Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I wanna touch u

So, only 4 more days till I make the evening news for stalking an aging rock band..YEE-HAW!

I have seen this on numerous blogs in the past, never thought about doing it, till now. This is just for fun..I took pics from each member of the hive and scientifically enhanced them to see what famous people we all look like. I was trying to see if any of us have any potential. Sadly we don't.

Here is one of mine...now I have been told that Me and Janine Garofalo look alike, when i have really dark hair. But Robert Redford and Jeff Goldblum, now that's first class looks right there people.

Here is Butch...

I did two for him and both were different,,this is his first one..why the ethnic people? he is a lil white boy?..

Here is Blonides...seems she looks like a variety of ugly men

Boo, freaks and geeks is who she resembles..poor lil girl

Here is Butch's second one...My baby looks like Sharon Osborn and Oprah? This is not good. Only dude here is Barry Gibb. That's plain scary.

Here is Boos second one.....not sure which one is worse, this one or the other one. Goldie Hawn? I think not...She does not resemble of of these jokers.

Here is Mr Shaky. Notice Travis Tritt?..This is troubling me. Or maybe the fact one of the Hanson brothers is there..and Sidney P. I find this whole test troubling..

This is Blonides last one. Its funny how people tell me she looks like Meg Ryan or Sandy from Grease, but yet she looks like these people...Jack Osborn? I find that one troubling as well...

This is my last one, Is it sad I have no clue who any of these people are, well besides Christian Slater, and I know Stan Lee is a comic book guy...but what the hell? I think they are making up people now.

So there ya go.....if u do this let me know, I would love to see your results...it might be scary. You might not be as good looking as you thought.

when you and your family resemble each member of the Osborn clan, you know u messed up. Should left them genes in the gene pool.

I was not going to share this, but thought maybe I needed some input. I had this dream...yes its a dream folks....

It involved The Wiggles, jail, a girl from school, and a knife.

Now I have told the girl whom was in the dream all about it, and the scary thing is, she said she could totally see this happening..

Ok it was her and I. We were somewhere, not sure where now. The Wiggle in the yellow shirt wanted her BAD..I mean he was in love with her. Now you might have guessed this, but that damn Blue Wiggle was border line stalking me again. Shirts fly, words are spoken...to make a long story short, me and Carmen wind up in the jail I work at. We are throw into the cell with the females whom hate me.

One of them bitches threatens her, I cant remember now if they tried to kill her or what, but I ended up doing one of them in...don't ask how, those details are sketchy.

So how do I get a restraining order against the Blue Wiggle. I think he may be obsessed with me.

Anthony wiggle, this is a very unhealthy love you have for me. I don't find you appealing anymore..(um, well most days) with your ultra white teeth and your Elvis burns. I am sorry, this can not go on. We are over, you hear me..OVER!

OK I am driving back to the loony bin in which I just escaped from.

Bee real


Karin said...

Well I wouldn't put much stock in those look alikes. If they couldn't pull up Meg Ryan for your bee they are just whack. I think it is time to send the Blue Wiggle a strongly worded letter, asking him to cease and desist on dream stocking. If he must stock you the least he could do was to do it in person.

Gette said...

I was gonna say, are you sure you weren't stalking Ozzy back in the day instead of ol' DL?

I tried that, but couldn't find where to do the collage. I forget who it came up with. I'll have to go try it again.

Bumbling Bav said...

This whole picture thing looks cool. I will give it a try... but first a need a picture that does not look like crap!

Amanda said...

Oh dear god, if they can't get youur cute bees right I don't have a fighting chance! And I agree with Karin, sendthe blue wiggle a strongly worded letter..then tell us all about it!

Blazer1234 said...

That whole celebrity picture thing scares me. More than your dream does. Hopefully your roadtrip to see DL will get the Blue Wiggle out of your dreams. Otherwise I say quit your job, stop watching Wiggles, and find a REALLY good therapist.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know isnt that bull crap meg ryan didnt pop up?..and I may take u up on that advice, I am good at writing strongly worded lettrs;)

Ozzy?..well u would think so with all his family popping up here;)

oh u need to do it, I bet yours will trun out better then mine;)

haha..well try and, maybe yours will turn out better..we dont come froma good gene pool by the looks of things.

Now that is advice I woulda paid for;)

aatank said...

That reminds me of when my husband and I were dating. We went in the picture booth and made out. Oh oops! wrong story I mean we went in this picture booth and it took our pictures and morphed them into what our kids would look like at around age 9. They were the uglyist kids I have ever seen. If I can find it I will post them so ou can see them.

As for your dreams I would 1) Watch different cartoons and 2) Get a different job. Do you wake up and then go back to sleep a lot? When I do this it is the only time I remember dreams. So, if this is the case stay out of bed.

Kristen said...

Ok first, Holy shit 2 steps behind? I love that song. I don't know if it's new or if I usually have my sound off but I'm glad it was on this time- what a blast from the past!

Second, I am doing the face recognition thingie- nad man it takes a long time...it says to do it more than once to see what celebs come up more than once. So I'm going to do it a buncha times and come back to report LOL.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the funny thing is, we dont watch the wiggles anymore..she is on to better things such as Handy Manny..but right now, and every damn night, I can hear her wiggles cd..all my kids LLOVE music and listen to it all night..( i am one of them moms that do not allow tvs in the rooms just radios)..so thats what I hear all night, it blares thru my intercom system..i think thats my probelem:)

I am so coming to check it out.

and yes I normally have a def leppard song playing,u know i am meeting them saturday...r u jelous?..hehe..thast the concert i am going to..

Brandy said...

I am going to do the face thingiemabob.. Will post it tomorrow.

on a side note.. hubby is yelling yes yes yes and I am not even in the damn room...LOL Ok football is one!! But it was funny that he did that while I was typing.. oh geez I am getting side tracked..

Dont know about your dream.. I sure I am missing something about this blue wiggle person.. Could ya explain??

keesh said...

That is HYSTERICAL!! How funny. Wow, there are some hotties. I guess you have a hot family. I am suprised Meg Ryan didn't make it though. Your daughter doesn't look anything like Sandra Dee, in my opinion anyway...Grease is one of my favorite movies...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I cant wait to see how yours turns out..hopfully better then mine, ya no, NO osborn family memebers or barry gibb:)

so who were the hotties exactly?haha

no I dont think she looks like sandy, twice when i have had her hair back in a pony and her bangs curled, i have heard that..

mostly i hear meg ryan..

u should do it.

~Deb said...

You know what's funny...I did this test, and it came out saying that I looked like Neve Campbell--which my girlfriend said I looked like when we first dated. Then the rest of the people it listed were all Asian. Hmmm... Maybe my mama had an affair?

Hails said...

Beyonce is my top one. hmmm different. Been told by so many people that I look like hilary duff but definately not beyonce!! Have her big butt though!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your way better looking then neve campbelle honey:)

you do look a bit like hillary duff..sure a hell not beyonce..haha

but my son looks like all black people including oprah...WTF?

Angie said...

hey, try yours without glasses on and see what it comes up with.....

it's fun, but don't hang your hat on it man or we'll all be getting plastic surgery :) LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i did do it without my glasses...my number one look alike was freaking wiynona ryder with daisy funtes as the seocnd one...then some men in there of course..dangit..oh and drew barrymore was in there too..blah.

Jewl said...

Have you ever noticed how Anthony Wiggle has a small set of teeth? I mean, you can totally see all his teeth when he smiles and then some, with black gaps in the back. That is all I can see when I look at him!

dakotablueeyes said...

Now see when I did mine it shot back a bunch of people I have never heard of lmao

Carmen said...

Now let me clarify- I can totally see the Wiggles after us! And I could picture us in a jail cell. I'm not sure about the whole murder scene! I am happy to be in the same status with Oprah and the blue Wiggle in your dreams though! That whole picture thing is hilarious- you might want to watch out with all those crazy Osbourne's popping up! The hive could get pretty crazy!

mike said...

I'd do this but I don't want to scare myself.

js said...

mine only came up with one
can you guess it??

the hunchback of notre dame

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant see anything past the gleaming whiteness!

well post it..I wanna see;)

yes yes...i did not mean to insuate that the murder might happen..haha...when i start having sex dremas about you, thats when we need to do something!

i have seen you, your a nice looking dude.

liar! I bet it showed people like,
rob low
brad pitt
boss hog..haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant see anything past the gleaming whiteness!

well post it..I wanna see;)

yes yes...i did not mean to insuate that the murder might happen..haha...when i start having sex dremas about you, thats when we need to do something!

i have seen you, your a nice looking dude.

liar! I bet it showed people like,
rob low
brad pitt
boss hog..haha

js said...

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
it showed them fer sure
i am a dead ringer for brad or rob!
uh huh
now boss hogg is damn sure close!

js said...

ok I really did it!
thank god it didnt show boss hogg
ida cut my wrists
i actually have heard 3 folks in my life i looked like oooops 4
2 of them showed on the list
they are rich
shit i needta finger out how to capitalize on that hmmmmm
some of em though come on now?????
david beckham??
he showed on both pics i sent in
nah ah

confused and not lookin like them folks js said...

and who is fred durst?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

who is david bekem?

fred durst is the lead singer of some band, i am thinking limp bizciut, i dont know for sure, but he is fat and ugly, cracker, u dont look like him..now who is david bekam?..is he hot?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crakcer who were the ones on your list?..tell me all of them..i need to know, for scientific purposes of course.

just looks like a cracker said...

well david nor fred is really my type
the one i get pretty often irl is tim mcgraw
he showed on all 3 pics
hehe lil girl got Anna kornakova and christy brinkley
me and butch didnt have any in common so i guess he isnt mine after all
ok ill rerun em and tell u them
here ya go
tim mcgraw all 3
kenny chesney all 3
billy zane???
haaaaa george bush (he is in a service uni about 20 or so it appears.)
keanu reeves-2
burt reynolds
james stewart
johnny depp
paul newman
now that is 3 different pics
some were the same of course i didn't list them twice
here are most of them
how can the same dude look like folks who dont look alike??

j said...

David beckham is that dude that plays kick ball in shorty britches who was or is married to that spicy girl

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well doesnt mean butch aint yours..take a look..me nor mr shay share any with them...see what I am sayin?

so tim magraw huh?..is that with or without the hat?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope, dont know him..is he hot?

tim, kenny, keanu, david, paul, james, johnn and billy said...

the only 4 i have ever got was tim Mcgraw and that is at least once a month
i got Aiden off of sex in the city 3 or 4 times
clint eastwood when he was young
and mark mcguire
all those folks are scrawny
tim mc and clint have squinty blue eyes tho i think thats what they see
actually i get tim hat or cap ( i always have on one or the other unless im in bed or in the shower
My bride got tim mc twice in the same day once when we were out together
i dunno
whew @ butch, im still claiming him, boo is actin alot like me too!
i dunno bout that face thing

js said...

like i said david aint quite my style
he aint to hot to me
but then agaiun i aint to hot me either!
but im funny!
the man of many faces is outtttttttttttttt
i was tryin to finger out how to email a friend to you but i aint that sharp
reckon if someone was just dog ass ugly it would show them fugly folks?

hehe js said...

Tim Mc is way balder than me just for the record!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u did not say your bride looks like tim m did you?...

I was just telling my mom the other day tim M would be good looking if he wasnt a country singer.

keanu, he looks like he plays for the other team...not that there is anything wrong with that, but you can do much better then that..if u can figure out how to eamil it, do it, i wanna see:)

js said...

well all them cats are scrawney i could easily take any 2 of em at the same time!!!!
I'll try tomm
i assure you there is no suga in my tank!!!!!!!!!