Thursday, October 26, 2006


There is a diease that runs rampid in my family. I am not sure if its stupidity or a new morphed, mutated gene of smartness, only ur not smart. A super gene. A gene that is restistant to any form of learnen. I do believe it is becoming an epidemic. Kind of like obesity or type 2 diabetes. Only healthy eating and excerising wont cure it.

Only a lobotomy or a dreaded brain transplant will subside your symptoms. I am cool with either way...
My poor granny called me the other day..This is how the conversation went.

" so ur sister told me u and ur mom went to some sort of concert over the weekend."

"yup..We sure did, and it was awesome."

" ur dad use to like them too..."

" huh"

" ur dad had all their records as a kid."


" well didn't u go see Led Zepplin?"

" um no, half of them are dead and the band broke up 20 some years ago"

" oh, well what era is this band from?'

"the 80's"

" and ur sure it wasn't led zepplin?"

at this point I stopped tryin to convince her that indeed I did not see Led Zepplin. According to her, she had never heard of Def Leppard, so there for they must not exist So I guess I saw Led Zepplin this weekend. What a fool am I?

I am sure she will go to her old person functions and tell all her old people friends that her granddaughter met led Zepplin over the weekend. And oh what a good time she had.

I look for her to be forced into a nursing home before weeks end.

Mr Shaky has entered a chili cookoff at work today. I don't think he will win. But he wants to. For some reason he thinks if he wins he will some how show them. Like him winning a chili cookoff will earn him a promotion or a raise, or end up costing the company what he thinks he is worth..I don't know, I don't question it. My chili is better, but he insisted on making his...Its all in the judges hands now. God help them if he don't win.

well I need to go to some damage control, let my family know that indeed I do know that I in fact did not meet Led Zepplin, and that I know that.

I don't want to be known as the girl whose talkin smack about led zepplin..But let me state for the record

Zeppin isn't all that. In fact, I have heard..from various sources that their music is only good and only makes sense when ur loaded and stoned.

Im just sayin..

bee real.


Karin said...

Well I am quite inpressed that you saw a half dead band that broke up over 2 decades ago. So what else have you gone to see in your time travel machine. My husband would totally make me make the chili. I am not sure he even knows how to turn the burners on.

Amanda said...

Zepplin huh..well, it could be worse..get hubby to add alot of spices, that'll show them bosses not to mess with him ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, I should be impressed shouldnt I...but alas, meeting them does nothing for the pitter patter of my heart..haha

well I added some spices, but I think it may be too hot..for sure he wont win..for sure..hehe

1 plus twins said...

oh that is too funny! this shows my age i know zepplin music very well and i used to really like it in the day.(mind you i am only 35 lol) i am a def lep. fan too. to be honest i miss the music from back then.

Britmum said...

Oh Bossy you are way too funny. I make a mean Jamie Oliver chili.

Anyway if your hubby wins a prize maybe he can share it with you. Now that would be nice wouldn't it?

I know who Led Zepplin is but I have never listened to their music. Perhaps you will have to play some of their music for us.

I am my Granny coming on Thursday. I am looking forward to hearing all the family gossip ~ NOT!!!

Take care sweetie and please talk to JOJO.


The Blog Whore said...

I totally agree about the Zep.

Ya know who else sucks?

The Rolling Stones.

Gawd, I hate them


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twinsa,
well I am ONLY 31 and LZ was way before my time..dont age urself now lady..haha

I love your picutre..

I am sure there will be no prize invloved...its all a big scam. I just think the bigwigs want a free damn lunch so there having people bring in chili.

B;og WHore,
amen...and DOUBLe amen..the stones really do suck and to top it off, they are the ugliest peices of shit i have ever laid eyes on.

The Kept Woman said...


Given my recent experiences with red beans and rice (which I outline in excuriating detail today) warn your husband to be careful how close he sits to people AFTER the chili contest. I'm not sure if you can get fired for noxious humnan fumagation but there's always a first, my friend.

Kendra Lynn said...

You know...I've never had REAL chili...Wendy's does NOT count. LOL


Krystal said...

I am Zep fan. I love their music when I'm NOT stoned.

But when I AM stoned I see the colors that go along with it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my hubby does not need beans and rice to fart hot farts..haha...any ole bland dish will do..

are u kidding me?

ok, ur a Zep fan, I will let it its true, they do sound better if ur stoned..or at least it makes more snece huh?..haha

~Deb said...

Now that would have been a ghostly experience, huh? I can definitely see how some people get that confused if they don't know rock---or the older generation. I think it's cute though!

Neurotic1 said...

At least your grandma knows who Led Zeppelin is! I think that makes her cool! My grandparents would not have a clue. Great for Mr. Shaky cooking chili. My husband has a hard time heating up a frozen pizza!

Heart Of Darkness said...

There's something about grandparents, all right...! LOL

dakotablueeyes said...


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well there name sodes sound simalir, only she kept bringing up robert like NO granny I did not see robert plant..good lord.

yes, it is surprinsg she knew who they were, but I guess when ur kids blare that damn rock and roll they dad use to (and still does) blare the Beatles, Zepplin, and other crappy music..

my hubby cooks well most of the time..but i am the primary source of cooking;)

aint that the truth!


Gette said...

Dang! Granny knows Plant, Page, Jones and Bonzo! Cool ol' granny!

I would see Zep. I would do Zep. Bonzo's the only dead one, and Plant is still hot. For you mid-80's music lovers, Heart covered a lot of their songs.

If you want something really funky tho, check out Dread Zeppelin. A mixture of Zep, Elvis and reggae, and it actually works...

js said...

I guess I don't know them
did they ever back up haggard?
i dunno
I do know Elvis sings every night in vegas!!!
ole js

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

granny aint the cool...she likes to watch the grand ole opry..

cracker, wont be going to any elvis shows with u in it.

i dont know any of the people u just named, we just might wanna not talk music anymore..haha..u obviuolsy need me to tutor u on that;)

Jewl said...

At least your Granny knows who Led Zepplin is... mine can't ever remember who I AM!

js said...

u need for me to help you get cultured
it will be a long tough row to hoe but im willing to because i like you
i will make u cultured!