Friday, October 20, 2006

Im HOT sticky sweet...u know the rest

So, I got a package Thursday. I knew what it was before I even opened the door. My hands started sweating, my heart began racing. It was my Sheila. Now, I am not sure what to think. I know for certain it is not MY Sheila, for two reasons
1. It is not Sheila, all her scratches , marks, and birthmarks are missing
B. They told me it was a replacement.

So, on first examination, things look good. It appears brand new. No marks, no smudges..There was even that film on her that was on her when I first got her. I had to peel it off.

But it did get me wondering. Did they give me a new cover and a "refurbished" inside? Bastards..I don't know...Are the pulling the wool over my eyes? Are they getting a good laugh at my expense? Or did I scare the hell out of them and they sent me a new one?

Well since I don't know....I have changed her name.....

Everybody, meet Pat

Since I am not sure what it is..I thought this was a good name for her...Or him..Shit I don't even know the sex now.

So I am leaving at 0800 tomorrow morning for Fargo...for those of you who cant keep up, that's 8am military time..mmkay..

We will embark on a journey of epic proportions. I will travel towns and cities and countrysides I have never seen. I will get lost at least once. All in the name of this man..

Not just him, but the whole kit and kaboodle.

This will be what I am wearing....

I know I will freeze, I know I will regret this choice. I know I be glad in the end I did.

My first time sitting front row of a "good" concert. The chance to meet one or all, and maybe get an autograph or two or four, and hopfully at least one more photos with them. This is called dedication folks. Now Mr Shaky would much rather me prefer to have dedication to much worthy causes, such as, but lot limited too

* house cleaning

*world peace

* volunteering at the local soup kitchen

* cleaning litter boxes

*potty training boo bee fully

* house cleaning.....

* praying...

yes I could go on and on....He is jealous, its ok. I don't blame him. I am going off to another state to stalk a rock band. What he does not realize is I have been dreaming of this moment since 1987.

Yes, almost 20 years.

I will go, I will party like its 1999.

Man, a bird just flew into my window. Happens about once a week. I don't get it..My window is covered with bird shit, how could they mistake that for something clear and pliable to fly thru...Maybe he is trying to impress the ladies, I don't know. But I have buried a few of his close friends and family. Not all of them survive this accident.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will post about my adventures Sunday night or Monday morning. And there will be lots of photos.

since I don't plan on following any rules this weekend, u don't have to either. Live it up, and party hard.

Step inside, walk this wayYou and me babe,

Hey, hey!

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on Livin' like a lover with a radar phone Lookin' like a tramp,

like a video vamp Demolition woman, can I be your man?

Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light Television lover, baby, go all night

Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah Hey!

C'mon, take a bottle, shake it up Break the bubble, break it up Pour some sugar on me Ooh, in the name of love Pour some sugar on me C'mon fire me up Pour your sugar on me Oh, I can't get enough I'm hot, sticky sweet From my head to my feet yeah

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go! Crazy little woman in a one man show

Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little Tease a little more

Easy operator come a knockin' on my door Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet Little miss innocent sugar me

, yeah Take a bottle, shake it up Break the bubble, break it up Pour some sugar on me Ooh, in the name of love Pour some sugar on me C'mon fire me up Pour your sugar on me Oh, I can't get enough I'm hot, sticky sweet From my head to my feet yeah

[guitar solo]

You got the peaches, I got the cream Sweet to taste, saccharine

'Cos I'm hot, say what,

sticky sweet From my head, my head, to my feet Do you take sugar?

one lump or two?

Take a bottle, shake it up Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me Ooh, in the name of love Pour some sugar on me C'mon fire me up

Pour your sugar on me Oh, I can't get enough Pour some sugar on me Oh, in the name of love Pour some sugar on me Get it, come get it Pour your sugar on me Ooh Pour some sugar on me

Yeah! Sugar me!

BEE REAL!!!!!!


just_tammy said...

Hoping Pat makes you every bit as happy as Sheila (may she rest in peace or pieces - which ever the case may be).

Have a great (and safe) time at the concert. I'm not sure what kind of trouble you will get into in North Dakota. Not my favorite place since that is where my rotten younger sister was hatched. Plus I got lost in a white out. Great times.

Neurotic1 said...

RIP- Shiela. May Pat be a good replacement. Have a great time at the concert. I think you may just freeze your boobies off!

Britmum said...

Oh Bossy my dear Bossy have a fab old time. I hope all your rock star dreams come true (only the non naughty ones) and that you don't freeze your perky ones off.

I hope Pat stands true to you and only time will tell.

Take care and bless your cotton socks my little goose egg.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if there is trouble to be had in ND, I will find it:)

I just caught the weather for Fargo..high temp on sat..39...yippe..I might need to bring my long johns eh? boobies will indeed freeze..i have to learn to accpet that.

i know u have been trying to IM me, i just sat I am gonna get on my treadmill..try me around thats what..8 your time?..not sure..

I wont be wearing cotton socks, but thanks for blessing them:)

Blazer1234 said...

Maybe Pat will form his/her own identity over time, and hyou'll find it's real name. Glad is appears "new". Hopefully it is, and who knows, maybe it will be more dependable than Shelia.

You are going to have SO much fun this weekend! I cannot wait to read about it and see pictures!

Angie said...

shoot if you're gonna freeze might as well be in style and a red bra!!
You go girl.

Mr Shaky might be jealous thinking you might take after dad and hook yourself right up with your dream men.....
party hard in ND and live to tell the tales girl

aatank said...

Go crazy and have a blast. Don't rock to hard, you don't want to have a concussion and not remember any of it.
I hope Pat makes you happy in every way possible. Drive safe

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I used "it" tonight and so far so good..

and I am SO gonna kick it up this weekend..yeehaw:)

thats right, thats a pretty sweet bra huh?
I am hoping I will have many tales to tell;)

shoot, I never thought about injuring myself, now u got me worried!

Cliff Morrow said...

Repent and be saved you poor, wretched and misguided soul...But have fun. (watch the farmers in the audience,,,they may be desperate))

Brandy said...

I am thinking you scared the hell out of them and they sent you a brand new one.. I know I would..LOL

Have a super, fantastic, wild, fun, and whatever else you can think of adding to this. I will be good for the both of us since I have to clean my carpets this weekend. Gorgeous outfit!!

Kami said...

Cute outfit! HAVE FUN!!

Kristen said...

How cool for you!! I am so jealous that everyone is meeting thier musician crushes. When do I meet clay????

JUST A MOM said...


deni said...

Here's hoping you and Pat have a long and wonderful future together.

And have a great time at the concert!!

The Kept Woman said...

Congrats on your! Boy, girl, whatever, may it serve you well and rock out some serious jams.

Now go rock that outfit you hottie! Flash a boob of two too! That always helps get their eyes!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I if I spot u in the crowd your in deep do do

I am hoping it is new anyway...and thanks, I am gonna have the BEST time:)

thank u girl!

well thats your first probelem..u said CLAY:)

Just a mom,
I will pretend:)

so far Pat has not lead my astray..I am so gonna rock out tommorw..think of me around 7pm CST..haha

yes, I was planning on letting one fall out on acciednt of course;)

Badoozie said...


i hope you have to pee really super bad and get stuck in the longest bathroom line in history......

just kidding

i hope you have a rockin good time, and what is that red thing you are wearing, you tramp!

sandals? you should have on running shoes. how else are you going to get away from the security after you run up on stage. once at the tacoma dome, at a Boston concert, i decided i was going on stage. i'd had a little too much to drink, and i disappeared into the night. well, i did not get onstage. and how i found my way back to my seat is a miracle i still marvel at today

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont be a hater.

I dont plan on comsuming enough liquids to have to leave my FRONT row seat to piddle, so there;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you will be havin' fun this weekend.
Enjoy yourself.


p.s. I get to go to my sister-in-law's for Scott's nephew's birthday party. My SIL is SUPERMOM/SUPERWIFE...she totally intimidates me. You know...homeschools her son, keeps her house clean, entertains...all that jazz. I do good to get my kids dressed and to school on time. The house is TOTALLY NOT clean.
Ah well...have fun for me.

js said...

W@ell at least ur not sure its refurbished!
I think you can tell Mr shakes that you have been praying and tommorrow at least part of that prayer has been answered!
ur gonna freeze ur lil ass off tho but it oughta be fun.
can't wait to see the pics tho.
You can easily invoke the area code rule........
for those who don't klnow the rule i'll splain it. Once you are out of your home area code all bets are off, no rules...
go get em girl

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if it makes you feel any better, I have read sevral studies that say homeschooled kids are not well adjusted kids at all;)

My HAwt lil Carcker,
I never heard of the area code rule..since i will out of the state, it should apply duobly right?

u think I will freeze?..see my red lacy?..I told ya I had one:)

j said...

well damn i tried to post but i think its lost in space
ill wait a few and try again if its lost

js said...

well damn i guess it is lost
anyway here goes again
you can use the area code rule however you like, i'll back you up on it
I prefer the zip code rule myself, zip codes are smaller so i dont have to go as far to invoke it.
The out of state thig does add clauses to the rule. If out of state its on.... no i mean ITS ON!
what happens in Fargo......
Hey ill be in SD in a couple of weeks freezin my fat ass off!
I did see your lacy red, i never doubted, I also saw that evidently you are going commando..... ATTA girl!!
a woman after my heart!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

My Hawt lil cracker,
well I did not want to give everything away, I will tell u the under garment is black and with lots of lace...although I know it wont be seen by anyone but me, i just had to throw in the lace part.

SD huh?...never been there..but its cold as hell ther too.

1 plus twins said...

bad news - it is probably a refurbished one that is what they do.

good news you are gonna have a blast this weekend. hope all your rock dreams come true. have fun for me too while you are there cuz i sure could use it.

yhlc said...

well dang the commando visual i had goin was just shattered, lemme see if i can conjure up a black lacy image
ok got it ;)~
yeah I hope SD aint to cold, i dont do cold well
I'm going to kill stuff so the temp can't completely ruin my visit if I get to slay some vicious deer.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins,
dont worry, my fun will exceed amounts no one meer mortal should have, so I will have fun for u too;)

My hawt lil crakcer,
it aint huttin season yet!

Michele_3 said...

I'm so jealous, I want to come party too!
does Denise know your going to see her man? LOL!

I have been reading your posts but a few times- My comment disapears- What's up with blogger lately?
Just didn't want you to think I abandoned you girlfriend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know blogger has been a piss ant latley..

I know know if she knows..but I wont tell her that I am meeting him, she might come bitch slap me..course she is with child anyway, so he dont want that..haha

Memphis Steve said...

I gotta get me one a them thar iPods one of these days. Yup!

dakotablueeyes said...

Maybe birds can't see past the end of their beaks. They fly into my living room window too and that darn thing isn't clean by any means

j said...

surely you know id never let something as silly as laws define what I do
when I do it
how I do it
or if i do it
or even cross my mind much at all
itll be bow season when i get there tho, i'ma pro indian stick shooter

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

naw, u dont want one, they are trouble.

birds are stupid huh?

My Hawt lil cracker,
bow huh?...u tie it in your hair? it red, pink..i am dying to know..

bows r purty:)

js said...

ur touched

the old indian stick
there weren't fat indians
i wonder why?
i oughta take a shooter just in case huh?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my hawt lil cracker who is still up at midnight his time,

yes a shooter would be your best bet..make sure ur aiming at them deer and not say..big foot or something..or a bunny

j said...

and you kno im poor fat and bald, how i'm gonna use a bow in my hair??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hot cracker jack,
u can hide alot under that big hat boy!

PFB YHLC said...

the only thing that lid hides is my bald head!!!!!!
don't be shy
take pics
remember some of the details
MGDL 12 is your limit
think area code
other state bonus rules
fun fun fun
or lacy black
have a good time

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

rubbish, ur not bald.

thanks i will take lots of pics, and i will tell u all about it when i get back..i am sure they will invite me to thier hotel and whatnot, i will poiltily turn them down of course..haha..

EmmaSometimes said...

hurrah for one-armed drummers....

Meow said...

Glad Pat appears to be new ... hopefully it won't give you any trouble, and you will learn to love it as you did Sheila.
Have a brilliant time at the concert ... wow, front row, that is too cool.
Take care, have a great weekend.

Hails said...

so does pat work??

Have fun this weekend?\!

Jamie Dawn said...

I've been so out of it for over a week. It is good to be back blogging at least a little bit before I get back to studying again. CRAP! School sucks!!! :)
I hope Pat doesn't disappoint like Sheila did.
I hope you have a FABulous time freezing your hiney off in Fargo!!
I look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all about your wild escapades.

crack said...

if u come back with a lame assed story like they asked u to the room (which i dont doubt any they will) and you said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok I'll know thats bs
hope its fun
wish I had ur cell so i could text u!!

Jay said...

Poor Pat. Poor you. Well, not too poor. I think you're whooping it up this weekend.

cathouse teri said...

Praying? :)

Is mister shaky a quaker?

Cool stories, gal. And here I am just excited that I got to order the Def cd "Pyromania" for my boyfriend's birthday. I pick it up today!

HUGS to ya!