hand is the damn kid calling at all hours of the nite. I caught him on his phone last nite at 12:30. I could have straggled him for waking me up. Ugh!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

oh shit, your right..the other mother was probably wonering why the hell i was letting my baby girl talk on the phone..shit..I totally f-ed that one up..

The tattoo just hurts like a sunburn, dont fret, it aint that bad.

I know...Most days I dont even want to be me.

Yarn Tails,
well count your blessings, I a sure your daughter will be getting calls soon..and it aint no fun..

My son spend most of his days over at his "lady friends" house..makes me ill.

The Kept Woman said...

OK, I'm sure it's not a real picture but those enormous ones totally look real...and yucky. I like me some good boobs but those are just downright ewwie.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

You couldn't pay me enough to have 12 kids. Hell, one is enough for me right now. I don't know how you do it with three.

And boys calling at 10pm at night already? You need to lock that girl up. Otherwise she's gonna be sneakin' out in the middle of the night by the time she is 10!

I love the tat you got. I don't think I commented about it before, but it rocks. The pain will subside and your DL boys will think you're the cat's meow.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

oh hell, I hope to God that is NOT a real pic..I could not imagine having boobs that big..

Pudd;er jumper,
Honestly no one could pay me enough to have 5 kids let alone 12..

Cliff Morrow said...

Uh, we were pretty well aware of your desire to live in the middle of chaos.
Has your daughter been taught how to practice 'safe' phone?

Princess said...

I wouldnt have let my kid be called that late at night! Noo way! I am a strict bitch tho ;)

LOL at humincat`s comment.

Ps. Having huge boobs isnt that good! I would konw. Coz mine are huge! But they are natural... not fake. And not quite are massive as your pic ;)



Yippeeskip said...

As Homer Simpson would say..."Boooobiiees!"

Kendra Lynn said...

Seven is a LITTLE young to be receiving phone calls from boys!
That will NOT be happening at my house in two years...NO WAY.


Flip Flop Goddess said...

well chaos just seems to follow me...really it does;)

well I thought it was her little girl friend calling...And I know they knew we were home and up..oh well, kids gotta be kids.

My boobs are real and super duper big too...hate them.


well if you have a working telephone, its going to happen..U just wait and see. You wont be able to tell when u answer, because u will think its a little girl...

U wait...

Choppzs said...

Yah the phone thing has started here too. I can't stand it! blahblahblah blah fricken blah. That's all Girly does. And to sit there and actually listen to what she is saying gives me a damn headache. Some stupid shit I tell ya! lol

Working Mom said...

The 10:00 call would totally piss me off. You were nice about it though. Handled it alot better than me.

I can't believe you got the tattoo! I'm such a wuss, I couldn't do it.

(Oh Def Leppard will be touring here in either July or August and I'm gonna go!!)

patti_cake said...

That Mr. Shaky. He is one shrewd character! The pain will lessen. One must sometimes suffer for coolness!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I was sitting here listneing to her chat, and all she was saying was..


"giggle giggle"


shit like that..THEN she gave him our House address..oh shits..

Working Mom,
they are doing a small summer tour..I am seeing them in July in Detorit and St Paul in Sept...oh and prince next month..

I hope u get to go...tics are probably on sale, u better act fast before u end up with shitty seats.

(me and Joe are likethis u know..hehe)

Patti cake,
the shit we dont do for coolness.

I think my kids friends think I am one cool mom, or one crazy bitch.

JoeinVegas said...

You know, you can get boobs like that without the twelve kids - ask huby, he might be willing to spring the $$$$$$$$ (OK, more $$$$)

oliveoyl64 said...

My DS is 13 and can't take calls after 9p.m. Pitty the little shit that calls and wakes ME up.

My BFF has 7 children(yours,mine and ours) so if you ever want to know what chaos is I can put you in touch. Yes, I have gone places with her with ALL of them in tow, and all I can say is GOD bless her and happy it isn't me.

Tomscockwhore said...

Yo Flippy - I think you might just be going through a little LITTLE mid-life crisis. Call me crazy....

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well, my boobs are pretty danm close..haha

and No, I dont think I would waste money on boobs, I would waste it on a tummy tuck.


well, under normal circumstances, she would NOT of been allowed to get on the phone, and normally she would of been sleeping..BUT, we had just walked in the house from a church function and I thought it was her little girl friend. Other wise, that would not of played out here..haha

I dont want that many kids..I decided I have enough strech marks;)

well...I had one last year...can u have two in one life time?

Tom said...

YOWZER!!! the lady in the plaid hussy-jumpsuit has great things in front of her!!!

cathouse teri said...

Nice Boobs!

Buffy said...


Bless your heart.