Wednesday, October 25, 2006


OK, so Pat is so far working out. I am guessing its a female..I know there are no obvious genitalia on an Ipod, but some things u just can sense. I don't like her as much as I did Sheila, even though they look the same. Ya see, Me and Sheila we had a bond. A bond that could not be broken. Pat, she don't know me yet. And frankly, it may be best that way. After people know me, they tend to not like me so much anymore. i blame it on my mouth or the lack of a filter on my mouth.

So Mr Shaky bought himself some new shoes , after wearing two different ones to work the other day. Some days I swear he needs to be a on 24 hour watch. I mean really, who has ever worn two different shoes to of hands please...yes see...NO ONE.

Boo has a "snuffy nose" and is demanding to see a damn doctor. " momma I need go to doctor"

no boo, u don't need a doctor, what u need is an overdose of NyQuil to keep your damn trap shut for 5 damn minutes....that will solve your snuffy nose and will solve the headache your giving me..

you wanna know what my son is doing at this minute? course u do..he is sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard..mind u its like 35 degrees out. and he is reading a book. he has been out there 2 hours...who does that? Why cant he pull up a chair inside of the house? Why is he out in the yard? The sun will be setting soon, I may need to take the lad a damn flashlight. Least he could out there is rake.

A few more weeks till my dads wedding. I was hoping to be down to a size -4 by then..But looks like I am still holding strong on that 10...Which totally pisses me off. course it wont be as pricey for my altertaions I need..I mean if she had to resew the whole thing down to a -4...that might cost me some dough..I need to start tanning daily, I am looking a tad pekid.

I found this on a blog the other day and thought it looked I did it, I don't normally do these things, but hell, its time for a change right?..yes I had election season..

So here it is.

Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)Put it on shufflePress play
For every question, type the song that's playingWhen you go to a new question, press the next button
Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool!If you haven't already done this on your own blog, do it.


Opening Credits: Get off, by prince

Waking Up: Disappear, by INXS

First Day At School: grapefruit, juicy fruit..Jimmy Buffet

In Love: Golden Age of Rock n Roll, by Def Leppard

Fight Song: The Entertainer, by Billy Joel

Breaking Up: Original Sin by INXS

Prom: The Logical Song by Supertramp

Life is Good: Tiny Dancer by Elton John

Mental Breakdown: Mad man across the water by Elton John..haha

Driving: Understanding by Bob Seger

Flashback: Lets get rocked by Def Leppard

Getting Back Together: Stand up by Def Leppard

Wedding: Come Monday by Jimmy Buffet

Paying the Dues:Money dont matter 2 nite by Prince

The Night Before The War: Rock of ages by Def Leppard

Final Battle: Dont shoot shotgun by Def Leppard..hehehe

Moment of Triumph: Another one bites the dust, by Queen..(seroiusly it was next thats too funny)

Death Scene: Heaven Is, by Def Leppard

Funeral Song: Goodnight Siagon by Billy Joel..again I swear to God i am just pushing next song and this come up

End Credits: Rock Brigade by Def Leppard

see there is a little taste of the crap that is stored in Pat. Out of like 500 songs 140 are def leppard songs, 80 are elton john and 75 are prince. I am such a loser. No need to tell me, I already know, but thanks.

Which reminds me, the new Hysteria remix cd just came out, I need to go buy it. That my friends is the Leps crowning achievement I do believe...who's with me on that? Hard to believe its been nearly 20 years since that came out..makes me feel so old.

well happy hump day.

I need to go lay out Mr Shakys clothes for tomorrow...I need a drink.
My son was sitting here at my computer and an email came in..he syas " mom u got an email"

mr shaky tells him " your mom gets tons of emails

then my son says " yes thats what happnes when your famous"

My kid thinks I am famous, I love that kid

Bee Real


1 plus twins said...

your blog always confuses me at first cuz it is always a day a head of what day it is. lol as for the shoe thing no i never wore two different shoes but one day in ohio i put the kids and dog in the car went to the vet and walk into the room (mind you i had to wait in the lobby for 15) any way look down and i was in my slippers!!! the boys to this day love that. they do make childrens nyquil now!! it is wonderful!! give it a try. sounds like your son just wanted some peace. that is so cute he thinks your famous!!

mike said...

My boss has worn two different pairs of shoes....quite often actually...they look similar but you'd think a woman (especially) would notice the difference.

Peggy said...

Yes, waving my hand. I have worn 2 different shoes to work. I was a lab tech for 25 yrs and wore the white nursing shoes. I had several pair and being I had to be at work at 4:30am I just grabbed white shoes and put them on. didn't notice till my day was almost over.. sad thing no one else noticed either. If they had they would have ragged me all day.

Blazer1234 said...

I had a teacher in Jr. high school that came to school with two different LEFT shoes on. Yes, not only did she have two different shoes, both were for the left feet. And she was responsible for teaching me math. That could be the underlying reason I suck at math.

I'm glad you and Pat are getting along. You may just form a great bond with her. Hopefully she doesn't poop out on you like Shelia did.

Oh, and you are our little Blogger world.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins,
I like to be ahead of the game, i always post the nigth before, thats part of my charm..i have went out in public in my slippers too, how does that happen?

damn, yes you would think so..we are observant,is she doesnt happen to be retarded is she?

oh my..dont tell me that..dont u dare make a case for mr hsaky now.

well that teacher sounda a bit retarded..haha..

well I think my son knows of other "workings: i do...i cant talk about it here..but ya never know, i may be famous and u just dont know it!


Michael Manning said...

HA! Reminds me of Arnold in "Kintergarden Cop". KID: "What's the matter?" ARNOLD: (with Austrian Accent) "I have a headache". KID: "Maybe you have a brain tumor". ARNOLD: "I don't have a brain toomah!" lol!!!!

Brandy said...

Hey when your kid thinks your famous.. You definitely go with it!!

Sitting in the front yard??? Geez mine at least sit in their room with the music playing and then tell me they are reading. LOL

Nyquil so rules!! Flu and cold season we survive on that stuff!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats funny..but my kids arent tha clever.

well it never hurts to have someone think ur famous huh..

Karin said...

I would say you are more like infamous but maybe that is just me. I think you are looking at the butch thing all wrong though. One he is reading which is a great thing, two he is outside therefore he is not making a mess inside or bothering you or his sisters. It sounds like a win win kind of thing to me.

Karin said...

Oh and the shoe thing. Last week was my parents anniversary and they went away for a couple of days. When they got to the hotel my Dad looked down to see he had on one brand new shoe and one old worn out shoe. So it seems to me it is a male thing.

JUST A MOM said...

OK I AM FESSING UP!!! then I will go back and finish,, one day NO LIE last year when I went to the kids school to babysit the little girls I watch at the school I looked down and HOLLY CRAP I HAD ON ONE BLUE TENNY AND ONE PINK TENNY!!!!! I AM NOT LIEING oh wait waht did val say hang on,,,,,,,,,, oh slippers yah sure ok see ya in a minute after I finish reading,,,,,,,,,,,,

JUST A MOM said...

OK done I will admit I did not read your thngy with the stuff it ws too long OK I AM SORRY!!!! But I did read the other stuff, I woudl love to sit in the front yard with 35 degree weather,,, ok have a great rest of the week . OH thanks so much for the daily chuckle you have NO idea how much I do reallly need it.

Princess said...

Hi BB,
good read the kids havent changed while i havent been around. lol

i DID to the shoe thing! But i was a young 16 year old, trying to be cool at high school. It only lasted one day tho... so its all good!

Im sure you will look great at your dads wedding. A size 10 here is tiny! So be proud!

I am totally doing the soundtrack to my life. I love it!


Jewl said...

Socks yes, shoes never...
I always pick out the hubby's clothes for the day when he isn't wearing the Cammies...That way I will actually go out in public with him.
Glad Pat is working out.

Hails said...

hmmm was it noticable that it was different shoes???

Will have to give that ipod song thing a go for thursday thirteen I think (even though 20 but meh I have to make up for the weeks Ive been slack!)

haha about your son thinking your famous, what a great kid!

js said...

you are famous!
you are the famous old band stalking blog writing cracker ticklin warden. How much more famous couldja be?
I knew 2 songs on ole Patti. I didn't even know some of the groups/singers.
Damn I needta get out more.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

infamous?..I like that much better;)

Just a mom,
oh no...I am so not letting mr shaky read this, he can NOT know other people have done way:)

if size ten is tiny down under, that is where I need to move, becuase if your a size ten here your a fat slob who is morbadly obese...really..its sad..

yes i have dont the sock thing before...many days acctually:)

yes thats how he knew, a co-worker told him..what an i right?

hey now, who u callin "old band"..i know u arent refering to my leps as old now are you cracker?

so what two songs did ya know?..i must know..I need to send u a good music refresher course;)

Badoozie said...

yeah, your famous alright........

so, i'm not doing that ipod thing. everytime i've done that, the shuffle doesn't work, because out of all my variety, it comes up with a bunch of repeats. so forget it. i'm totally going to buy a hot pink nano. soon as i talk some sucker into buying my old one.

as for shoes, i've seen drug reps who came in with two diff shoes on. they got embarassed when i pointed it out, but thats what i do. i point stuff out.

Princess said...

You are so hard on yourself. *smax*
Do you konw that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12! And she was one of the sexiest women ever!
Be happy with yourself!


j said...

oooops 3
rock of ages
another one bites the dust and come monday!
ok not old aged
hows that??

The Kept Woman said...

Ummmm I might be able to shed light on why your kid was reading in the lawn chair. If it's been anything up there like it has been here in the Land of Snow and Cheese for the last three weeks he hasn't seen sun. Yesterday afternoon even I went outside to soak up the sun. Granted I was wearing a coat, hat, gloves and big fluffy socks but I was trying to absorb all the sunlight I could before we enter the dark and shitty months of winter.

Or maybe he was just trying to check out girls.

Who knows?

Kendra Lynn said...

I sure hope Mr. Shaky's new shoes help him...don't let him lose one of them, or there will be trouble!!


p.s. I have heard of women going off to work with two different shoes before, NEVER a guy.
They have to LACE their shoes for pete's sake! You'd think they'd look and see what they are doing.LOL

Choppzs said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a better relationship with Sheila then I do my hubs!! lol Good luck with Pat! lol

And the 2 different shoe thing?? lmao, I have never heard of someone doing that. I have watched Girly walk out with them on the wrong feet, but that's as good as it gets here. And I laughed for a long time after that. Did I tell her? No, I am mean like that!

Claire said...

I love that your opening credits would be 'Gett off' by Prince. That's all kinds of awesome!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

have not u leanred anything?..dont buy anything that applesucksasses makes..

did u just smack me?

rock of ages?..haha..thats all u know for real?...damn cracker, get ur ass here so i can break u in..

well it was not to sunny yesterday here...I think he must be on boob patrol out there or something..

he dont lasce them, he just slips them on...they are dress shoes...thats what makes it so damn funny to me:)

me and Sheila..we were likethis:)

pretty sweet huh?

Neurotic1 said...

I will defend Mr. Shaky- my husband has done this before. Guys just go out and buy the exact same shoes when the old ones wear out. If they would change up their footwear a little it might resolve this problem! I like it that way though because it saves more money for me to go and waste on shoes!

Michele_3 said...

20 years since Hysteria? I feel really old!
Good for Butch Bee reading outside
Wasn't he cold though? It must of been one great book..I have to make my son read about 3x a week!
(Kudos- for saying mom is famous too!)

no two different shoes here but-my husband has left the house w/ 2 different socks on & once he noticed he drove straight to the mall & bought new ones- LOL!

Take Care!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

why is it that men buy the smae damn shoe everytime?..I dont get it?

yes nearly 20 years..arent we old?

hell I have even done the scok thing, but i am much to smart to go without the same shoes;)

My son loves reading those Amreican Chiller's books..

Felecia said...

I remember sitting on the family couch with my purple walkman, belting out the inaudible tunes to 'Love Bites'.

(Evidentially, I had no idea what 70% of the words were, because in a fit of frustration, my mom finally wrote them out and shoved them into my tone-deaf adolescent hands!)

Ahhh...those were the days...

Ju said...

You are too funny. I love your blogs! You know, I love to read outside too, but not in the cold. Maybe your son went outside for some peace and quiet because it seems as if your house was very chaotic that day. But then again, when is it not? LOL

js said...

damn I knew 3 of em.
I gotta go to vegas then I'll make plans to be up there.
I'll come get some music culture.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh thats my group of friends in school I was in charge of handing out lyrics, sometimes lyrics were not included, and i had a good ear for that..hehe..Love Bites is a good one too.

that song is thier encore, that and PSSOM

I like reading too, but not out of doors when the sun is setting..ok I take that back. I hate reading.
and yes my house is always chaotic.



Kristen said...

That is so funny- "that's what happens when your famous!" I wanna be famous!!

I don't have an Ipod yet (I know, loser behind in technology) but I can shuffle through my windows media player list LOL. Maybe I'll do that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, i wanna be famous to..well at least get the kind of paycheck they do...

oh and dont get an ipod..i am an avid ipod hater now;)

js said...

come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
damn my route doesnt take me thru ur town
damn id pick u up
well if u want ill gather u up at the airport just lemme kno when u arrive

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like u need to take a differnt route then;)

yhbc said...

if u werent skeered id come by there and getcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im funnin
im on the road
im bored as hell
come on to vegas
we would have fun fun fun
innocent shit too
not crazy shit just regular stuff