Friday, June 08, 2007

Mirror Mirror

So, I could not sleep last night, so I turn on the tv, cuz that's what I do...I mean, I could of went downstairs and did some minor cleaning, or I could of went out and weeded the garden by flashlight. But no, I turned the tv on.

Then it flashed across my screen that there were these storms on the way that could

produce tornado's with little or NO warning,so seek shelter as of ten fuc*ing minutes ago.

So what did I do?

Went to bed. Prayed for the best. No one can tell me that prayer don't work..

Hell yes and praise Jesus..

Sorry for the neighbor, their tree nearly landed on their garage.


Look, here is me...

See my new ring a ling.....aint she shiny?

Look, here is me again.

I wanted to show you part of my arm pit....look no sweat, but God don't ask to see my crotch...

Course I did not workout today,so I have no crotch sweat per say.


My ta ta's..I have not shown you them in a while,I knew you were missing there ya go kids.


The other night I was laying in bed and heard a thunk.I knew right away that it was Boo falling out of bed, as I knew she had too much to drink that night..

I heard her cry and I went down, I scooped her off the floor and laid her back into bed. I tried turning the light on, but as luck would have it,her light was burned out.

So I just tucked her into bed...went back up to my bed and prayed for the best..again.

When she got up in the morning her tiny face was covers in dried blood.

I thought, holy shit, did someone break into the house in the night and beat her up?

Did she sneak out and fall in some bushes or get roughed up by the cops?

No,none of that happened. I looked on her floor and there was a tiny puddle of o- blood on the floor and a big bruise on the end of her nose.

I felt like shit,I had NO idea she was bleeding...What mother throws her pre school age baby girl into bed when she is bleeding profusely all over herself?

A shitty mother with a nice shiny new nose hoop does..that's who.

Lesson learned asswipes.

Oh and on June 30th I am spending 300 on a kick ass tattoo.My mom and I are getting some new ink.

Its gonna be so neat-o.

Well have a great weekend. I have lots of crap to do,so I wont be around much.

My apologies to you and yours...

oh and I lost three pounds this week...

I am going to DQ now for an ice cream something or other.

No flipping after dark.

Edit..I am getting my new tattoo tonight...Look for pics later..



KrazyMom said...

Like the new ring. I am getting another tattoo this summer too! I can't wait!

Poor Boo. She is forced to be so independant at such a young age...what kinda mudda are you anyway! :)

I hear your bad weather is heading our way tonight. We lost power this afternoon for a few hours due to high winds...not fun with a house full of kids and 90 degree weather. I need my central air!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I know..I am one bad mudda..

It was so hot earlier,now its really cold,like 55...the winds are so high, I am hating this..

enjoy it when it arrives tommorw;)

Tom said...

I still have some friends in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park, and I shoot them an email when I see scary weather on our radar at work here at Commutair. I loved those Minnesota storms when I lived there. I worked part time at a motel in Eagan and when Japanese business guys would see the tornado icon on the TV, now and then housekeepers would find them hiding under the bed or between the beds.
Nah you do fine as a Mom never babied us kids, and when we took a tumble and limbs functioned we were up and at em' in no time, and fresh air in the yard was best thing for a cold. She was right! I feel blessed sometimes being raised "old school" by people from the Depression and WW2.
Love the DL t-shirt! Have you ever seen their concert rider on Smoking Gun?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Your going to have to start shooting me emailswhen the weather is getting bad..

I have not seen that and do not know what your talking about, your going to have to tellme where to see this at..

Tom said...

Hey Bossy!
I sure can when I'm on the Cleveland West desk..I send one to Madison WI and leave the radar to about Fargo so nothing sneaks up!
Smoking Gun is a great site, but here is the concert rider (they have a whole page of bands' riders, they may have Prince too...
I'm going to post a "before" photo tonight..I'm choppng the beard and hair off tomorrow, then tomorrow night it's the "after' shot..would love opinions!

Cliff Morrow said...

Trust me. I have left OH SO MANY things unsaid. Ya know, I've been thinking, you're going to make a great preachers wife.

Katie said...

The day my mom & I get tattoos together will be the day hell freezes over.

Hope Boo's nose isn't hurting her too much today.

Yippeeskip said...

Please, please, please give us a shot of your cooter.

Vani said...

i have yet to see def leppard in concert which is surprising cuz i've seen allot of the 80's hairbands that aren't half as good. one day i say, one day. happy friday!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I am going to have to go check it out..

dont be shy, dont leave anything out:)

So I take it u dont likemy new ring..Shoot..

Dont feel bad, Mr SHaky HATES it..I mean he HATES it.

Well my mom and I got tattoos toghter about 6 years ago...She liked the first one I got, so she wanted to get one...this will be her second, and my 6th..then I am DONE.

Damn, I will go look for that pic I took at the lake..That was a big one though..heheheheheh

OMG, Please dont tell me u just called my Lepp Gods a "hairband"..haha

After this summer I will have seen 15 times I think..

Is that too many?

Neurotic1 said...

Don't say it will be your last tat~ those things are addicting! Poor Boo! At least she probably had blood boogers to sit and pick at all day to keep her busy ;)

just_tammy said...

Sure you'll be done...Tell us another funny.

Poor Boo. Hope she's feeling better now.

We have the same great weather. Several families moving out yesterday got caught when the flood gates in the sky suddenly opened. One family will probably need new mattresses. There better be clear skies the end of this month or else.

Have a great weekend!

patti_cake said...

I love the nosering!

I would have been ate up with guilt about the bloody face!! Poor Boo!

Go U on the Tat. You are the coolness.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well, I am sure it will be my last, as I dont have any other places to put them, cuz I like them to be in places that can easier to cover up if i need they are all on my back..I think chicks with tats on thier arms is just wrong;)

U wait till u see it, its gonna be soo HAWT.

funny thing is, it never really rained,just kinda lightening and thundered,sprinkled a bit..

Why dont u and I get matching tats..come on down and we can go together.

Patti cake,
Mr shaky sure dont like it..he lieksmy small ring..but does not like this new one..he is not happy..hehe

This will be my 6th tat...I willpost it after I get it..u just wait..


just_tammy said...

Hey, you know pain and I don't mix! Didn't Shaky tell you not too long ago to go crazy since he was so happy about something? You need to pull it up so he will remember.

Thought of you yesterday when someone requested a little DL on the radio. Bet he doesn't have tickets, a new nose ring, and a soon-to-be new tattoo!

1 plus twins said...

hey dont' beat yourself up over boo. the light was burned out you had no clue. so what is the new tatoo gonna be?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yes he told me i could get it, but he sure does not like it..

so, what song did he request?..hehe

1 plus twins,
I am getting the britsh flag with the words Hystria in the middle of it..

I may be getting it be waiting for a pic..


Humincat said...

When my oldest was around 2, she had the habit of Screaming NO at the top of her lungs, so my mom recommended flicking her in the mouth the instant she did it, and she would soon learn not to do that. I thought GREAT IDEA! and started immediately. Well once I was driving and she started and I did,and then we were at the babysitters and I'm getting her out of her carseat and there is blood ALL over her hands and face. I guess when I flicked her lip, it hit her tooth and so she had a cut and then did that baby thing where they have smeary hands all over their eyes and nose, so needless to say, I felt like complete crap, and my daugter walked around with a fat lip saying "Mommy, owwie lip" for a few days. I never did the "instant reaction punishment" again.... but now that she's almost 8.....definitely a possibility.

Yarn Tails said...

Awww but I like flipping after dark. LOL

Hope Boo is doing ok now! You are a great mother.

Love the new nose ring. I want to get a tattoo someday, but ya know I am probably too chicken to ever do it!

Have an awesome weekend!

Hails said...

How come you guys are getting bad weather like that? i thought u guys where in Summer now???

Jamie Dawn said...

Yummy, DQ!!! Me loves the peanut buster parfait.

Poor Boo. I hope her little nose is okay.

I'm not a fan of nose rings or tongue rings or eyebrow rings. I'm a old fashioned fuddy dud.
You look cute regardless. I hope nobody accidentally rips that thing out. It might hurt.

Tomscockwhore said...

Hey there! Do we have twins separated at birth? My daughter fell out of bed (and I didn't even know it at all!) last week. Woke up with a nasty bloody nose and cut lip and looked like she had been beat to hell. I was clueless.

Why are our kids doing the same shit? What day did you have her? Are you sure there was only one?