Wednesday, June 27, 2007

stressing out

I am going on a binge of some kind. Drinking, maybe sex, maybe drugs, maybe prank calling strangers..I have not made up my mind yet..

My realtor called and informed me that our renters have not paid rent in two months. You see she pays us, then they pay her...

Well only she has been paying us, normally NOT on time either, and then they pay her.

I guess the guy has no job, they have no money and yadda yadda yadda I wanna murder everyone.

As if I have not been dealing with enough stress.

So she has started the eviction process.

Oh and I am thinking of selling my Prince tickets. The concert is on July 7th.

I am so going to hell, because the girl I was going with, well, I really do not want to go with her. No reason, I just don't. So I lied, told her a story as to why I can not go...Now I am buying her ticket , as I ordered them, and have them both in my possession . I spent around 150 on each ticket...(she paid me 130.00)

Shaky doesn't wanna go, my mom would go but then I would have to drive, and I HATE driving downtown Minneapolis..I got lost last year, ended up on a crazy one way street, and nearly died of heart failure.

So I do not know what to do.

You know I am having issues when I am wanting to sell my ticket.

That is how much stress I have been under the last month.

I think I need a good colon cleansing..A nice good anal cleansing.

This is me, You can tell I am stressed..I am pale, I have dark circles under my eyes, and my eyes are also blood shot.

Plus I have a huge zit on my chin.


I am bloated, my boobs hurt, I am thisclose to giving my house back to the bank..(not THIS house, THAT house)

But before I let the bank take it back, I am going to get my brand new appliances out of it...

That's how badly I am stressing out....I am wanting to strip my house of my appliances.

Of course I am not giving my house to the bank, well not today anyway...But I want to.

It is hard dealing with that from another state. I cant kick my renters ass from 1000 miles away...Unless I fly on my broomstick.

I cant do it.

I am way too stressed.

WAY 2 stressed.

Anyone want to buy 2 Prince tickets for $300.00?

yes, didn't think so.



Katie said...

Cocktails will fix everything, if only for a moment.

Good luck in dealing with the renters.

patti_cake said...

Yeah alcohol will help for a while... I am so sorry you are going through this kind of stress!

patti_cake said...
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Flip Flop Goddess said...

they may fix it at the moment, but the next day is a bitch;)

Patti cake,

I think I need some booze to get me thru the rest of my life;)

J to the I to the double L said...

mmmm chile things are gonna get better..mmm chile things are gonna get easier..keepin yo head up!! I like that song...hope it helps!

Working Mom said...

Ok, I'll go with you. I know that was just a desperate plea to get me to go, and I'll do it. You don't have to twist my arm! :)

Vani said...

i'd love to see prince, but not for $300! just suck it up and go with weird girl, ditch her very quickly afterwards.

1 plus twins said...

ok don't sell the tickets is so sounds like you really need to go right now. isn't there anyone that would go with you?? you also need a day to yourself. to do something you enjoy or stay in bed all day which ever makes you feel better. why give the house back to the bank can't you sell it??? hang in there it has to get better. if not just have a few drinks! lol

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I dont even know what song your talking sad is that.

Working mom,
than get your arse here then.

well the tix were 150 a piece...I am not trying to scam ya..haha

1 plus twins,


Just A Girl said...

That effin sucks.

Evict and then maybe go spruce the palce up and drop the asking price. 3 years is a long time on the market, but if the renters didn't maintain the best appearance then that might be your reason.

I keep seeing signs in different places that says - Ug buys houses.

check that out.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Just a girl,
well, my realtor says they are keeping the house VERY nice...outside and in...we just remodled the whole thing before we moved..spent about 15,000 on new floors and such..

people cant afford to live in our city, thats why it isnt selling..

and we have lowered the asking price 3 times, right now if it were to sell we dont make a fucking dime.

My dad just told me that he knows a guy who may have a buyer for it..

lets hope so...its a nice fucking house...I dont get it.

Choppzs said...

I hope all gets settled with your renters. Damn renters, I am laughing because I am a renter..but a good one. lol Evict their asses!!

Humincat said...

Tell Mr.Shakey to Shake that thang! That should keep you busy and your mind off the crap! At least you'd have a good laugh for awhile....

Jamie Dawn said...

My advice is this:

muscle relaxants
pain killers
bubble bath

Also, you may want to hire someone to literally kick your renters' butts. It will make you feel better. Pay them a little extra to video tape it.

Jamie Dawn said...

A Prince concert would be great. That weird, little man is very talented. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. I'd go with you AND I'd even drive AND I'd pay full price for my ticket - what's this $130 for a $150 ticket???? Your friend owes you twenty bucks.

Michele_3 said...

Wish I lived near you! GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!
I would drive,I would pay you for tix & definitely go see PRINCE with you!!

Sucks about your other house, I hope it gets resolved soon!!

(noticed the new nose ring- very cute!)

KrazyMom said...

The sellers market out that way sucks! I feel for ya. My parents had their house on the market for a year, couldn't sell now they are staying put and just moving the horses there once the new horse barn is complete. I don't think I know who your renters are, but they sound like pieces of shit! Hubbs knows a girl that needs to buy a place there....the company is strongly pushing her since she is commuting there from Saginaw daily. I will mention it to her, but know that she has been talking about wanting land...we're talkin' acres. Yours is in town, isn't it?

Not into Prince, so can't help you there either. I am useless tonight. Hope things get better for ya!

Angie said...

dang...go to the concert, even if you go yourself, have a great time....take some form of medication for the bloating, a long bath and go to bed.....then tomorrow is a new day and hopefully things will look better, if not, call the renters up and rip them a new one!!

J to the I to the double L said...

that Angie looks so dang I know her??

lo said...

oh girl:) YOU will survive it! just laugh, and breathe (my yoga talking-i teach it and now i guess i preach it)
Look at it this way-all the shit is piling up at the same time so it should be clear sailing from here. AND listen, if Sandi and i lived closer you would need 3 Prince tickets!
thinking of you! Auction the house????

Flip Flop Goddess said...

thanks guys...

I just got home from work and I am BEAT..

you all offer such great advice...

Love u guys;)

Anonymous said...

Prince will make u feel better - go damnit!

Is a cab an option? That way you can get good and drunk too! Bonus!

Hugs and kisses to my bossy.


Flip Flop Goddess said...

shit d...I miss u...

Gette said...

Dang. Gotta baptize a nephew that eve. What up with the Sat. baptism.?? Ebay! Or craigslist...