Monday, October 30, 2006

Let it go

man I hate it when we set the clocks back. Its an hour longer I have to keep these damn kids awake..

So I am going to update you on something....My Boo has not had ONE accident since I magically told her the diapers ran away. In fact, she tells me when she has to go potty, and she informs me if it will be a peepee run or a poopy run. I love this kid. Once during the weekend this retard said she had to go potty, and that she indeed had to poop. Being the cool mum I am we go hand and hand to the potty. She sits atop her seat, so she don't fall in...and she starts farting...I guess it was a false alarm. She got up looked in the potty and asked me where her fart went? I guess she was expecting to see it floating in the bowl or something..

i did a lil shopping this weekend. I finally got my Boo a big girl bed..This is the bed she is getting..

I spent way too much money on it, but damn she is gonna look good sleeping in it. It wont be here until Friday..So I need to get her room painted before then..She wants it pink..So damn it, its gonna be pink. What she wants, she gets...wanna know why?

Because hell, I don't have to change diapers anymore, and that makes me happy.

We carved our pumpkins Saturday....see..I am a good carver..

I don't carve turkeys, or humans, but I can carve a shitty lookin I right?

here we are...I have pumpkin guts in my hair, some dried on my face...some up my arms....oh and i wish I could say I was wearing a mask..but I am afraid I am not..

man I look like hell there...damn..I cant believe I am even posting that..Well that's me in my work out clothes with pumpkin guts caked in my hair...and with three lil retarded goblins surrounding I look frightened?

Mr shaky is prancing around here baking cakes and wearing a pair of my workout totally makes him look gay...not that being gay is a bad thing..well it is if ur married to me..other then that, ur ok..But I mean, it leaves nothing to the imagination with him wearing them..I told him it looks ridiculous, yet he contiues to prance.

Mr gay shaky he is today..

he is really gonna be pissed off when he reads this.....but I bet your cake is gonna taste smashing....

Well if I am not around for a few days its cuz I am painting or doing something just as destructive.

No more wiping asses for Bossy....But now I do have to witness my boo telling her poo bye bye as we flush it down the crapper. How charming.

Bee Real


js said...

i spit my drink on the screen when Boo was looking for the fart.
for the love of god
i see my boy is acting mean, atta boy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

and she has looked for it more then once..

I see ur in vegas now..u left without me...

js said...

i waited, im still waiting
i havent had any fun yet!
Not until you get here
tell Mr. Gay Shaky Britches the room has 2 beds!

Anonymous said... did you explain the fart thing:)that is too funny!

Where is the pic of the gay looking hubs?


Peggy said...

I love boo bee's bed! Tell Boo the dog got her fart. And where is a picture of mr. shaky gay???

Lisa said...

I want to see Mr. Gay Shaky. Oh yeah! If we get to see pumpkin guts hair, the least you can do is share him prancing in your work out pants. LMAO

js said...

ok im bored as a blind man at a silent movie.
guess i better surf porn or go play poker!

Gette said...

Dang, wanna train mine now? He says bye-bye to his poo, too, but its when we're flushing the stuff he left in his pants.

Meow said...

Loooove the new bed, she's gonna feel like a princess in it.
Yay, she's out of nappies ... bet you are relieved.
Tell her the fart-fairy ate her fart !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Britmum said...

That bad is really very beautiful. How lovely are you Bossy buying her that.

We call farting popping off in our house. Far more civilized. hehehehe

I tell Scragend often that he has a gay leg. Poor Mr Shakey.

We are bad as we haven't carved pumpkins yet. We are still trying to get used to this Halloween thing.

Take care Bossy dear.

Britmum said...

ooooppppppppps My bad........ That BED is very beautiful.

Sorry I had a brain fart. LOL

Bye xx

1 plus twins said...

that bed is too damn cute!! congrats on the potting training. i remember how great it felt when my last was potty trained and no accidents!! you look just fine by the way. you looke like a wonderful mom doing pumpkins with her kids. if you were all dolled up you would have looked strange like you were posing instead of participating with your kids. i feel horrible i got no pumpkins this year. i was too afraid of that virus that was going around from the pumpkins so i stayed away!! what a loser i am. so what kind of cake did your hubby make? was it goo. take pictures of the new painted room for us. it is gonna looke great!

peppylady said...

I found your blogg via the Christmas stocking blogg.
Nice looking childern and looked like you had some fun making jack a lanterns

Brandy said...

Yay Boo for not having an accident. Too funny looking for the fart...LOL We carved our pumpkins tonite. Gonna put them on my blog tomorrow. Wait til you see them...hehehehe

LOL at Mr Shaky!! You guys are a card!!

Love pink myself. Your Boo has great taste!! Gorgeous bed!!

Badoozie said...

i hope you're not celebrating too soon, and jinxing this poop on the potty thing.....just sayin.....

my butt itches

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sorry guys, I got called into to work on very short notice, its after midnight and I just got home..damn..

well u was waited at the wrong place then, cuz u said u was coming here to get me;)

why u annymous?

well I am afraid my boo is not that retarded, she knows the dog didnt take that fart;)

trust me, I woulda taken a shot, but...I dont wanna embararess myself;)

ok I am here, dont do the porn thing, all the boobs are fake anyway..

I made a deal with myself, I dont have to potty train anymore babies, and I can go to hawaii...forver.

yes I cant wait for the bed to get here...she is so gonna love it:)

what u had no halloween in Britan?..what was u raised by wolves?

1 plus twins,
well i am glad you can appreiacte my pumkin gut look...and it feels good knowing no more pampers:)..oh and the first bathc of pumpkins we got rotted..some virus was killing them...thats just odd..but i think it was all over the country..

chrismtas stocking blog?..damn,never heard of that one...but thanks for stopping;)

well I cant wait to see your pumpkins, bet mine sucker better:)

what ur not convinced my boo is trianed?..should i leave paper on the floor still?

Tutu said...

I really like reading your blog--you are so funny when it comes to your family. I know it is all said with love and they are great kids.
My fart story: My 20 month old granddaughter was sleeping with her auntie while staying here and they were playing in bed in the morning. Auntie farted and the baby sat up in bed and said "Daddy?" and looked around.

Cliff Morrow said...

Farts, poop, and pumpkin seeds. I can't get this stuff anywhere else on the net.

The Kept Woman said...

Dammit, you're a genius.

The diapers ran away.

Hell, you're rich now not having to buy diapers anymore, spend her college fund on a bed if you wish. You'll recoop it in no time.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, its all said with lots of LOVE..hehe..and thats funny, looking for her daddy..!

I aim to please my friend!

yes, your right on saving money from buying the diapres, but damn I dont even have a freaking headboard, but all my kids have awesome beds...I dont get it.

Neurotic1 said...

Is Mr. Shaky losing his eye sight- first the shoes and now your pants? Congrats on Boo for no accidents! Blondie may be jealous of that new bed- it sure is cute!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it could be his sight, but i think tis just his retaredness..

well Blonde has a pretty sweet bed herslef..its an all wood day bed with eharts ingraved on it..I acctually like Blnides bed better then Boo's...I will have to post pics of that one, so no one thinks I am playing favortes here with the beds..haha

js said...

the boobs are fake?
Why hasnt someone told me?
and I thought...........
i beat their asses at poker!
woooooooooo hooooo

I came by to getcha, you didnt come out, I was lookin in ur window the othernight, u were sposed to sneak out see i thought you were dissin me!


just_tammy said...

We have discussed this before, but I will say it again - can't make this stuff up so it must be real!

Too tired to come up with anything witty. Have a great day painting.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u sure u was lookin in My windows?..I was lookin for a hawt cracker but only found a creepy fat bald guy peepin in..didnt figure that could be my hawt cracker.

u so need to come here and help me paint, then u can see the true craziness, if i acctually wrote about all the stuff that goes one would belive me..and if u were here, u could be a witenss

js said...

i have tried to tell you i was a heavy duty guy
i have toldja over and over the cam was kind to me
i warned you
that was me
thinking you'd slip out anytime
but no
so i went on
i still refuse to have any fun here till u get here!
I told the folks at the desk that a sexy chick would be there looking for a room key, they could tell it was you by the pumpkin seeds in ur hair!!

Crashdummie said...

Judging from the pic, you don’t need the carved out pumpkin to scare away unwanted guests ;)

Aaaah kiddies growing up.. charming! can't wait to see what she'll think of next.

dakotablueeyes said...

I hate the time change too woke up and according to the clock had another hour to sleep but did I NOOOOOO dam tis the first year indiana has had to do the change and I can in all honesty say it SUCKS

novaks8 said...

I love the time change!

If you just keep putting them to bed at the early time then they pop up early too!

This morning the kids popped up at 6 am (their bodies thought it was 7)

Plus the sun was up at 6 am instead of 7.

(I was cleaning the kitchen when the sun came up...the boys had a sleepover and the kitchen was a mess)

Congrats on the potty training!
Kenzie is working on it.

Figure the money you will save on diapers can pay for the bed!

Michele_3 said...

(I always wanted one like that when I was young girl)
How cute that picture is of all 4 of you!
So tell me how the magically disappearing diapers story goes- I need Monkey d potty trained ASAP!
He was going & decided to just not do it anymore-
Take Care!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it couldnt of been u..this guy was not wearing wranglers, boots or a cowboy hat;)

I went to the desk, but i guess i wasnt sext enough cuz they called secruity on me.

yes, from the looks of us all, no one wouldd are bother us:)

yes it sucks alright..I hate it getting dark at freaking 6 pm to.

I cant belive u like the time change..dont u hate it getting dark at 6 pm? I hate it..

well what I did was I told her to go pick out her clothes..I just started letting ehr pick her own clothes out..I then told her that her dipaers ran away so she needs to bring me her underwear..and she did..and she has been going on the potty ever since...its the dmanest thing.

yhc said...

didja show them the pumpkin seeds in your hair???????
well damn
im in room 1258, i left the key under the mat. Help yourself, make yourself at home!
I didnt see anyone else at your window when i was there?!
You must have caught someone else, I waited and waited.
I'm still banning any fun till you get here.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I had the seeds in my pocket...i took a shower since they was in my hair..

I told them I need the crakcers room who whears wranglers and a cowboy hat..they said since I did not have a VIP pass, I was not allwoed anywhere near u

aatank said...

Love Boo's bed. Next time your in MI please come tell my kid the diapers ran away because she doesn't believe me.

Sorry I haven't been bloging. Very busy with kids, house, My mom and my husbands uncle was killed this weekend. So I'll be gone for a couple of days. Make sure when I come back I have some funny posts to catch up on. I'll need it.

~Deb said...

Okay, dontchya' just hate those false alarms? The silent but deadly ones???

And you know something? I STILL have yet to change my clocks. What a lazy bastard I am. I rely on my phone. *sigh*


Great picture of you guys!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh man, sorry bout the death..that totally sucks..

well at least ur little girl is still at the age where diapers are ok;)

ok, I am coming to NYC to change ur clocks for u...good Lord woman.

Choppzs said...

I would give Crazy Boy ANYTHING he wanted if he would just crap in the jon!! I mean anything, even a damn car! lol I am so done with this wiping asses thing. Now even when he decides to use the pot, I will still have to wipe Baby Boy's ass! He better not be as stubborn, or I'll have to kick some ass! Congrats to Boo Bee!!!

js said...

well I got them straight. When I was done with them the hotel manager has been replaced and they comped me the entire top floor for the week.
They did have to put privacy tape around the poker table i was playing at to keep the folks back and escorted me everywhere I went. My fans hassel me even tho I do autograph signings and pictures for 1 hour per day!
being a VIP isnt all its crackered up to be!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sad thing for u still have a baby..u will be changing for another 2 years At leat..hehe

the whole top floor you say?..

are u counting cards?..haha